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ONE OF THE NEATEST PAGES ON THE WEB!! Need to translate a word from another language? Need to look up a map? Need a word that rhymes? How about a quotation? Ever wondered how to pronounce a word? Need to look up most anything? Here's the place.

TRANSLATE A WEB SITE: What a deal! If you have found a web site that interests you and it's not in your native language, simply enter the address and get it back in your language. Or if you have a letter, note, e-mail message you can't read Paste it here and get back a translation in your language.

LEARN TO CITE YOUR SOURCES: If you are using internet information as a source for your family history or other type of report here's where to go to find out how to cite them properly. and another good spot

BARTLETT'S FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS: 1901 Edition on-line. Quotes from the Bible, Shakespeare & Literary figures.

OTHER QUOTATION SITES: Quotes & sound bites: Author Index:

THE REFERENCE DESK: Everything from Atlases to World Religions. Have fun!

DARN THOSE ROMAN NUMERALS!! Here's help with Roman Numerals

KIDS NEED HELP WITH THEIR HOMEWORK? K thru Beyond College. Stop by and find just about anything you need. And here's a great spot for kids & teachers:

INFORMATION PLEASE: Fast Fact Finder site. Good all around information. Special sections for K-12 education.

CLIP ART FOR KIDS HOMEWORK PAPERS: Cute clip art graphics for kids to use on school papers.

SAY WHAT?? A site that will tell you what a phrase means and where it came from - fun place to spend some time.

ONELOOK DICTIONARIES: Type in a word and this service will search through more than 287 dictionaries.

ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA: They have finally opened up their books for free on-line searches!!

DICTIONARIES.COM: English dictionaries, translations, grammer, etc. great place for help.

WEBSTER'S 1913 DICTIONARY: Good Spot to find what you are looking for.

DICTIONARY.COM - All kinds of things on their site - translate something, play at puzzles, what-ever -

ROGET'S INTERNET THESAURUS: Remember the old book version. Now you can search it on-line.

ENCYCLOPEDIA: 17,000 articles to search on-line.

NEED SOME HELP WITH LATIN? Here's a site that lists the most common Latin expressions or words that you might encounter.

LAW DICTIONARY: Written for the layman.

BLACK'S LAW DIRECTORY - 1856: Looking for Old Legal terms this is the place to search. All text are selectable by the letter of the alphabet (looking for the word "Deed", select "D"). Use your find key to locate the word you are searching for.

LIBRARIES ON LINE: Need to search a library on-line? Here's where to find them all.

ARCHIVES & LIBRARIES: Not just genealogy links to Archives & Libraries. Includes business, computers, governments, Law, etc.

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