The Northside News

Turley (Tulsa) OK

February 20, 1958


In searching my old scrapbooks and high school keepsake box for anything related to Teenation, I ran across a section of an old newspaper called The Northside News. I've been trying to located old copies of this paper or any information on the Publisher (I only have pages 3-6). Any help anyone can give me would certainly be appreciated. Linda

Page 3, column 1:

My Home Town
By Eunice Bushyhead

My home town is a Lovely place,
You meet people there with smiles on their face.
The business people are so courteous too.
If you need a contribution they'll sure help you.
Now you take Dell Poulton (grocer) a man full of faith.
When it comes to attending church he is always in his place.
Dr. B. H. Humphrey is wonderful too.
When you get sick he will sure help you.
He helps the poor and he helps the rich.
As the old saying is" "with the grace of God, he will pull out of the ditch."
Bill Dobson has been in Sperry a long time.
A well experienced barber, and we think he is just fine.
Mr. Pickens (a grocer) meets you with a smile.
To shop in his place is always worthwhile.
Fortune is a preacher too
Go there and buy your furniture and let him talk to you.
He can tell you about the Man up above.
For he is a mercy preacher holding truth and love.
Norville Hollinsworth has a filing station you see.
He gives good service and won't cheat thee.
Stop at Sozy Corner and have something to eat.
The people in this place always seem so sweet.
Now there is Darrow's grocery. My! My! My!
Such a busy place when you go there to buy.
Pearl is so nice to all who come in.
Because in her heart there lies no sin.
Sperry has a drug store too.
They have many products to sell to you.
The Lakeview cafe is on the highway. Nice place to eat too.
If one hasn't the time to visit Sperry he can stop at Lakeview when he goes through.
I remember Clifton Herrington, an old school teacher of mine.
He spoke words of wisdom and always so kind.
Two of the best residents that Sperry ever had are Mr. and Mrs. Josh Hassell,
My precious Mon and Dad, Martha Bennett, Hettie Jordan, Katie Hogue, are old residents too.
Sperry News is never old for they always have something new.
There are six different churches in this town.
Which makes everyone happy, for they won't feel bound.
They can go the church of their choice.
As they hear the Master's voice.
Sperry has a wonderful grade and high school.
And many of the graduates have gone to college too.
I love everyone in my home town.
And I always feel happy when they come around.

     "I will take my campaign into every county and will face very issue head-on, frankly, honestly and forthrightly. I have little use for a man who will offer himself for public office and pussyfoot on the ssues."
     Thus Senator Herbert Hope of Pauls Valley opened his campaign as a Democratic candidate for Governor in the state of Oklahoma.
     Next week he will address Oklahomans over television and will set the tempo in his contest for the Governor's chair.
     Hope offers a unique and refreshing approach. He can be depended upon as a candidate who will not sidestep any "hot potatoes." He insists that no matter how controversial the issue is if it involves the Governor's office and the state of Oklahoma that he as a candidate should be expected to take a straight stand on it. This he will do.
     The 44-year-old lawmaker is a
     Page 3, column 2
 legislative veteran with two terms in the House of Representatives and is now serving his third term as state senator from Garvin County. He has been chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee the past six years. He is well versed in the problems of state government and has a deep knowledge of issues which must be decided if Oklahoma is to progress and regain its population losses. He insists the voters should demand each candidate stand one way or the other on issues such as liquor, Fort Sill expansion, schools and salaries, roads, a "right to work bill," the open range and any other which involves the destiny of Oklahomans.
     [following is a list of dates and times Mr. Hope will appear on state TV stations.]

           Sperry H.D. Club
     Mrs. Maggie Martin was hostess of the Sperry Home Demonstration Club, Friday, Feb. 14, for their regular all day meeting.
     Valentine's Day decorations were throughout the living and dining rooms with large red hearts. A beautiful heart shaped cake was the table centerpiece.
     At 10:30 a.m. a demonstration was given by the county agent, Mrs. Gladys Louge, on insect control. At noon a buffet dinner was served to members, Mrs. Logue and to two new members, Mrs. Zona Barnett and Mrs. Ruth Eddingfield.
     After dinner, business was carried on as usual. Devotional by Mrs. Spencer. Wilda Lee Juby served as president.
     Regret that due to illness three members were unable to attend, they were: Mrs. Emma Downs, Mrs. Martha Keys and Mrs. Hettie Jordan.
     Mrs. Hannah Carter drew the Sunshine package. Our next meeting will be the afternoon of Feb 28.

Mr. Gene Hanlin, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hanlin and daughters Charlotte and Connie: Mr. and Mrs. Don Wadsworth and daughters Rennae and Donna Joe were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mr. and Mrs. G V Mounsey.

