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Brand New to Genealogy? Here is a short list of places that offer lessons and instructions of all kinds to get your started.

Genealogy Info of all Kinds: A sampling of most everything for Genealogists, kind of slow to load and a bit jumbled up but oh what fun!

Migration Routes: Places that give information on the great wagon routes

Genealogy Forms & Archival Stuff: All kinds of forms to download plus places you can buy archival products

Places to post stuff: These links will get you started.

Cemetery Information: Lots of how to and places to search

Names, Names and More Names: Nicknames, naming patterns, etc.

Census Records Links: Links to all kinds of Census Sites

Ship Passenger Lists: Links to sites offering information, searchable records, links, etc. for Ship Passenger Lists

Genealogy Newsletters: Net Newsletters all relating to Genealogy

Social Security Links: Sites offering information, searches and links for Social Security Information

Sites with only Genealogy Links and/or searchable records: Not enough genealogy links on my page? Here's a group of links not normally found on Link Lists.


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