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Son of Thomas Davenport of Cumberland Co., Va.


14 Mar 1747 (Albemarle Co. OB) - JULIUS DAVENPORT allowed 2 days attendance as witness for Joseph Terry agst. Joseph Smith.

22 June 1751 (Cumb. Co. DB1) - JULIUS DAVENPORT witnessed deed of Zachariah Terry of Southam Par. to Robert Lowary of Caroline Co. land in Cumb. Co.

August 1752 (Cumb. Co. OB) - Petition of Charles Waddell agst. JULIUS DAVENPORT def. not appearing.

November 1752 (Cumb. Co. OB) - Petition of John Hadnot agst. JULIUS DAVENPORT def. not appearing.

June 1754 (Cumb. Co. OB) - William Twigg agst. JULIUS DAVENPORT def. appeared.

July 1755 (Cumb. Co. OB) - presentment of grand jury agst. JULIUS DAVENPORT and Thomas Dulen dismissed.

15 Mar 1756 (Cumb.Co. DB1) - Thomas Davenport Jr. of Southam Par. to JULIUS DAVENPORT of same for 60 pounds sells 237 ac. in sd. parish adj. John Archer, Thomas John and Philip witnesses.

15 April 1756 (Cumb. Co. DB2) Thomas Davenport Sr. of Southam Parish sells to Thomas Davenport Jr. of same 224 ac. north side Little Guinea and witnessed by John Rutherford, William Hambleton, Stephen Davenport, William Davenport, Henry davenport, Julius Davenport.

25 Oct 1760 (Albemarle Co. DB3) - JULIUS DAVENPORT witnessed deed William Trigg of Bedford Co. to Thomas Jeffries of Alb. land on Tonque Quarter Creek

July 1762 (Cumb. Co. OB) - Daniel Hamblin vs. JULIUS DAVENPORT debt, def. pleads conditions performed.

August 1762 (Cumb. Co. OB) - David Hamblin agst. JULIUS DAVENPORT debt.

March 1763 (Cumb. Co. OB) - Robert Hastie and Co. agst. JULIUS DAVENPORT plt. by attorney and def. having been warned and now called failed to appear..found for plt.

April 1763 (Cumb. Co. OB) - Thomas Tabb agst. JULIUS DAVENPORT came plt. by attorney and the def. and William Davenport in their proper persons and by consent of sd. William he is made a party def. in this case....def. cannot deny plt. case...pmt. with interest from 5 Oct 1760.

Feb, 1764 (Cumb. Co. OB) - Alex Spiers and Co. agst. Philemon Davenport in case, conditional judgment agst. the def. and JULIUS DAVENPORT his common bail.

March 1764 (Cumb. Co. OB) - Daniel Hamblin agst. JULIUS DAVENPORT came parties by attorneys, jury found for plt. Motion of William Hudgen for JULIUS DAVENPORT for 6 days and motion of James Johnson for Davenport for 11 days. Alex Spiers and Co. agst. Philemon Davenport in case dismissed by consent of plt.

27 Aug 1764 (Cumb. Co. OB) upon attachment of Joseph Callard agst. estate of James Davenport JR. who is said to be so absconded that common process cannot be served upon him for 4 pounds, 11 shillings.....attached all estate in the hands of Henry Davenport and Samuel Scruggs....Henry said he had estate of the sd. James in his hands of 20 shillings and no more and Scruggs has 10 shillings

24 Sept 1765 (Cumb. Co. OB) Joseph Callard vs. James Davenport Jr. attachment. Joel Davenport, Julius Davenport and Clayton Cook summoned as garnishees in this cause, failed to appear, ordered attachment agst. them.

25 Aug 1766 (Cumb. Co. OB) Hugh Lenox and Co. agst. Joel Davenport debt, conditional judgment agst. the def. and David Davenport his common bail.

22 Sept 1766 (Cumb. Co. OB) Hugh Lenox vs. Joel Davenport, William Davenport, & Julius davenport became special bail for def.

31 July 1767 (Cumb. Co. DB4) Julius Davenport, William Callard, Claten Cook witnessed deed of Thomas Davenport Jr. of Southam to Abraham Chalton of same for 50 ac. adj. John Brown, Robert John.

