Ever Wonder Why Folks Packed Up and Moved to Oklahoma?


Here is an article that was widely circulated in Newspapers, Magazines and other types of publications. Read what enticed your ancestors to hit the road to Oklahoma

Chronicles of Okla 1951 Vol 29, Pg 285. Reprint of an article by Charles Morean Harger, "The Next Commonwealth-Oklahoma" in the magazine "The Outlook" 2 Feb 1901 issue:


 "Romance in pioneering is fast disappearing from the West. "Settler" and "Claim" in a few years will be marked obsolete. As ranch succeeded ranch so farm and field are taking the place of the prairie...

 Even in the newest of pioneer communities-the "Promised Land" of Oklahoma-such signs of permanent settlement are manifest as to disappoint the seeker after sensational newness. Here as nowhere else in the world are whole counties with a family on every quarter section and only one ..... Few more beautiful pictures can be seen on the plains than an Eastern Oklahoma landscape. The gently rolling rich loamy soil or even the reddish tinge of clay with myriads of bale or straw stacks-the green of growing wheat, the thrifty farm houses and the promising orchards unite to tell of agricultural success . . . Father south comes the cotton country. A fertile soil that can produce the staples of the North and South ought to be sufficient for the most exacting.

 Two openings have made Oklahoma what it is-the original one in 1889 and that of the Cherokee Strip in 1893. Another that will probably be more interesting than either will occur next year-that of the Kiowa Apache Comanche reservations lying to the south of the land first given to settlers, . . comprising approximately three million acres."

It is obvious that if these kinds of articles were circulated in areas of the north and south, where the land had been settled for many years, it would cause excitement in lots of people. "Oklahoma The Last Frontier"

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