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Abstracts From
The Tulsa Democrat
Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Indian Territory (OK)

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(From The Beginning of Tulsa) "The paper that is now The Tulsa Tribune was born out of dissatisfaction with the manner in which Editor Winegar advertised the town. About a dozen business men, including the writer, [J. M. Hall] started the paper. They pooled sufficient capital to buy a printing outfit and employed A. A. Powe as editor. The paper was called The New Era in the beginning. It was the intention to advertise Tulsa by showing the good things the town had and by saying little about the bad happenings. However the owners were not newspaper men and the investment turned out to be a losing proposition for them.
     Later Mr. R. L. Lunsford founded the Democrat and published it under that name for several years. Mr. Lunsford sold his plant to Dave Jesse. Later William Stryker became the owner for some time. Then sold it to Charles Page. Richard Lloyd Jones bought the paper in 1910 and is now the owner and is publishing the paper under the name of The Tulsa Tribune."

According to the masthead of the paper The Democrat was the successor to the New Era. As far as I know there are no copies of the New Era in existence or any issues of the Tulsa Democrat earlier than the Jan 19, 1900 issue.

Unlike many local newspapers the Democrat did not use preprinted pages containing national news. The Democrat published 8 pages each week and the only national news included was news that directly related to Indian Territory.

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Fragments prior to Jan 19, 1900 - Part 1 ... Part 2
Jan 19, 1900 - Part 1 ... Part 2 ... Part 3
Jan 26, 1900 - Part 1 ... Part 2 ... Part 3
Feb 02, 1900 - Part 1 ... Part 2
Feb 09, 1900 - Part 1 ...

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