Washington County, North Carolina:
Abstracts of Deed Books A-B-C

By Linda Haas Davenport

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Deeds are abstracted as written - misspellings and all.

Sample Abstract from Deed Book A

*19A:29-30: 26 Dec 1799: Tyrrel Co: William Brogdon & Africa Brogdon to Bradley Garrett. 12 pounds, 10 shillings. 10 acres. All the right & title that we have or claim by ownership from our father James Garrett, dec'd. At the division of land of the heirs. Lot 5 drawn to Africa Martain as her share. On Beaverdam Swamp. Bounded by lines of, Bradley Garrett, Thomas Garrett, Richard Huff & Wm. Legget. Signed: William Brogdon, Africa (x) Brogdon. Wit: W. Fagan, William White. [examination of wife] Tyrrel Co: by W. Fagan, J.P. Washington Co: Jun term 1800, William Fagan, Esq. Reg: 11 Dec 1800.

Sample Abstract from Deed Book B

*171 B-112: 24 Jul 1799: Henry Harrimond of Bertie Co to Sarah W. Harrimond, Mary F. Harrimond, Elizabeth B. Harrimond, Frances Harramond, & William B. Harramond. [Harriot Harramond is included in the list of children sworn to in open court but is not listed here] Love & affection. Unto my above named children all & singular my goods & chattles. Negros: Adam, Charles, James, Tom, Galloway, Rose, Sucky, Nan, Charlotte & Jenny. 8 head of horses & mares. All my household furniture, beds & furniture, chests, trunks, tables, chairs, desk & Beding chair & harness, & all my kitchen furniture. Also all my cattle, hogs & sheep, with all my Plantation utensials. Carts & wheels, hand mills & every other thing necessary for Plantation use. Canoes spinning wheels both woolen & linnen also all my crop of every thing made in the county of Tyrrel, also all the right title & interest I have in the lands in the county of Tyrrel & Martin. Signed: Henry Harramond. Wit: Mary (x) Winant, Penelope Winant. Mar term 1803, Mary & Penelope Winant. Reg: 18 Jun 1803.

Sample Abstract from Deed Book C

*703 C-239 [211]: 16 Nov 1810: Levi Blount to John Whidby. 200 acres. Love & affection. His natural born son. South side of Conoby Creek, known by the name of the Old Conoby Plantation bought of Gabriel V. Phillips late of Edenton but now resident of the state of Newyork or some of the other Northward states. Shall include 2/3rds of said land, exclusive of the fishery on said creek & its previledges. [if does not reach a lawful age or if no heirs land goes to] Judith Whidby my natural born daughter & sister to John Whidby [same terms] otherwise reverts to my estate. Signed: L. Blount. Wit: J. Blount. Mar Term 1811, James Blount. Reg: 14 Jun 1811.

Sample Abstracts of the sale of Slaves

*358 B-311: 18 Jun 1805: Archibald Stubbs to James Jones, Esq. 200 dollars. Negro Boy named Ned aged 8 years or thereabouts. Wit: M. Hardy. Sep term 1805, Miles Hardy, Esq. Reg: 20 May 1806.

*614 C-120: 19 Aug 1809: Thomas Walker to David Clark, both of Plymouth. 370 dollars. Negroe woman named Winney & her child named Amey. Signed: T. Walker. Wit: W'm Carnal. Sep term 1809, Thomas Walker, Esq. Reg: 30 Nov 1809.

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