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The Names Of Petitioners of Lincoln Co NC
19 Oct 1779

If this is your first encounter with the records of NC please be aware that the clerks spelled names in any and all ways, even within the same document. You will not be able to use the "find" key in these abstracts. You need to look at each name.

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The original list is found in NC Legislature Papers, Box #27, Folder 19 Oct 1779, NC Archives. I abstracted this data in 1982. I later found the data listed in: "Burke County, North Carolina Land Records 1779-1790 and Important Miscellaneous Records 1777-1800, Volume II." Edith Warren Huggins and published 1981. Mrs. Huggins' four-volume series of Burke Co. may still be available from Southern Historical Press Inc., P.O. Box 738, Easley, South Carolina 19641-0738.

(Katherine Sullivan sully@vnet.net was kind enough to furnish the following information) "The first known petition was dated 25 December 1778 and presented to the General Assembly on 23 January 1779 (the one you have listed). There were three others: two dated 9 [or possibly 19] October 1779, and one dated 1782.
      On 4 May 1782 the General Assembly approved the annexation of a portion of Burke Co. to Lincoln Co. A further annexation of part of Burke Co. to Lincoln Co. occurred in 1784. The area annexed in 1784 was the same area that in December 1842 became the new county of Catawba Co.
      The original petitions are available at North Carolina Archives filed under the category of "General Assembly Sessions Records." To see the original petitions, email the
NC Archives."

      A part of Burke County was annexed to Lincoln Co, NC. The act of 1783 was amended in 1818 ... from the three cornered Island in the Catawba River to the bent of Little River in James Fox's land .. agreeable to the act of 1793 to have a portion of Burke county annexed to Lincoln county 1779 ....

Signatures on the petition are as follows: (they are not in alpha order, but in the order they appear on the original petition).

Robert Blackburn
Wm Cumberland
Danl McKesick
Wm (x) Kenner
James Martin
Miekl (x) Hackelman
John (x) Lindes
John Guice (?)
Wm Gant
Reuben (x) Guttry
Jacob (x) Heckleman
John (x) Bumgarner
Andres Chrislar
John (x) Keener
Michal (x) Miller
Isaac (x) Lollar, Sr
Isaac Lollar Jr
Jacob Lollar
Thomas Lollar
Thomas Welsh
Philip (x) Salar
John Willson
Fras. McCorkel
David McHorer
Petter (x) Linbarger
Michael (x) Houk
Niclass (x) Hellemon
James Fleming
Zachriah Saylers
Pettor (x) Saylor (Sayler?)
Iseah Saylers
Martain (x) Sayler
Wm Tuper
Wm Brison
Samuel Brison
Joseph Crankleton
James Henry
Stephen Gaskn
John Hawkins
Adam Perkins
Vincent .....
Richd Fleming
David Hodson
Cornalous Clark
Robt Barklay
John Cronkelton
Joseph Cronkleton Jr
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Fisher
James B .....
Thomas Clark
John Thompson
Hernry Thompson
Alexander Thompson
Robert McCusick
Wm Thompson
Ruben Simpson
Thomas Duncan
Elijah Sherrill
James Litten
John Robinson
Jacob Paintar
John Salling
John Paintor
Archebel Hamilton
James White
Nathan (x) Goins
Wm Hanby (?)
Samuel Hollandsworth
Moses Sherrill
James Clark
Wm Clark
Wm Simpson
James Holdsclaw
Jacob Sherrill
Wm Sherrill
Adam Sherrill
Joshua Sherrill
Thomas Orsborn
Jacob Orsborn
John McCail
James Rankin
Wm Allexander
John Alexander
James Allexander
Wm Loyd
John Loyd
Jacob Gabril
John (x) Horseberger
John Borland
Davd Robinson
Canl McKesick
Joseph Jons
Jacop Fradrick
Graff .. Yorty
Henry Hollmon
Fredricke Hoselberger
Jacob Sids (Sides?)
Conrate Mengmens
Peter ...
John Shuferd
John Shufred (two different signatures - Sr, Jr ??)
John Moll
Daniel Suferd
David Shuferd
John Shuferd
Davd Robinson
Philip Whitener
Joseph Smith
Isaac Vanhorn
........ Summey
Martin Colter
Thos. Wasdin
John Martin Shuferd
Philip Bostin
Wm Cumberland
Henry Grose
Isaac William
John (x) Horse
Wm Dosson
Richd West
Jb Weaver
Wm (x) Kiner
W Bernhard (x) Schaeiser
Henry Sumrow
Michael Sumrow
Michael Grindstaff


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