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WHAT ARE THOSE PROCESSES? - Ever wonder what all those programs are that are running all the time on your computer? (Don't know about Processes? - hold down the ALT and CTRL keys (both at the same time) and hit the DELETE key. You should get the TASK MGR (depending on the operating system you are running) and a tab for Processes) Here's a site that lets you type in the Process name and it will give you information on what the process is and what it does.

THE WAY BACK MACHINE - Lost a website? Go here and enter the URL you have for the site and The Way Back Machine will display the site.

BEST TOYS - RATED - Faced with buying a toy? Instead of wasting your money on junk, get the right toy. Here's the spot that ranks toys for all ages. I've used this site for my grandchildren's toys and I've never gone wrong.

THE SITE OF REALLY UNUSUAL LINKS: If you want to know about the London sewers or how about the history of bridges or duels or maybe the razor blade museum? Here's the place to find some really strange sites. Enjoy!

NEWEST "NASTY" ON THE WEB - SPYWARE - What is it? Read an article:,aid,117879,00.asp. and It's taking longer and longer to maintain our home computers and protect them from invasion from outside sources. Protect your computer against Spyware - What is it? Programs to get rid of it - Ad Aware is my personal favorite - but there are several others, some free, some cost. Check out the different sites to decide which is best for you. SpyBot - Spy Blaster - Microsoft - If none of these suit you google for Spyware

AREA CODES FROM EVERYWHERE - Know an area code and want to know where it's for? Here's the spot that will tell you - really neat site.

BOOKS ON-LINE: All kinds of interesting books on-line:

NETIQUETTE: A REFRESHER COURSE FOR OLDIES and a MUST FOR NEWBIES: The Homepage for Netiquette. Most everything you need and or want to know: and here's another great site.

THE PEOPLE SPOT - A bit of everything for just about everyone. All kinds of misc info from current information to job searches.

BLACK STUMP: Strange name or not this site has a ton of links - New sites for the day - What's New sites - Super sites and the list goes on. Great place to spend a rainy afternoon.

50 STATES - Want to know something about a state? This is the place to go

ASK REAL EXPERTS: Got a question you'd like answered? Here's a spot where you ask real live experts and get answers. All kinds of areas of interest.

THE VIRTUAL TIMES REFERENCE SITE: Lot's of neat links to lots and lots of places.

THE OLDEN TIMES has obituaries, birth & marriage announcements, legal notices, old news stories & more, all scanned from 18th, 19th & early 20th century newspapers from around the U.S. Great genealogical & local history resource. Complete index of names.

INTERESTED IN THE OLD WILD WEST? Here's the spot to start - you'll get music whether you want it or not but it's worth it. Have fun

US PATENT OFFICE: Includes every United States patent ever issued, more than 6.5 million patents from 1790 to the present.

WEB RADIO: Listen to a radio station from just about anywhere while you surf the web. or try here

USELESS KNOWLEDGE: A fun site, all kinds of quotes, facts and other bits of "useless" stuff. Stop by:

DEB'S FUN PAGE: Lot's of cute stuff makes it's way around the web - here's where most of it came from. Very graphic intensive and each page usually gives you music whether you want it or not but it's well worth the wait. Drop by and enjoy a chuckle!

LOST CLASSMATES? Some spots to hunt for lost classmates. and and

REUNION: All kinds of different listings looking for lost friends - schools, military, general people;

COAT OF ARMS: Wondering if your family has a coat of arms? Here's a site that collects links to them from all over the web. Note that most coat of arms sites are scams - but see if your name is listed And here is the "official" site and that tells you the truth about coats of arms:

KEEP PERFECT TIME ON YOUR PC: Now I don't care whether my PC has the right date or time but other folks do. Here's a place where you can check your time against the US Governments Atomic Clock.

NEED TO RESET THE CLOCKS AFTER A POWER OUTAGE? Or simply want to know what time it is where? Here's a clock that says it's accurate within 9 seconds!!


