Goshen Hill Cemetery
Davenport Family
Cherry/Creswell, Washington Co, NC

Linda Haas Davenport

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Coming from Cherry / Creswell on New Land Road. You will pass Mt. Hermon Methodist Church on your left. As you continue on down New Land Road you will pass a mobile home on your left and the cemetery is next to it. This cemetery is on land owned by James "Red" Davenport and is a Davenport family cemetery.

The graves are laid out parallel to the road in one row. There is a very large headstone with just the name Davenport on it and each of the individual gravestones are flat stones located at the foot of each grave.

I walked this cemetery July 16, 1988 and again in June 1999. The following is the information from 1988 and as soon as I can locate my information from 1999 I'll add it.

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Beginning with the grave closest to the road and moving toward the back

Chester A Davenport, Aug 27, 1911 - May 30, 1983 - US Army WWII

Laura Ambrose Davenport - 1875-1958

Ulysses Grant Davenport - 1870 - 1950

James Edward Davenport - 1875-1948

Mary Furlough Davenport - 1879-1955

David Edward Davenport - 1905-1972

Lidia McGowan Davenport - 1902-1974

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