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DEAR MYRTLE: One of the most knowledgeable ladies on the web. Her columns are always right on the mark. Check her out at:

MISSING LINKS: Comes out weekly and contains information, tips, successful research stories and links to notable sites (usually as they relate to the major article of the week). To subscribe: Open a new e-mail message, delete everything in the message area (your signature lines, etc) and type in the word subscribe don't put anything in the subject line and send the message to:

TREASURE MAPS: Robert Reagan has some neat stuff in his newsletter. You can subscribe by going to:

ANCESTRY: They send out a daily newsletter. It is one of the better ones on the net. Each day they list the new items added to their site that are free to search for 10 days. This is a great way to be sure you don't miss the chance to check out new resources. George Morgan writes a regular column on "How To xxx" which always contains great help and tips. The sign up area is on the main page to the right of the screen.

DICK EASTMAN'S NEWSLETTER: Dick's newsletters are filled with all kinds of miscellaneous and sundry information of interest to Genealogists.

IGS NEWSLETTER: Every month the International Internet Genealogy Society puts out a newsletter. Great source of information.

HUNTING FOR A FAMILY SURNAME NEWSLETTER? Check out Shelina's list of Family Newsletters. Or if you have a family newsletter add it to the list.

ROOTSWEB REVIEW: Although they have started adding some commercial junk in their newsletters there's still lots of good info. Subscribe at:

COMPUTER ASSISTED GENEALOGY: CAGG-NI is a group of amateur genealogists who want computers to effectively work for them in genealogy research.



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