WONDER IF YOUR PC IS GIVING INFO TO THE WORLD? After the attack on Yahoo, e-bay and the other big sites do you wonder if your computer might be open? Here's the spot to go get it checked. Click on "Shields UP!" and see what you find out about your own PC.

ZONE ALARM: Now that you've checked your PC to see what info you're handing out here's the place to go to get a neat program to protect your PC and your information. Rated #1 by PC Mag and it's FREE.

ANOTHER NASTY THING HAS RAISED IT'S HEAD: If it's not enough that our own PCs are giving out info, DoubleClick is sticking nasty things on PCs and collecting info. Go here to read about it and check to see if you have a "broadcaster" on your system.

GHOST TOWNS: A site that is collecting information on towns that once were and now are no longer. A really interesting site.

TAKE A TOUR OF THE USA VIA VINTAGE POSTCARDS: This is a new site that is growing and trying to locate sites with other vintage postcards. Drop by and browse. and another new site -Penny Postcards -

HOAXES MAKING THE ROUNDS: Before you frantically forward a virus message to everyone you know or start deleting files and games check out the truth in these messages. Urban Legends has the latest updates on hoaxes and it also has neat stuff about the truth of Christmas legends and all types of other stuff., A really great spot - easy to read easy to use: McAfee keeps everyone up to date on real viruses and hoaxes. And so does Norton And this one has good stuff to check out also: Here's the new kid on the block and it may end up being one of the best. You know all those chain letters and virus warnings you get from your friends & family? Forward it on to these folks and they'll notify everyone who received the e-mail that the warning was a hoax!

THE UNIVERSAL LIBRARY: Robert Thibadeau is trying to get a million books digitized and on-line. He's at over 20,000. Plan on spending awhile here!

WHILE ON THE SUBJECT OF ON-LINE BOOKS: Antique Books is digitizing old books in full color, preserving not only the art but also the faded looks of the page. A great place to browse.

BRAIN CANDY - Not for just everyone <g> Riddles, jokes, death bed quotes and lots more. Enjoy.

REALM OF BOOKS & DREAMS: What a great place for Parents & kids - Or even adults with no kids! How well do you remember your Nursery Rhymes? How about the old fables? Want great coloring books for the kids? This site has it all including some super Holiday pages. Don't pass this one up. The site has moved and I've written to the web owner for a new address. In the meantime go here: and then enter this address:

HOW FAR FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER? Here's the site that gives you the answers including a map to get you from here to there!

SICK OF SPAM? Several places are collecting Spam messages and trying to do something about them. When you get SPAM forward the message (be sure to include all headers) to: and to and to

HELP RID THE NET OF SPAM: SpamCop is a site where you can report Spammers. These folks work on getting spammers of the net

FREE INTERNET ACCESS TO GOVERNMENT PUBLIC RECORDS: All kinds of records available for free.

NEED A ZIP CODE? Here are the spots to find them: and and and

 LEARN HOW TO GET AROUND THE WEB: If you're trying to learn your way around the 'net -- or if you know someone's who's floundering and you'd like to offer a painless tutorial, here is the best place I've found in a long time: It's a GA Dept of Education-funded site established by a teacher in Thomasville, GA. The site is developing beautifully. His style is great, and his lesson titles give me giggle fits.

THE WORD DETECTIVE: What a FUN Site. Ever wonder where the phrase "the whole 9 yards" came from or how about "the whole ball of wax"? Here's a site that uses humor to give you the answers. And if you can't find the word or phrase you are looking for just send an e-mail and ask. Enjoy!

TELEPHONE NUMBERS ON LINE: Here's a few sites where you can search for current phone numbers, e-mail addresses, businesses, etc. etc.: and and and and and and

NEED INFORMATION FOR A STATE? Government officials, government offices, names, addresses, phone numbers, whatever. Here's the Key to finding any state site. Enter in your browser Where the xx is substitute the 2 character state abbreviation. For example if you need Arkansas the URL would read

WHAT TO NAME THE BABY: Struggling to find a name for "the new baby"? Here's a spot that will help. Find the most common names, the names that will result in "teasing", etc.