CLASS OF '54 REUNION: Mr. And Mrs. John Prock were sponsors of a covered dish supper given Saturday evening at R.N.A. Lodge Hall in Sperry for the reunion of the class of '54. Graduates and families attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Barlow, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Brown and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gaddy, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. John Marse and family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Loney and child, Mr. and Mrs. Punk Weathers and children, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Small, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bushyhead and child, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bushyhead, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Prestridge, Mr. Leon Head, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Rowden, Mrs. Martha Rowden and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Prock.

Ralph and Evelyn Elliott and sons enjoyed Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning at Grand lake, fishing. Report a nice catch of crappie. The catch was given to Mr. and Mrs. J H Morgan for a fish fry Saturday evening. Attending the fry were: Mr. Bill Morgan and daughter Connie, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Morgan and sons, Robert and Ralph Jr.

Page 3, column 3

     A number of men demonstrated their interest in the Valley View Baptist church by getting out in the freezing weather last Saturday and erecting six signs pointing the way to our church. A large sign was placed in the field south of the Sam Houston Elementary School on North Cincinnati. Smaller signs were placed at the corners of 46th street North and Cincinnati, 56th street North and Cincinnati, 46th street North and Osage Drive and 56th street North and Osage Drive.
     We missed our goal of 200 last Sunday. Sickness and the extremely cold weather have kept some people away from church for the past several Sundays. Our attendance report by departments was like this: General officers 3, Nursery I 5, Nursery II 14, Beginners 24, Primaries 28, Juniors 31, Intermediates 13, Young People 5, Adults 47, Total 170.
     We have been presenting our various departmental workers in the Sunday school for the past few weeks. Today we will print the names of our Primary department workers. This department includes children from 6-8 years of age, and their teachers. Mrs. Bill Lynch is the superintendent. She is assisted by Mrs. Ralph Elliott, Mrs. Emma Gray, and Mrs. Albert Schmidt.
Page 3, column 4
     Mrs. Nora Morgan, and son of San Francisco, Calif., visited Mrs. Morgan's sister, Mrs. Clemmie Bailey, at St. John's hospital in Tulsa, Sunday. Mrs. Bailey has been hospitalized for the past six weeks suffering from a broken hip. She underwent surgery Wednesday.

Page 3, column 3 & 4

[Ads spanning columns 3 & 4)

A & A TRANSFER & STORAGE, Bill Foster, Owner: Fast, Courteous Service: 1340 East Sixth, DI 3-4111

YOUR INVITATION TO ATTEND - Valley View Christian Church, Alcott School, 4029 N. Cincinnati, FI 5-5101, Bible School - 9:45 a.m., Morning Worship 11:00 a.m., Evening Worship 7:00 p.m. Robert H Alexander, Minister

CHAPEL HILL CHRISTIAN CHURCH, (Disciples of Christ) (Formerly Hartford Avenue Christian Church), 9:34 a.m. Sunday School, 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship, 6:00 p.m. Chi Rho (Youth Meeting), 7:00 p.m. Evening Fellowship. "The church of Family Fellowship" 36th Street North and Hartford Ave, Phone FI 5-4451, Meeting Temporarily at Hawthorne School, 33rd and Peoria. A Nursery is provided for every service. (Photo of Myron E Neal)

NEW ... PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH U.S.A. Now Meeting Every Sunday at Wm Penn School, 47th Street North and Xanthus. Church School with classes for all ages 9:45 a.m., Morning Worship 11:00 a.m., Well Equipped Nursery for all Children. We Welcome All - Regardless of Church Background or Preference.

Page 3, column 4

OPEN FOR BUSINESS - HARRY & RUBY'S CAFE, Where Friends Meet, 4423 N Peoria, Open 24 Hours, 7 Days (Formerly Beacon Cafe)

LEE'S Shoe & Fixit Shop, 6402 North Peoria, FI 5-1712

Page 4, column 1

     Friday, Feb 21 - 7:00 p.m., Teenation
     Saturday, Feb 22 - 8:30 p.m., Turley Round Up Club Dance
     Monday, Feb 24 - 7:30 p.m., Adult Counselors
     Thursday, Feb 27 - 7:00 p.m., Scout Troop 70
     Friday, Feb 28 - 7:00 p.m., Teenation

     The Fellowship class of Valley View Christian church met at the home of Ross M. White, 4620 N. Trenton, Saturday night for covered dish luncheon.
     Those present: Minister and Mrs. Robert Alexander, Mr and Mrs. Glenn Durkee, Mr and Mrs. Jim Baker, Mr and Mrs. Dennis Morrison, Mr and Mrs. James Howell, Mr and Mrs. J C Farrell, Mr and Mrs W L Patterson.
     A wonderful fellowship enjoyed by all.

