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FAMILY TREE MAKER: The Home Page of Family Tree Maker. Great place to visit and search.

WORLD FAMILY TREE LOOKUPS: Family Tree Maker produces a multitude of CDs. These sites have folks who will look up information on the CDs. Go first to Family Tree Maker and search for your family name. When you have the CD number you are interested in, then go here to find who submitted the information. Or try this one And another new one:

 CONTRIBUTORS ADDRESSES AVAILABLE IF YOU USE FTM You can request contributors addresses IF YOU OWN FTM. This is a service maintained by FTM.

NEW BOOK LOOK UP: FAMILY TREE MAKER GENEALOGY LIBRARY. A search to learn which books might contain your ancestor's name is free. An online search of the books themselves is by subscription.

FTM E-MAIL LIST: Maintained by FTM this e-mail list is dedicated to answering any and all questions about Family Tree Maker. To subscribe remember to get rid of any subject, signature line, etc., type subscribe in the message area and send to:


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