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THINKING ABOUT BUYING A NEW GENEALOGY PROGRAM? Read reviews of all the different genealogy software programs out there -

ROUND OUT FAMILY HISTORY - Names and dates are dry stuff. Make your family history more interesting by adding information from timelines. Stop by: or mine -

GREATEST SITE I'VE FOUND LATELY: This site lets you enter dates for your ancestor (like birth and death) and the gives you back a customized timeline of what went happened during that date range. You can even enter personal events and they will be included. If there is a web site covering an event in the timeline there will be a hyperlink to it. Then just print it or copy it to your own computer. Now what a deal!!

UNKNOWN PHOTOS - Here's a spot that is posting old photos that have been rescued from flea markets, garage sales, etc. Check out the photos and add any you may have.

GENEALOGY BUFF - Stumped on meanings of initials and symbols on tombstones, strange initials in obituaries or abbreviations found in public records? Need a perpetual calendar or birthdate calculator? Find these tools and more at

FORMATION OF OUR COUNTY - Wow....a wonderful learning/teaching tool for everyone... Formation of our country from around 1790 through 1959. Narrated with some animation Takes about 10 minutes
Great site - not only information on people who worked on the railroads but such things as who was injured in railroad accidents.

FUN GENEALOGY GIFTS - Loads of links to genealogy related gifts and novelties that are all humorous, comical or just plain old good fun! .

LIBRARY OF VA DIGITIZED: If you are researching in Virginia here's a site with some wonderful things on-line.

DAR SITE: If you are interested in knowing if your ancestor is recognized by the DAR as a Revolutionary Patriot, fill out the request form at: announcement from the DAR. They are now doing lookups in their Patriot's Index. If you think you might have had an ancestor in the Revolutionary War check with them.

LEGACY PRESERVATION SOCIETY: WOW!!! A great site that is growing all the time. Lots of old books, songs, poems etc are on-line either as text or scanned images.

THE OLDEN TIMES has obituaries, birth & marriage announcements, legal notices, old news stories & more, all scanned from 18th, 19th & early 20th century newspapers from around the U.S. Great genealogical & local history resource. Complete index of names.

OLD WEST TRAILS: Interested in the old trails that linked the west before the railroads came through? Trade routes? The Overland Mail? Cattle trails? Nothing original here, but links to sites with interesting historical accounts, some with photos, most with maps:

BOOKS WE OWN What a neat site and one that is certainly needed. People who have any type of genealogy resource are asked to volunteer to do look-ups in their own personal resources. And, you can request look-ups in any of the items listed. Many states, countries and other special types of resources. Don't miss this site!

OKLAHOMA HOMBRES: Indian Territory was the last refuge for many of the outlaws glorified in the penny press. Read the real stories at:

COAT OF ARMS: Wondering if your family has a coat of arms? Here's a site that collects links to them from all over the web. BUT a word of warning - 99.99% of the Coat of Arms sites are scams - it's Buyer Beware!

BURKE'S PEERAGE - check this site for information and newsletters -

ORPHAN TRAIN KANSAS: A list of the orphans who were sent to Kansas - links to other sites


FRAUD OR NOT? Really nice article on the problems with about 55% of the postings of genealogy as found on the net. Take a minute to read this and see if you need to recheck information you have gathered.

NATIONAL UNION CATALOG OF MANUSCRIPT COLLECTIONS (NUCMC) A cataloging program organized by the Library of Congress. RLIN is an online card catalog that makes it possible to find out where information is. Search for your ancestor's name and see if there is information hiding somewhere.

LIBRARY OF CONGRESS A new page from the government folks. Fun and interesting and easy to use!

A GENEALOGY FOR MAC USERS A thing that seems to be few and far between. Offering calendars and lots of other helpful stuff for Mac users.

GOOD INFO ON THE CHANGES IN THE CALENDAR As an added bonus they offer you a calendar where you enter dates and get the days between. Have fun.

CITY DIRECTORIES ON-LINE: This is a site I ran across by accident. They are putting city directories on-line. If you don't know how to use these directories in your research read up on them at:

ANCESTOR DETECTIVE: An interesting site. One of the fascinating things on the site is "Watchdog" which keeps Genealogists from getting scammed. Drop by and see what they have to say.

GHOST TOWNS: A site that is collecting information on towns that once were and now are no longer. A really interesting site.

 PRIVACY ON THE INTERNET. On almost all e-mail lists questions or comments are posted about privacy issues. This site addresses these issues. Extremely interesting.

