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What they mean, where they came from, nicknames, naming patterns. Here they all are.

Those of us who "do" genealogy are always looking for help to untangle names. For a long time I had the links for names on my Great Links page, but the links has grown to the point they need a spot of their own.

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SURNAME DISTRIBUTION PER CENSUS YEAR: Hamrick has used samplings of Census records and phone books to compile their information. See a map of surnames.

BEHIND THE NAME: Mike Campbell has put together a great site on the etymology and history of first name.

NICKNAMES: Judy Phillips has put together a list of names and nicknames for both males and females. and here's another great site, but it's gone missing. Go to: and copy/paste this link in the box.

A QUICK LIST OF NICKNAMES: We all struggle with "nicknames" in our family history search. Here's a short list of nicknames and the given names they represent.

GIVEN NAMES: Mari Lynn Balden has put together a list of Given Names, their origin, associated nicknames and the pronunciation of the name. Great and informative site.

GERMAN NICKNAMES: Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. has put together a site for German names and nicknames. Lots of information.

NAMING TRADITIONS: Shirley Hornbeck's "This and That Genealogy Tips" is one of the best sites on the web for information. Here she explains naming traditions.

FIRST NAME BASIS - UNUSUAL NAMES, WOMEN'S NAMES, ETC: This page has a list of extremely unusual names (first or last). If you have an ancestor with an unusual name check here and if you don't find them add their name to the list. While you are there check out the Married Women's Names, Middle Names, ect.

NAMING PRACTICES Arabic, British, Byzantine & Chinese naming practices -


EXCELLENT AND INFORMATIVE ARTICLE: This web site features an article from the February 1996 issue of Colonial Homes on colonial naming patterns. According to the article, the naming customs of New England colonists in America were either of English origin, biblical or of "moral significance".

DUTCH NAMING PATTERNS: If you had Dutch ancestors this site gives you the history of Dutch surnames, when they started and naming patterns.

WHAT'S IN YOUR NAME? I've never seen so many first names listed in one place before! The information on a name can be a bit depressing but I found myself checking everyone of my family's first names.


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