E-MAIL SIGNS: Ever wonder what those signs are that people keep putting in their e-mail :-) etc? Or what all of the abbreviations stand for? OK here's the spot to find out what they all mean even tho they left off some common ones like - <g>=grin; <G>=big grin; <lol>=laughing out loud; <roflol>=rolling on floor laughing out loud .

FARMERS ALMANAC: I think the majority of us have at least "Heard Of" the almanac. Stop in and browse the interesting info they have posted.

TODAY IN HISTORY: Check out what happened on this day in history, see who was born, who died, etc.

LOOKING FOR THE "STRAIGHT DOPE" ON THE STORY? Here's a humorous site that will tell you such things as "how do they format a movie to fit my TV screen".

TIMELINE OF 1900: PBS has a great page up that gives a timeline by MONTH no less.

GENERATE A TIMELINE: Enter from-to dates and the site generates you a time line of all kinds of events. Interesting!

ANYDAY: Enter a month & day and see a list of people born, died, events, etc that happened on that day.

SOFTWARE, WEB PAGE HELP, AND OTHER ASSORTED INFORMATION ON COMPUTERS: A good spot to start, check out the links and explanations and then go where you want. Wondering what .doc or .txt or .exe stands for? Here's the spot to find out,289933,sid9,00.html AARP has put together a great article (with lots of links) to help explain computers.

FIND ANY US NEWSPAPER: Want to find a US current newspaper? Here's where you go.

TIME CAPSULE: Enter your birth date, between 1900-1997, and get back the top songs, movies, government officials, famous people with your birth date, top newspaper stories, etc. A fun site.

VIRTUAL CALENDAR: Pick a year and month and get a calendar page. This first link is to a java site where you can actually get the code for the calendar if you want it. and this one is one of the few that gives you a calendar for dates PRIOR to the change made in 1752

WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK WERE YOU BORN ON? A quickie, one page, one screen item. Type in your birth date and you get the Day of the Week you were born.

SEND ANIMATED GREETING CARDS: My favorite is buried in a clip art site. Look to the left and you will find cards that match the season, holiday or whatever.

CARDS, CLIP ART, RECIPES, MIDIS, WAVS, YOU NAME IT! This is my first stop if I want to find almost anything, especially for the holidays!


LAW FOR THE LAYMAN: This site puts the Law in plain English for us. Ask questions, search for answers. Bookmark this one.

SCANNER TIPS: A great site for both beginners and experienced scanner users.

COOKIES: Everywhere you go on the web you keep getting "Cookies". What are Cookies - really? Everything you ever wanted to know about them.

 WE ALL FIGHT COOKIES! Another site that explains what they are and how people use them.

EVER WISH YOU HAD A SEARCH ENGINE FOR YOUR OWN DATA? Here's a site that offers a free search engine for your home page data. I use it for my genealogy pages and my own homepage: Google is offering a free search engine

FUNERAL HOMES: A list of Funeral Homes

INTERESTED IN ON-LINE CLASSES? . This one offers everything from web tools to learning a foreign language.


EVER WANT TO SEND OFF A HOT NOTE TO ONE OF YOUR CONGRESSMEN? Here's the spots to find them all. (Representatives) (Senate)

ODD FELLOWS: My Great grandfather belonged to the Odd Fellows. It was difficult to find their web site.

WOODSMEN OF THE WORLD: An organization that many people belonged to. Check out their page. and here's an article about the organization as it relates to Genealogy

HAVE SOMEONE WHO WORKED FOR A RAILROAD? Here's where you find information.


INTERESTED IN BEING A "POLITICAL JUNKIE"? How about a site with the latest breaking news? Hundreds of newspaper links? Address of every conceivable government office? Well here's the spot for you.

WOMEN: Notable Women of the Past and Today.

EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT OLD PHOTOS: Wondering how to figure out when old photos were made? Information and History about photos.

PHOTO INFO FROM THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS: Preservation of Old Photos and lots of other info

OLD PHOTOS - HISTORY & SAMPLES: SCRAPBOOK SITE: If you're into scrapbooks here's a great site, but it also contains a great page of the History of Photos and samples.


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