The Northside News
Turley (Tulsa) OK
February 20, 1958, (Part 2)


In searching my old scrapbooks and high school keepsake box for anything related to Teenation, I ran across a section of an old newspaper called The Northside News. I've been trying to located old copies of this paper or any information on the Publisher (I only have pages 3-6). Any help anyone can give me would certainly be appreciated. Linda

 Page 4, columns 4


ROACHES ! ! ! Call Orkin GI 7-4186

LOOPERS Self Service Laundry We Specialize In Shag Rugs - Any Size Wash-Dry-Dye, 816 N Sheridan, TE 8-9014

BRITTON'S CLEANERS "Located in Turley" Alterations-Shirt Laundry, for Pick-Up and Delivery call FI 5-9357 - we operate Our Own Plant - All Cleaning Returned in Plastic Bag, 6124 North Peoria - We give S&H Green Stamps

DR JOHN E HIGGINS, OPTOMETRIST, Offices at 2603 E 11th St, phone MA 6-3033

Page 4, columns 3 & 4


Under New Management WILSHIRE SERVICE STATION, E P Carter, Operator, Complete Auto Service-Batteries-Dayton Tires, 4900 North Peoria, We give S&H Green Stamps

Flight Fuel Headquarters, CANFIELD PHILLIPS "66" Phillips and Lee Tires, We give S&H Green Stamps, Mohawk & North Peoria, Phone LU 4-8220

New & Used Parts - Cars & Trucks, Dial LUther 5-1055 or DI 3-8527, Open Seven Days A Week, Free Delivery, A7B AUTO SALVAG 1340 East Pine

Page 5, column 1


Mary Morris and Ronnie Smith are going steady. She not only has his two christophers and his ring but his cross and his cigarette lighter, too.

Looks as if Jimmy Meehan and Donna Jarrard are hitting it off swell from the start. He has asked her to go to the O.M.A. dance the 22nd.

Donna and Don fight all the time but they're still crazy about each other.

It's finally happened! Richard Hines finally asked Dana Callahan to wear his ring. They've been going steady ever since Valentine's Day. (Ain't that romantic?) Dana's eyes look like stars and Richard walks around like he's in heaven. We'll bet this affair last a long, long time.

Also on the steady couple's list this week are Tim Pontious and Sharon McClland. Don't they look cute together?

Have you seen Elsie Cantrell and David Wilson in the Coon Shack at Teenation? Could this be the beginning of another romance?

We pity the poor girls who wore high-heels to the Valentine Dance last Friday night. We'll bet their feet still hurt.

Attention S. W. There's a real cute girl who wants to go with you. Why don't you get hep?

It's hard to believe, but Sandy Scott and Lynn Bryan are going
Page 5, column 2
steady. We didn't even know that Sandy was interested in members of the opposite sex.

Everyone but everyone is going steady! Latest on the list are Pat Smith and Freddie Davis. You're practically a social outcast unless you have a boy's ring around your neck.

Phil Tilley and Linda Haas haven't done anything interesting this week. Could it be that they're sick or something?

You should have been at the adult counselor's meeting last week. It seems that Carolyn Davey, Dixie Horn, Pam Badgwell and Tommy Baker had quite a snowball fight before the meeting.

Didn't the Community Center look nice the way it was decorated for the semi-formal dance? Special thanks for these decorations should go to Butch Terrill, Paula Capps, Sandy Scott, Dixie Horn, Charles Corey, Sandy's and Dixie's parents, and many, many others.

Curtis and Elaine had a small bust-up last week but we're happy to hear that they've been going steady again.

Gary Broadhead has been threatening for months to have his head shaved and we hear that Pam went with him tot he barber shop Monday evening just to make sure that he didn't do anything drastic.

We've heard a rumor that David Norrid has quite a collection of girl's diaries now. Can't a girl have any privacy anymore?

See you next week.
           --The Snoopers

Page 5, column 3

     Bop marathones are the latest fad with some rock and rollers ... they set up phonographs so there's no break in the music - and the couple that dances the longest wins a prize.
     On one day only at a certain high school, for a 50c fee, the students
Page 5, column 4
wore Bermuda shorts to school ... the money, raised by the student council went to the school equipment fund.
     In some places an over accessorized car is called a slide show on wheels.

Page 5, columns 1-4


MILK IS YOUR BEST BUY, BUY MORE MILK, Pacer Service Station 3124 N Peoria, Turley Fruit Stand 6220 N Peoria, Tastee Freeze Pine & Peoria, Star Bakery 344 East Apache, Harvard Shopping Center North Harvard and Pine. NOW YOU CAN AFFORD TO DRINK MORE FRESH PURE MILK at the Low Price of 30c a 1/2 gallon. PRUE MILK PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF EASTERN OKLAHOMA (A Farmer Owned Organization)

Page 5, columns 3-4


NORTHEAST RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE, Authorized Dealer - Hoffman TV - All Work Guaranteed - Prince Brothers, Owners. 804 N Peoria, Phone LU 4-6522

NEED PRINTING ? ? ? Call Us FImore 5-6723 - TEmple 5-9624 BUSINESS PRINTING SALES, Quality Printing at Low Prices, Standard Forms, Business Cards - Stationery, Advertising Novelties - Specialties and Book Matches