MELUNGEONS AND BLACK DUTCH: What's A "Melungeon"? Or who were the "Black Dutch". Check out these sites for more information

WHO OWNS GENEALOGY INFO? While we are looking at copyrights check out this article about genealogy information.

BLM PATENTS ON-LINE: Search by name or patent/warrant number or legal descriptions, download your ancestor's actual patent/warrant. hppt://

TAKE A TOUR OF THE USA VIA VINTAGE POSTCARDS: This is a new site that is growing and trying to locate sites with other vintage postcards. Drop by and browse.

PENNY POSTCARDS - This site is growing all the time. You can use these postcards on your own genealogy site - check with the web manager for requirements.

A GREAT CONCEPT! CAGG-NI is a group of amateur genealogists who want computers to effectively work for them in genealogy research. To this end they offer monthly "meetings", a newsletter and lots of information on computer software, research tips, etc. etc. Drop by and see what they have to offer.

GENEALOGY HOT LINE: Has a lot of information including a group of volunteers to help you with your research.

NEED SOME HELP WITH COMMON LATIN WORDS? OR 17th CENTURY HANDWRITING? And if you're working with writing from the seventeenth century or before, "The Written Word" has some beautiful examples of early printing, manuscripts, woodcuts, calligraphy, and paleography. There is also a section on Latin with "5,000 Latin Words Defined," Small Common Words," and "Some Latin Phrases for study" that may be helpful for those researching records that were recorded in Latin.,

ONELOOK DICTIONARIES Searches 560 dictionaries. Wide variety includes medical, historical, computer, names, grave terminology--You name it!

 OUR FEMALE ANCESTORS: A site dedicated to our female ancestors. Check out the information on other people's women and add your own. A big Hurray for this site!

QUERIES ON LOST FEMALES: All round good genealogy site, but the section for queries for lost females is an excellent resource for those of us hunting our lost female ancestors.

PRIMARY SOURCES: Before entering this site go get something to eat and drink, kick off your shoes and get ready! A HUGE amount of original documents pertaining to History. But when I say History I'm talking about things like all the issues of Poor Richard's Almanac !! Or how about a copy of the early laws of Virginia? Whew what a great and wonderful resource!

THE WORD DETECTIVE: What a FUN Site. Ever wonder where the phrase "the whole 9 yards" came from or how about "the whole ball of wax"? Here's a site that uses humor to give you the answers. And if you can't find the word or phrase you are looking for just send an e-mail and ask. Enjoy!

THE OLD TIMERS PAGE (or How Things Used to be Done): What a FUN page!

WIDOW RUMBLE'S HOMEPAGE: Fun, entertaining and enlightening. A page with all kinds of information from period clothes to mourning practices. It takes forever to load to be patient it's worth the wait.

LIGHT GENEALOGY HUMOR: A really fun spot! Stop by and brighten your day.

GENEALOGY LESSONS WITH HUMOR: A truly delightful site. "Uncle Hiram" tells stories of his adventures into researching his family and the "lesson he learned the 'hard way'". Enjoy.

GENEALOGY HUMOR: Cute and humorous site drop by:

EXPLORE THE WORLD OF EARLY AMERICA: An AOL site. Easy to follow links, lots of information. Find out how things "really" were. Check out the "first penny" the first "newspaper", etc. Read a copy of an old newspaper.

AMERICA'S FIRST FAMILIES: Society for the descendants of Colonial First Families - lots of info.


TON OF INFO ON ANY STATE: Great site! Pick you state and up comes tons of info on that state. Everything from the weather to famous people born in the state with links to the information. Don't pass this one by:

ABOUT COUNTIES: Quick index to counties in all states and information about the county.

BLACK'S LAW DIRECTORY - 1856: Looking for Old Legal terms this is the place to search. All text and selectable by the letter of the alphabet (looking for the word "Deed", select "D"). Use your find key to locate the word you are searching for.

WEBESTER'S 1913 DICTIONARY: Perplexed by some of the words in your original documents? Here's a good Spot to find what you are looking for during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

VIRTUAL CALENDAR: Pick a year and month and get a calendar page. This first link is to a java site where you can actually get the code for the calendar if you want it. and this one is one of the few that gives you a calendar for dates PRIOR to the change made in 1752

dMARIE's NEAT TIME CAPSULE SITE: Enter a date and find out what happened on that day - newspaper headlines, songs. Etc. etc.

