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Jacque's Genealogy World: Not a surname page but great information about many things for Oklahoma and other places. Be sure to stop by!

Dell's Home Page: Includes the Allen and Latham Surnames

Crawford Family History: Includes information on both the Gibson & Allen surnames.

The Ambrose Home Page. This is not my Ambrose Line (how I wish it were!), but lots of good info.

The Brown Family Genealogy Society. Dedicated to researching the Brown Surname, anyplace, anytime.

Organ Pioneer Biographies: Bio and pictures of Hugh Leeper Brown and Clarissa Browning

Steve Davenport's Home Page: Steve's Davenports are found in NC.

The Davenport Genealogy Page: "The" page for Davenport researchers!!! Jack maintains this Davenport research page and also the Davenport e-mail list.

Clyde Davenport: The Davenports of Tyrrell Co NC & Whitley Co, KY.

Civil War Letters: Davenport Letters written during the Civil War are on line at Scott McKay's site.

Paws22 Homepage: John Christensen has his Davenport family on line.

Gibson Info: Interesting Articles on the multi-racial Gibsons and an update to the article

Another Justice Home Page: Another site for Justice family information

Jeff Justice's Home Page: Lots of Justice names

The Conexion (Haas Section): Duane has a nice new site going where you can post lots of Haas info

SADDLER / HAAS HomePage: Dotty has her HAAS TN Genealogy on-line.

Millard New has Haas Information Up.

Anita's Home page: Lewallen Info for all over.

Sissom Family Lines: The Sissom name is a collateral line rather than a direct line. Lots of info here.

The White Home page: Lots of White Surname Information on Judy's page.

The Irish White page: Be sure to check her if you think your White family was Irish

Digging For Roots - Linda Harris has a lot of White Info on her site.


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