Page 6, column 1

           Party of the Week
     Linda Haas threw a bang-up shock party last Saturday night.
     Guests included: Marlene Coffey, Donna Jarrard, Donna Hatfield, Nancy Barnette, Pat Smith, Mary Morris, Paula Capps, Sandy Scott, Dixie Horn, Leonard Hatfield, Johnny Mulkey, Freddie Davis, Eddie Davis, Kenny Smith, Tommy Baker, Curtis Jones, Richard Hines, Leroy Johnson, Howard Sullivan, Jimmy Meehan, Richard Demmitt, Gene Addington, Kenneth Tibbs, Linda Haas, and Mr. and Mrs. Haas.
     Movies of the Hobo party at Teenation were shown and Mrs Haas took more movies. Later everyone attempted to watch Shock.
     Punch, different kinds of meat, cheese, pretzels, crackers, pickles and dips were served. The songs most played were "Good Golly Miss Molly," and "Oh Julie."
     A real blast to say the least!
     Last Sunday afternoon, Elaine
Page 6, column 2
Parker and Curtis Jones, Leroy John and Sharon Oden, Nadine Delay and Larry Johnson and Gary Broadhead and Pam Badgwell sat in the last row in the balcony at the Majestic theater and watched, "Raintree County." It must have been a good movie because some of them sat through it three times.


Dear Loose-Lip:
     I want to bleach my hair and cut it like Kim Novak's but my mother says I absolutely can't. I'm 15 and I'm old enough to know what I'm doing. Mother just won't listen to reason. ... Signed: Proxy-to-be
Dear Proxy-to-be:
     Since your problem deals mainly with your mother I am taking the liberty to answer this letter instead of my daughter. (Incidently, I'm Loose-Lips mother.)
     Keep your head out of that peroxide bottle until you're at least 18 and can afford to have your hair bleached properly and professionally, if you still want it done by this time. ... Signed: Loose-Lip Lunatic's mother

Dear Loose-Lip:
     Please help me! I'm nearly going crazy.
     What do you do when you like your old boyfriend but he doesn't like you anymore? Mind you I have a new boyfriend, but I'm still carrying a torch for the old one. ... Signed: Confused
Dear Confused:
     Why mope around about an old love? If he still likes you he'll come back and meanwhile you can enjoy the new boyfriend. Who knows you may learn to care for him more than the other one.

     This week Teenation's spotlight shines on LINDA HAAS.
     On May 24, 1943 an unusual thing happened to Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Haas of 1667 E 75th St. North. For on this day little Linda was born.
     Linda's favorite foods are french fried onion rings, hamburgers and brown derbies. Her favorite colors are red and blue, and her favorite song is "She's Neat."
     Linda has remained faithful to Teenation. It's her favorite club and she is vice-chairman of our House Rules committee.
     Her greatest ambition in life is to own a car and be a millionaire. The Speech teacher, Miss. Kelly, is her favorite teacher because Linda says she's the nicest, sweetest teacher she has.
     "Shock" and "Ozzie and Harriet" are her favorite television programs for obvious reasons.
     Everyone loves Linda Haas because she is so sweet and under-
Page 5, column 3
standing and never too busy to listen to other people's problems. A person can confide in Linda and knows that she won't blab their confidences all over town.
     It Linda keeps the personality she has now she'll never have to worry about anything in the future.



The Community Center was bursting at the seams last Friday night as the big semi-formal Valentine dance got underway. It was really a sight to see with the girls in party dresses and high-hells and the boys in their suits and ties.

Joe Beck and his swining' combo

Page 5, column 4

were on hand to provide music for dancing and as usual the pukebox [I don't know if this is a typo or Pam's sense of humor] was practically worn out.

Because this was a very special occasion the adult counselors took over all the jobs usually handled by the teenagers and Teenation was open until one o'clock.

Six big boxes of valentine candy were awarded as door prizes and the highlight of the evening came when Phyllis Tindall and Eddie Davis were crowned king and queen of hearts.

Even though Teenation was open an hour later than usual, everyone was reluctant to leave the fun and everyone was begging for another semi-formal dance to be held very, very soon.


Page 5, column 1

ADMIRAL TWIN DRIVE-IN, Thurs, Fri, Sat, February 20, 21, 22, "Don't Go Near The Water", Glen Ford & Gia Scala, PLUS, "Pawnee" George Mongormery & Lola Albright. Sat Night Prevue, Sun & Mon, Fed 22, 23, "Kiss Them For Me" [creased] PLUS "Mohawk", Scott Brady & Rita Gam, Tues & Wed, February 24, 25, "Decision at Sun Down", Randolph Scott, Karen Steel PLUS "Escape From San Quentin" Jimmy Desmond, Mary Anders

Page 5, columns 1 & 2

IF YOU DON'T DRINK - WHY HELP PAY FOR THE ACCIDENTS OF THOSE WHO DO? W L Cash Insurance Agency, 112 North Peoria, P.O. Box 714, Turley, OK, Telephone FI 5-1421, FI 5-4026

Page 5, columns 3 & 4

TURLEY PHARMACY "Just Ask Our Customers", 6120 N Peoria, FIllmore 5-9560

W F HORRALL LUMBER & BUILDING MATERIAL Repair Loans - No Money Down, 36 months to pay - 68th St & North Peoria, FI 5-1660

HENDRIX AUTO SERVICE, 6010 North Peoria, Complete Auto Repairing, Wheel Alignment; Wheel Balancing; Motor Analyzer; Complete Electrical service; Complete Brake Service; Auto Parts, Open Evenings 6 till 10 pm, Saturday and Sunday all day

GROFF JEWELERS, "A Gift for Any Occasion", 6319 East Admiral (Sheridan Village Shopping Center), TE 8-7412

S A DAVE MOTOR CO, Skiatook Phone 228, Authorized Pontiac Dealer

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