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Final Roll of Citizens & Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes of Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

NARA Microfilm # MT529

Prior to Indian Territory becoming the State of Oklahoma the Federal Government charged the Dawes Commission with the task of accounting for all Indians in Indian Territory. The final results of the Dawes Commission's work are the "enrollment cards" and the Final Roll of Citizens and Freedmen.

The enrollment cards contain the information on the person applying for "citizenship" and whether they were accepted or rejected. The Final Rolls contain the name and Roll number of all persons able to prove they were either Indian, married to an Indian or were of mixed Indian descent.

Many of us "family hunters" have a family story about our "Indian Ancestor" and consult these two records to try to find them. One thing we all need to be aware of is that many, many Indians did not want to be "enrolled". They had a strong distrust for the Federal Government and believed that the Government would use the lists in some manner to retaliate against them for things that had occurred in the past. For many of those of mixed blood being part Indian was a shameful thing to be hidden and they didn't come forward to be enrolled.

And ONLY the Indians considered "Civilized" were allowed to enroll. There were many tribes in Indian Territory at the time who were not allowed to enroll or who were told they had to give up their own tribe and join one of the "civilized " tribes. All of these Indians are not found in the Dawes Commission Records.

I abstracted the White Surname from this microfilm 17 Mar 1985 at the Rudsill Library in Tulsa, OK. This information is now on-line at the NARA site under NAIL. The digitized image is one page of the rolls. The hyperlink does not give the letter of the alphabet found on the page - you have to choose a page "hit or miss". If you have surnames other than White be sure to check out the site. And if you find one of your ancestors listed you can look at the enrollment information (some enrollment cards are now digitized). The URL below will take you to the lists of several Indian censuses, etc. that are on-line. The site gives you instructions for locating the listings.

Linda Haas Davenport


The names listed are only for those with the WHITE surname


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One Seminole listing - Nelly White # 967


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