 Mr and Mrs. Lyle Zealstorf of Tulsa spent Sunday afternoon with her Grandmother.

           The Official News of Teenation
     Compiled by the Community Relations and Publicity Committee, Pam Badgwell, chairman. Sandy Scott, Frankie Dare, Judy Frick, Dixie Horn, Betty Partain, Pam Blackstone, Nadine Delay, Elaine Parker, Butch Terrill, Mrs. Russell Baker, adult counselor.

           By Kathianna Badgwell (age 11)

     The "Weazel" as she is called at home was born April 18, 1943, in Ada, Oklahoma. My daddy nearly fainted when he saw the thing and screamed "Golly, what is it?"
     Thank goodness she's grown to have the brain of a five year old now that she's fourteen. She used to sleep with thirteen stuffed animals but now she has limited it to
Page 4, column 2
her favorite animal, the one she calls "Pooh Bear."      Pam has a crush on a guy named Gary Broadhead (I don't like him because he doesn't want to get mararied until he's fifty years old and I want to get rid of my sister before then). Anyway she never talks about anyone expect Gary. She only stops talking about him long enough to talk to him on the phone.
     She spends most of her time talking on the phone, playing records and writing things for Teenation.
     Her favorite color is lavender. She loves it. She says that even when she dreams in technicolor everythings she dreams about is lavender. More than anything in this world she wants a lavender sportscar and she sure lets everyone know it. (Especially Daddy.)
     Pam's ugly, mean, knock-kneed, stupid, ugly, selfish, ugly and very fat.
     Other than all this, she's okay.

     When I first head of Teenation I laughed to myself. "Oh boy," I thought, "Here's another club that won't last a month."
     The Whole thing sounded very stupid to me. Strangely enough, I soon found that all my friends were clamoring to join. This interested me so I decided to inspect.
     What I found out changed me completely. A few months ago a group of serious minded teenagers got together and decided to do something to combat juvenile delinquency and give the youth of Turley and the surrounding area something interesting to do.
     Out of this group of charter membership. Teenation was born.
     This was not to be just another club, but instead, an actual nation of teens. Even the motto, "Teens in
Page 4, column 3
Community Service, Recreation, and Social Life" was a symbol of this.
     I became even more interested so I decided to join the group. This cost me $2.50, or exactly one week's allowance. At the time I was reluctant to part with this amount but now I would be willing to put forth practically 100 times $2.50 just to be a member of Teenation.
     My hopes were soon dimmed again for I found that I had been put on a committee - Community Relations and Publicity, of all things! "Why would anyone want to have a committee like that?" I wondered. And besides I had joined Teenation to have fun, not to work! I soon found out that even the work was fun too because we were all striving for one important goal, to make Teenation a success! I found out that I was not the only one who was working. Committees had been organized for everything from decorating the community center to balancing the books.
     We ran into problem after problem. The greatest among these was the lack of money. This is where the people of Turley and Northern Tulsa came in. It seemed that the teenagers were not the only ones interested in making Teenation a success. Money and supplies began rolling in from the adults. This frankly shocked the teenagers for we had thought that absolutely no one cared about us. We will never to able to give these wonderful people the thanks they deserve.
     Teenation was well underway.
     Then came March 29th, the opening night of the much anticipated Teenation.
     I was so excited that I even took a bath! Many of the other teens did also and I am sure that our parents were frankly shocked.
     I arrived at the community center at 6 p.m. - exactly one hour before starting time expecting to be the first one there. However, I was not really surprised to find a waiting line.
     My first night at Teenation was almost indescribable. I sang and danced and laughed until I was completely exhausted. Here we met our friends and had so much fun that the teenage tension, which had mounted up within us all week was released. There was no meanness, no delinquency - only good, clean, honest fun.
     Here was what we had been longing for - a place of our own, a place where we were understood and wanted.
     I have attended many more meetings since that first one and each time I come away reluctant to leave, tired, happy only to look forward to the next weekend when I can once more go to Teenation!            --Pam Badgwell

Page 4, column 4

     Going Steady
            (By a Teenation member)
A boy and girl walk hand in hand
That teenage bliss they understand.
Few recognize the love they share;
They say that they're too young to care.
Emotions that are sweet and kind,
The ones that others fail to find.
This love of theirs, a complex thing;
A boy, a girl, a pledge, a ring.

 Page 4, column 2

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Page 4, columns 1 & 2

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