Beginner's Guide to Genealogy

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NETIQUETTE: A REFRESHER COURSE FOR OLDIES and a MUST FOR NEWBIES: The Homepage for Netiquette. Most everything you need and or want to know: and here's another great site.

WHERE DO I START? If I had a dime for every e-mail I've received asking "Where Do I Start?" or "What do I do next?" I could retire. Here's a good site for those folks who ask these questions. Richard Pence is a great source - Quick, simple and informative. Drop by RootsWeb but be sure you have something to drink and possibly a sandwich - tons of help here. Great set of lessons

GENEALOGY LESSONS WITH HUMOR: A truly delightful site. "Uncle Hiram" tells stories of his adventures into researching his family and the "lesson he learned the 'hard way'". Enjoy.

WINNING THE NAME GAME: Excellent article on how names were spelled differently

BRANCHING OUT ON-LINE: Lots of info of how to use the internet for research

GEN-NEWBIES: Huh???? Newbies is a term used on the internet for people who are new to genealogy. This is the home page of the Gen-Newbie e-mail list. This e-mail list is for new genealogist where you can ask questions and not get flamed for doing so. Be sure to join this list.

DEAR MYRTLE: One of the best on the web. Plan on spending awhile here.

DESMOND WALLS ALLEN: Desmond writes a lot of books and she has put her experience to work writing simple, easy to understand lessons for the beginner.

EVERTON'S PUBLISHING: Probably the oldest, best known name in genealogy. They have a lot to offer the genealogist from microfilm readers to lists of surnames. But for this list here's their on-line easy to understand lessons:

NATIONAL GENEALOGY SOCIETY: Direct from the experts. The Beginner's Guide to Genealogy.

SHIRLEY HORNBECK'S THIS & THAT PAGES: The very best miscellaneous tips on the web. Stop by and read for awhile.

IN DEPTH EXPLANATIONS - easy to follow, fun to read


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