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MY FAVORITE SPOT: Rootsweb is dedicated to keeping genealogy free on the net. Lots of places to post info, search for your ancestors. Under certain conditions they will also give you free web space for your genealogy information.

USGenWeb PROJECT: Dedicated to free genealogy on the web. It's broken down by states and then counties.

AMERICAN HISTORY AND GENEALOGY PROJECT - Much like the USGenWeb Project - broken down by states and counties

COMMON THREADS: Good site to place queries.

GENFORUM: Search for surnames, post one, check things out by state and county


SURNAME REGISTERY: A place to register up to 15 surnames. No info as to time frame, place, etc., but a good site that is growing. Check it out.

TWO NEW AREAS TO POST YOUR GENEALOGY INFO: Rootsweb and The Surname Registry have set up Surname Sections, including a lot of variant surnames. You can post your family information and your web site. Check out both places. Rootsweb: Surname Registry:

EVERY E-MAIL LIST ON THE WEB: For a list of every genealogy email list available visit John Fuller's site -this is the actual site for the states and surname lists

A E-MAIL LIST FOR EVERY SURNAME & VARIANT: Must be thousands of surnames all the states & counties and all kinds of other lists. Check it out:

SEARCH COLONIAL FIRST FAMILIES & RECORDS: This home page is dedicated to recording information about the first families in the US. If you have made it back to colonial times add your info here. Otherwise it's a great site to browse.

SURNAME SEARCH: Post your info and search their data base

GENEALOGY INFOCENTER: A site of genealogy-related newsgroups with links to their FAQ pages.


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