26 Oct 1767 (Cumb. Co. DB4) William Davenport and Joel Davenport witnessed Richard Bailey to Thomas Davenport JR. sale of slaves, furniture and livestock.

25 Sept 1767 (Cumb. Co. DB4) Julius Davenport of Southam Parish to Alexander Banks of same 237 ac. in parish on branches of Willis Run adj. John Archer, Henry Cary, Philip Hudgens.

1768 Tithables (Cumb. Co. ) - Thomas Davenport Jr. 5, Henry Davenport 3, John Dowdie, Joseph Davenport 1, Thomas Davenport Sr. 3, David Davenport 3, William Arnold Jr., William Arnold Sr., Absolom Davent 4, (enumerated in same set with Hans Stiger) Julius Davenport 3, William Davenport 7,

1771 (Bedford Co. OB) Davenport vs. Hylton not prosecuted (no first names given)

20 April 1772 (Bedford Co. OB) same as 1771 (see below Oct 1773)

24 June 1772 (Cumb. Co. DB5) Julius Davenport of Cumb. Co. to John Barton of same 50 pounds current money...which sd. Davenport is justly indebted to sd. Barton and for 5 shillings paid by Barton...sell 100 ac. where sd. Julius now lives adj. John Burton, Thomas Davenport Sr., Robert Smith and after 1 June 1775 Davenport will sell land and pay Barton the 50 pounds or pay off debt.

Oct 1773 (Charlotte Co. OB) Julius Davenport agst. Richard Hylliner on a petition, plt. to recover agst. def. not appearing the sum of 1 pound and cost.

4 Dec 1773 (Cumb. Co. DB5) Thomas Davenport of Littleton Par. to Benjamin Sims of same sells 100 ac. on branches of Waller River, adj. Robert Smith, Benjamin Sims, William Davenport, Henry Davenport, Julius Davenport and witnessed by Gideon Glenn and Julius Davenport.

16 Dec 1773 (Cumb.Co. Wills) will of Thomas Davenport leaves to son JULIUS DAVENPORT "all effects he has received of me".

29 Dec 1774 (Cumb.Co. Wills ) will of Thomas Davenport leaves to son JULIUS DAVENPORT "a deed to him for 100 ac.".

5 Nov 1776 (Cumb.Co. DB5) - JULIUS DAVENPORT and John Burton of Littleton Parish, Cumb. Co. sell to George Woodson of Henrico Parish land on Little Guinea Creek and Tarewallet Run cont. 100 ac. adj. Robert Smith, Thomas Davenport Sr. and Henry Davenport.

2 Mar 1777 (Cumb. Co. DB5) - JULIUS DAVENPORT witnessed deed for William Davenport to Henry Davenport...

28 April 1777 (Cumb. Co. OB) - Deed from Richard Lee to Robert Smith proved by William Lee and JULIUS DAVENPORT. Deed from JULIUS DAVENPORT and John Burton to George Woodson proved.

10 May 1777 (Cumb. Co. Petitions) Calyborn Davenport

23 Sept 1777 (Cumb. Co. DB5) Whereas JULIUS DAVENPORT of Cumb. Co. sold on 25 Sept 1767 to Alex Banks for Alex Spiers, John Bowman and Co. the fee simple estate of 237 ac...Mary, wife of Julius now rel. dower. (Surely this record means that Mary was his wife in 1767 when he originally sold the property, otherwise, he wouldn't need her dower rights...would he?)

26 Nov 1777 (Cumb. Co. OB) Mary, wife of JULIUS DAVENPORT, rel. dower to the land sold to George Woodson.

10 Nov 1780 (Cumb. Co. Petitions) - Clayborn Davenport

27 Nov 1780 (Cumb. Co. OB) - LW&T of Thomas Davenport proved by Henry Davenport and JULIUS DAVENPORT

1786 (Buckinham Co. PP Tax) - JULIUS DAVENPORT 1wm 21 up

30 Nov 1786 (Cumb. Co. OB) - motion of Clayborne Davenport witness for Henry Davenport at the suit of Peter Patterson, 5 days. Motion of Jesse Davenport same for two days.

