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OLD MAPS This site has a bunch of links to old maps - great resource for family historians

ODDENS' BOOKMARKS - Lots of information on maps, mapping, etc.

MAPS OF NORTH AMERICA - Lots of old maps

MAP QUEST: My personal favorite - Current maps, check out places to visit and plan a trip.

HOW FAR FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER? Here's the site that gives you the answers including a map to get you from here to there!


THE MAP MACHINE: National Geographic's Site. These maps are topographical maps on several different kinds. Really interesting.

TOPOZONE: Topo maps.

ANOTHER GREAT SITE TO FIND A TOWN or COUNTY! Who among us has not needed to find the location of a town who's name pops up in our research? Here's a new resource for help.

HAVE THE ZIP CODE BUT NEED THE COUNTY & TOWNSHIP? Here's the place to find it.

GETTY THESAURUS OF GEOGRAPHIC NAMES: Type in a name of a place and get info on the country, state, county, physical location, etc. Nice easy site to use.

TIGER MAPS: Offered by the Census Dept this site allows you to type in a place name and it builds you a map "on the fly", you can save it, make it bigger, or move around on it. A really neat place to go and play. The gateway to Tiger is a US map, double click on the state and you get the state map broken down into counties.

GET A BIRD'S EYE VIEW OF CURRENT PLACES: This gives you a satellite's-eye view of almost any place on earth... you can actually SEE individual buildings as though you were a thousand feet in the air. It's kind of spooky... but neat. :}

1895 US ATLAS ON LINE: This is a great site. Look at the 1895 US Atlas - lots of old place names.

MAP AND PLACE HELP: The place to find everyplace. Hunting old or new places? Go here I bet they have it. Or want to know if somewhere is named after your family? Or where that elusive town really is or maybe you only have a name of a creek or road or school, Search for it here.

US GEOLOGICAL MAPS: Place to find and order Geological Maps to use in Genealogy (well - and for other things also)

MAPS 1597-1988 found in Library of Congress - all kinds of great maps

LOOK AT A MAP THAT SHOWS SURNAME DISTRIBUTION: I couldn't quite find a spot for this site, maybe Genealogy since it's tied loosely to the Federal Census dates, but what ever - go and enter your family surname, choose a date and a map will be displayed that shows the distribution of that surname for the date you entered. Is extremely interesting.

LOOKING FOR A NAME OF A COUNTY OR TOWN? This site is pretty simple. You enter the name of the place you are looking for and the search returns info on County, State, Lat/Long, population, ect.

HISTORICAL MAPS: John Robertson's map site has grown & grown. If you haven't been by in awhile you need to visit.

RAILROAD MAPS: Pam is putting on-line a lot of old Railroad maps. Really interesting.

EXPEDIA MAPS (Microsoft) Pick the place it gives you the map, ask for a location, plan a trip, find an address, etc.

GOLD BUG MAPS: Lots of maps for sale. It doesn't cost anything to check and see if they have an old map you might want.

DEEDMAPPER: Looking for a program that will build you a map from old deeds? Here's the spot

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