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Dividing Line


 11 June 1751 (Cumb. Co. DB1) Thomas Davenport Jr., Henry Davenport, Stephen Davenport and Richard Claybrook witnessed deed of Charles and Betty Bostick to Martin Slaughter of K.William Co. for 125 ac. in Southam Parish adj. William Arnold.

15 Apr 1756 (Cumb. Co. DB2) Thomas Davenport Sr. of Southam Parish sells to Thomas Davenport Jr. of same for 80 pounds 224 ac. on north side Little Guinea adj. John Jones, Francis Allen and witnessed by John Rutherford, William Hambleton, Stephen Davenport, William Davenport, Henry Davenport, Julius Davenport.

4 Oct 1758 (Cumb. Co. DB2) Know....I Robert Thomason of Southam sell to Stephen Davenport and Lawrence Smith slaves, livestock and furniture

July 1762 (Cumb. Co. OB) Francis Basler vs. Stephen Davenport trespass, assault and battery, suit dismissed.

June 1763 (Cumb. Co. OB) ordered Mary Davenport, widow of Stephen Davenport be summoned to appear next court to take upon herself adm. of her husbands estate.

25 July 1763 (Cumb.Co. WB1) court order to appraise the estate of Stephen Davenport by Charles Ballow, William Hambleton, John Bowles, includes negroes Charles, Lidd, Joe, and Daniel.

28 July 1763 (WB1) further inventory of the estate of Stephen Davenport by Molly Davenport.

July 1763 (Cumb. Co. OB) Motion of Molly Davenport certificate granted for adm. of Stephen Davenport dec'd. security with Thomas Davenport Jr. and Henry Davenport.

Aug 1763 (Cumb. Co. OB) inv. and appraisal of Stephen Davenport dec'd. returned.

23 Jan 1764 (WB1) estate of Stephen Davenport, account, paid funeral expenses, paid Thomas Davenport Jr. bond ..

24 Sept 1764 (Cumb. Co. OB) Molly Davenport, assignee of Henry Slaughter, agst. Robert Smith debt. (5 Sept 1768 DB4) George and Anne Slaughter, Henry and Betty Slaughter, Binison and Alice Slaughter all of K. Wm. Co. to William Clopton of Hanover 475 ac. on both sides Great Guinea Creek being the tract purchased by their father Martin Slaughter of Charles Bostick and by sd. M. Slaughter's will devised to his three sons George, Henry and Binison.)

Molly Davenport married David Davenport, son of Martin of Hanover, in 1765. For more information see David Davenport. Their children were Jesse, Jack Smith, Martin Slaughter, Francis Benson or Binison, Dorothy, Jane Lipscomb and possibly Glover and Elizabeth.

9 Dec 1779 (Cumb. Co. DB6) William Davenport Jr. of Cumb. Co. to David Davenport of same for 3000 pounds sells 200 ac. on both sides of Tarewallet Creek being the land and plantation where sd. David Davenport now lives and being the land formerly belonging to Stephen Davenport dec'd. and adj. William Davenport Sr., Henry Davenport, John Bowles, Moses Arnold. and Robert Clopton.

This William Davenport Jr. is the oldest son of Stephen, having inherited the land as heir at law. He most likely turned 21 in this year and sold out to his step father and moved on as shown by the following records.)

26 Feb 1803 (Cumb. Co. DB9) William and Patty Davenport of Chester Co., SC to David Tyree of Cumb. Co. sell 32 ac. adj. sd. David Tyree, Jacob Faris, and witnessed by William Tyree, John M. Hambleton, Martin S. Davenport.

13 April 1846 - William Davenport Trigg Co., Ky. 13 April 1846 came Thomas Davenport, son of late William Davenport dec'd. on behalf of self and other heirs, soldier lived in Halifax Co. at enlistment 1776, married 4 July 1793 to Patsy Wallice, died 22 Apr 1819, she died 28 Feb 1842, they married in Chester Co. SC., surviving children include Newton Davenport June 1794, married Eleanor Morris, Mrs. Polly Wallace 56 yrs., married Furdinand Wallace, Thomas Davenport 54, married Elizabeth Wallace, Mrs. Permelia Wallace 50., married James P. Wallace, Fanny davenport 48, Sally Davenport 42, Betsey Wallace 46, married John Wallace, Cynthia Davenport 38, Nancy W. Davenport 35....7 June 1852.


Dividing Line

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