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MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: Google? What kind of name is that? http://www.google.com

ASK JEEVES! A neat search site. This site allows you to enter a full question "why is the sky blue" "where is xxx", etc. It then searches all the search engines. http://www.askjeeves.com/

SURE SEARCH ENGINE: Claims to be not only fast but sure. http://www.surffast.com/

EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEARCH ENGINES: Facts & fun things about them, what's new with them, which one is offering what and how can you learn to use the blasted things! http://searchenginewatch.com/

THE PLACE TO FIND A SEARCH ENGINE: Just select the type of search engine you want from the list and bang you're there. What a deal! http://searchenginewatch.com/links/ and here's another one that does the same: http://cpcug.org/user/jlacombe/search.html

THE ULTIMATE LIST OF SEARCH ENGINE LINKS! http://www.absolutewebaholic.com/


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