1787 (Buck. Co. PP Tax) - JULIUS DAVENPORT 1wm 21 up, 1wm 16-21

1789 (Buck. Co. PP Tax Josias Jones Dist.) - JULIUS DAVENPORT 2 free

1790 (Buck. Co. PP Tax Josias Jones Dist.) - Henry Davenport 1 w tithe

1791 (Buck. Co. PP Tax) - Julius Davenport, Henry Davenport, Thomas Davenport

1792 (Buck. Co. PP Tax) - Julius Davenport, Osburn Davenport, Thomas Davenport, Claibon Davenport, Henry Davenport estate

1793 (Buck. Co. PP Tax) - Osburn Davenport, Henry Davenport estate, Julius Davenport, Thomas Davenport

6 Oct 1808 (Wash. Co., Va. DBB-199) John Kincannon of Wash. Co. Va. to Osborne Davenport of same 85 ac. on north fork of Hoston and witnessed by John N. Davenport and henry Kincannon.

1810 (Buck. Co. Census) - Jesse Davenport 42101 -04310

1810 (Wash. Co. Census) - Thomas Davenport 31010 - 20010, Claibon Davenport 22001 - 31010, John Davenport 21010 - 21010, Osburn Davenport 40011 - 13010

1820 (Washington Co. Census) - Claiborn Davenport 210101 - 21201; John N.Davenport 110001 - 21110, Julius T. Davenport 400010 - 20010; Thomas Davenport 312301 - 11001, John Davenport Jr. 100100 - 10100; Thomas Davenport 110020 - 10100

19 Sept 1820 Claiborn Davenport resides Washington Co., VA. 19 Sept 1820 age 61 yrs, has wife age 47, daughter Elisabeth age 22, son William 20, Patsy 19, Stephen 17, Rebecca 14, Polly 12, Claiborne 10, Lewis 7, Jinsy 3, in 1839 moved to Wayne Co. Ky to be with some of his children who were living there and died 18 Aug 1842.

4 June 1788/25 Oct 1790 (Cumb. Co. WB1, p. 484) Joseph Lee son in law William Cox, daughter Keziah Cox, wife Anne Lee, plantation formerly held by William Lee cont. 150 ac., "until my children should marry or come of age", Saymore Lee, Ann Lee, Sarah Lee, Joseph Dabbs Lee, Mary Lee, Charles Barnes Lee, William Nowell Lee, exec. wife, Charles Lee, and Matthew Cox, witnessed by William Russell, David Robertson, Joseph Jones.

9 Nov 1793 (Cumb. Co. WB3, p. 134) Charles Lee wife Anne Lee, son Charles Lee, son William Lee, son John Lee, son Richard Lee, to William Cox and Keziah his wife 100 pounds of remaining lot and any additional to be divided between Keziah Cox and all the rest of the children of the deceased Joseph Lee, exec. wife Anne Lee, William Lee and Charles Lee, and Robert Smith and witnessed by Robert Smith, James Baber, William Cox.

I have quite a few problems with the genealogy of Julius Davenport and I will make some attempt to explain them here.

First Philemon Davenport, Joel Davenport, and James Davenport Jr. as mentioned here are possible sons of Julius Davenport. All three of these must have been born prior to 1744 to have been mentioned in these records. This Joel Davenport is not the same as the Joel in Bedford/Botetourt Co. That Joel was born c. 1754 as shown by pension records.

All three or only one of these could also be sons of Henry Davenport as they have some connection with him. Henry and Julius show up in the same areas, so it is difficult to distinguish.

If they belong to Henry then he may have had three sets of children. This early group, the group of girls who married c. 1774 and 1789 and the youngest set mentioned in the court and pension records.

Another problem I have with this genealogy is that Claiborn b. 1759 and his siblings age given as their father Thomas Davenport who married Mary Nowel. If Claiborn born 1759 is the oldest, then his father Thomas may have been 21 and so born 1738 and if he is a son of Julius then Julius is most likely born by 1717. I think this sure crowds the timetable. Also where is Thomas, son of Julius. Either I am not seeing the records or I'm missing something. Can anyone help with this?


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