CALCULATE BIRTHDAY / AGE INFO: If you have the age of your ancestor from the census or place to quickly find their birth date. Have a death date and age from a tombstone or death record? Need a birth date - here's the place to go

EVERYTHING YOU CAN POSSIBLY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT CALENDARS: How the days of the week got their names, the months got theirs. Changes in dates, and on and on.

CALENDAR CHANGE: 11 Days were removed from the calendar in 1752. For genealogists who are researching ancestors born in this year they need to know how to convert dates, history of the change, etc. etc. So here are some links that will help. This site has a table at the bottom listing the dates that various countries converted.

CONVERT MONEY FROM THEN TO NOW: Ever wondered how much that money your ancestor paid was worth in today's dollars. You can find out here.

VITAL RECORDS: Searching for addresses to order vital records?

AMERICAN DIGITAL LIBRARY: Plan on spending awhile!!

THE AMERICAN COLONIST LIBRARY: Links and sources to places, people and things that impacted the lives of early Americans. Everything from the law to travel.

LDS FAMILY HISTORY CENTERS: The LDS has a web site that gives locations of local FHCs, information of all kinds about the LDS. This one is not an "official" site but has lots of good info.

WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE LDS BUT ARE AFRAID TO ASK: A great site that answers questions about LDS and the FHCs.

THE LDS SEARCH SITE: F-I-N-N-A-L-Y the major data bases of the LDS are on-line and searchable!!!

UNUSUAL PLACE FOR HISTORY - The Parks Dept has a great site with some really interesting info. Drop by

ALLEN CO LIBRARY: Next to the LDS the Allen Co Library has the greatest number of genealogical records. See what they have to offer:

US INTERNET GENEALOGY SOCIETY: Dedicated to free research on the internet.

A LISTING OF GENEALOGY COLUMNS IN NEWSPAPERS AROUND THE WORLD: Not everyone is on the Internet (although we often forget that fact<g>) and here's a way to reach people who read the local genealogy columns in their own newspapers.

THE UNITED STATES NEWSPAPER PROJECT: This site is dedicated to microfilm and preserving 18 Century Newspapers. See what they have done so far.

THE NEWSPAPER ABSTRACT PROJECT: Barbara Freeman is trying to collect all the links to all the Newspaper Abstracts on the web. A major undertaking. The site is new but is off to a good start. Drop by and see what she has so far and if you know of any Newspaper Abstract anywhere on the web let her know.

GOT A BLACK SHEEP IN THE FAMILY? If so here's a really great site where you can add your story to all the rest of the "black sheep" stories. They even have an e-mail list! Don't have any in YOUR family? Ah, Gee <g> you might as well read about everyone else's.

HAVE YOU MADE IT BACK TO THE 1100-1500 YEARS? Here's an on-line dictionary for Middle English.

WANT A "LOOK-UP" IN A BOOK? This site asks for volunteers who have books or CDs that are willing to do look-ups. If you need a look up check here.

LOOK-UPS: A new entry in the LOOK-UP sites. Some things cost money, many are free. If you are using an old browser it may give you a JAVA error message but the site will still work.

WORLD FAMILY TREE LOOKUPS: Family Tree Maker produces a multitude of CDs. These sites have folks who will look up information on the CDs. Go first to Family Tree Maker and search for your family name. When you have the CD number you are interested in, then go here to find who submitted the information. and a new one. I really like this site.

CONTRIBUTORS ADDRESSES AVAILABLE IF YOU USE FTM You can request contributors addresses IF YOU OWN FTM. This is a service maintained by FTM.

GENEALOGY EXCHANGE- Look-ups, Translators, Links, Queries, Surname Register: Volunteers who do look ups, will translate for you and a list of sites with searchable information. Register your surname, post a query, add information about your own ancestor's marriages, deaths, obituaries, etc. - stop in and see what they offer.

SWAP RESEARCH: The Genie Angels will swap research - they look up stuff in their location and you look up stuff in yours. Drop in and see who's being an angle and while you're there you might want to sign up. and here's another one

SWAP RESEARCH ON LAND RECORDS: This site it set up so that people can swap research in different areas. You can volunteer to look up land records at your courthouse in exchange for someone looking for your information in their location.

DO YOU HAVE AN ANCESTOR WHO WAS IN A FEDERAL PRISON? Some info is now available on line.

HOW TO RESEARCH ON THE NET: Nice easy to read instructions for researching on the net.

