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(Update Dec 2019: Many of these links are now broken. I'll be working my way through them and correcting what needs to be fixed.)

This index grew out of my personal "bookmarks" which got completely out of hand. So I started saving my bookmarks on a web page. This list is the result. These pages continue to grow as I find new sites of interest. You probably won't find the links to pages that everyone knows about - Cyndi Howell, USGenWeb, Rootsweb, etc. They can be found almost anywhere. My links turned out to be hard to find, unusual sites that offer interesting and fun stuff. I decided that if I enjoyed and used my "bookmarks" so much perhaps my visitors would enjoy browsing also.

It's best to browse all the way to the bottom to see what's here before you start clicking away<g>

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Chain with COOL LINKS in Middle


Links To Lots Of Interesting Places: Unusual sites with lots of interesting information. General links not particularly related to each other or anything else listed below.

Look-It-Up Stuff: Dictionaries, encyclopedia, translation sites and places to help the kids with their homework. Library info of all kinds

Webpage Stuff: Want to build a webpage, learn html, find a place for a homepage or just about anything to do with getting your own spot on the web.

Search Engines & Places with tons of links: You won't find Yahoo or AltaVista here but you will find some unusual and little known search engines and sites with gazillions of links to all kinds of information.

Copyright Information: The web is growing by leaps and bounds and copyright infringement is a growing problem for everyone. Know what you can and cannot do before you grab information from the web or other places.

Maps: On-line Map sites for searching for all types of information on places. Several to answer the question "Will someone please tell me what county xxx is in?"

Cemeteries & Tombstones: A list of places that can answer your questions about cleaning, preserving, etc. etc. Graveyards and tombstone information of all kinds plus places to search for burial and funeral home information.

Native American Sites: Great places to search for your Indian Roots.

Military Records Sites: All types of sites for Military Information, Searchable Records, History Sites, includes most wars.

Graphics & Clip Art: Wonderful sites for clip art and animated items for web pages. Some offer genealogy items, some are just fun images.

History: Every Genealogist needs History Information now and then. Some great history sites. Even if you don't LIKE history check out these sites, some with wonderful historical journals and documents that can be searched.

Genealogy A bit of something for everyone, assuming you are into genealogy of course. Check out these unusual sites.



Brand New to Genealogy? Here is a short list of places that offer lessons and instructions of all kinds to get your started.

Genealogy Info of all Kinds: A sampling of most everything for Genealogists, kind of slow to load and a bit jumbled up but oh what fun!

Migration Routes: Places that give information on the great wagon routes

Genealogy Forms: All kinds of forms to download

Places to post stuff: These links will get you started.

Cemetery Information: Lots of how to and places to search

Names, Names and More Names: Nicknames, naming patterns, etc.

Census Records Links: Links to all kinds of Census Sites

Ship Passenger Lists: Links to sites offering information, searchable records, links, etc. for Ship Passenger Lists

Genealogy Newsletters: Net Newsletters all relating to Genealogy

Social Security Links: Sites offering information, searches and links for Social Security Information

Sites with only Genealogy Links Not enough genealogy links on my page? Here's a group of links not normally found on Link Lists.

Sites with Searchable Records - Sites offering information for you to search

African/American: A growing list of links for those who are trying to research their African/American roots.

Names, Names and More Names: What's in a name? Nicknames, naming patterns, history of names and a lot more.

Family Tree Maker: Not just the company's site, sites where people will look things up for you on the World Family Tree or other CDs and wish list for future releases, etc.


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