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ROOTSWEB: Tons of surname e-mail lists, probably every surname and possible variant spelling sites, searchable records, information, gedcoms - the list goes on and on. This site is dedicated to free genealogy info. Don't pass this one by! Quick link to all their e-mail lists:

LINKPENDIUM - Lots of links to information - set up by State and then county

BIBLES ON-LINE - Only a couple of hundred right now. Check for your surname and add a Bible listing if you have one.

ANCESTORS: LINKS SEEN ON TV: PBS has compiled a great list of links for just about everything.


GENEASEARCH: Neat search engine for genealogy Info. Includes newsletters, genealogy societies, home pages, etc. etc.

GENEALOGY PORTAL: A site I stumbled across. Enter your ancestor's surname and find sites where the name is found. It's worth a try and you can also submit your home page.

GENEALOGY LINKS: Many unusual genealogy sites.

SOUTHEASTERN GENEALOGY: For the states of: AL, AR, NC, SC, TN, MS, KY, GA, LA. Lots of links & information.

USGenWeb PROJECT: Every State & County in the US has a web page dedicated to free genealogy Info. The Place to start.

GENEALOGY LINKS: In nice alphabetical order.

ACCESS GENEALOGY - Lots of links by States

GENEALOGY HELP NETWORK: A great list of links

OBITUARY CENTRAL: Bill Cribbs is collecting Obituaries and links to sites with Obituary records. Includes breakdown by State & County.

SURNAME SPRINGBOARD: Alan Lacy maintains a site of home page links for specific surnames. It's on geocities site so you have to fight the cookies and it's really slow to load, but once it's loaded it's filled with listings of Surnames and the home page where they are found. Surname lists can be searched by name or by soundex code. This is a really massive undertaking. And, if you have a home page be sure to add your surnames! Go spend some time here!!

ANCESTORS ATTIC LINKS TO SEARCHABLE RECORDS: No particular state or county. Mandy updates this page often.

A SITE FOR LINKS: An interesting site. Check it out.

TINNEY LINKS TO GREAT THINGS: Chris & Tom Tinney have put together a truly impressive site with lots of information. It would take to long to describe, just go visit.

GENEALOGY LIST OF LINKS: A great site devoted to only genealogy links:

GENEALOGICAL PRISON SEARCH - Have someone who was in prison or might have been? Lots of Links. Search for them here:



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