SUPER SITE FOR OLD HANDWRITING: Digital examples of old handwriting using abbreviations for common first names. See if you can find your ancestor's first name if you do - hold your cursor over the example, right click and select save as. Print it out and take it with you when you go off to search!

How to Read 200 year old documents.

SAMPLES OF FIRST LETTERS: Samples plus information.

LIST OF OLD OCCUPATIONS: and here's another one and another:


A DICTIONARY FOR GENEALOGY TERMS: Medical, Legal, occupations, etc. all in one list.

GLOSSARY OF GENEALOGY TERMS: Has a full list and then one for Palm Tops.

LIST OF DISEASES: or try mine and here's one for Civil War Medical Terms

LIST OF FUNERAL HOMES: Listing of most of the funeral homes in the US.

CEMETERY JUNCTION: Funeral Home information, Cemetery Info, etc.

 WHAT WAS YOUR ANCESTOR SAYING: Reading old documents or letters and wonder what in the world your ancestor was saying. This site is called Amerispeak: Expressions of our American Ancestors. A fun place to visit.

NEED A NUMBERING SYSTEM FOR YOUR ANCESTORS?  Nice Essay by Richard Pence on How to Number your Ancestors

OBITUARIES ONLINE: A site that lists links to Newspapers, some searchable, some with just info on obituaries. Volunteers who will swap research with you. another good place to search is: the e-mail list (Daily Obituaries) sign up info is on this web page.

OBITUARY SITE: A new site that lists links to obituaries from local newspapers on-line files. Sorted by State and then county.

OBITUARIES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS (and the not so famous!) Another site "gone missing". Go to: and then paste this URL in the search box.

INTERNMENT NET: A new site that is collecting cemetery information and links. Looking for burial information? Try this.


1843 WAGON TRAINS TO OREGON: List of names of male members of some trains.

PONY EXPRESS: Home page, hunt for information on riders, stations and stories.

OKLAHOMA - DUST BOWL: Stories, information, etc. This site has also "gone missing" - Go to: and then paste this URL in the search box You have to click on the Dec 2, 2001 link - the rest will return an error

GENEALOGY HELP PAGE: All kinds of good stuff

GENEALOGY BOOK LOCATOR: This is a commercial site, but the folks who have used it (I haven't) swear by it. You might want to browse.

SHIRLEY'S GREAT "THIS & THAT" TIPS: One of the very better places to find tips.

FAMILY CHRONICLE MAGAZINE has a great web site, lot's of How To tips, information and basic lessons for genealogists.

FREE GEDCOM SOFTWARE: Here's a site that offers shareware for nifty programs to help with Gedcom files.

CONVERT GDCOMS TO WEB SITES:  Gene Stark's WWW Search Engine. A great place to browse. Gene also has a great program for converting GEDCOMs to web page files. This is the program I used for my GEDCOM files on my page.

AND WHILE YOU ARE MAKING GDCOMS LEAVE OUT THE LIVING! Not all family computer programs are created equal. If your software doesn't allow you to "not include" the living go here and get a program called GEDClean - it's free and will keep the "living" out of what you post to the net or send to strangers. Respect the privacy of those family members still alive.

GREAT PLACE TO PUT YOUR GEDCOM FILES: One of the few places on the web that offers Genealogy Information for Free. Yes you have to accept a few ads but we're not talking GeoCities here where you fight the cookies and pop-ups every few seconds. Take advantage of this but REMEMBER DELETE YOUR LIVING FOLKS!!!!!! Before you upload.


SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS: Great site with lots of links to good information. A place to help all of us - the newbie and the oldie alike.

EVERYTHING A RESEARCHER NEEDS: American Genealogical Lending Library. They offer great deals on anything a genealogist or family historian could want. Their purchase and rental program for microfilm is probably the best outside of the LDS, and you can use the film at home. They also publish a wonderful magazine called "Heritage Quest". You can sign up for a free issue.

GREAT RESEARCH CHECKLIST: Although designed to be used to trace Native American ancestors it's the best I've found anywhere on the web.

MIGRATION PATHS: Most of our ancestors moved. Here's a list of sites with information on some of the better known trails and some map sites.

OUR FOUNDING FATHERS: Every 4th of July we are reminded that 56 men placed their lives, fortunes and reputations at risk when they signed the Declaration of Independence. Who were these men? What happened to them? Find out lots of interesting facts.

FOUNDERS OF AMERICAN FAMILIES: Colonial Records - Great reading.


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