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Dividing Line


Son of Thomas Davenport of Cumberland Co., Va.

 15 Sept 1741 (Goochland Co., DB3, p. 452) Daniel Terry of St. James, Goochland to Henry Davenport of same for 60 pounds, 200 ac.

 11 June 1751 (Cumb. Co. DB1) Thomas Davenport Jr., Henry Davenport, Stephen Davenport and Richard Claybrook witnessed deed of Charles and Betty Bostick to Martin Slaughter of K.William Co. for 125 ac. in Southam Parish adj. William Arnold.

 11 Dec 1752 (Cumb. Co. DB2) John Retterford Sr. of Southam to Thomas Davenport Jr. of same 237 ac. adj. John Archer, Philip Hudgens, and witnessed by William Davenport, Henry Davenport, Joseph Davenport, Thomas Arnold, John Retterford.

 15 Apr 1756 (Cumb. Co. DB2) Thomas Davenport Sr. of Southam Parish sells to Thomas Davenport Jr. of same for 80 pounds 224 ac. on north side Little Guinea adj. John Jones, Francis Allen and witnessed by John Rutherford, William Hambleton, Stephen Davenport, William Davenport, Henry Davenport, Julius Davenport.

 July 1763 (Cumb. Co. OB) Motion of Molly Davenport certificate granted for adm. of Stephen Davenport dec'd. security with Thomas Davenport Jr. and Henry Davenport.

 22 Mar 1764 (Cumb. Co. DB3) Thomas Foster of Southam Parish sells to William Davenport of same 400 ac. in Southam Parish adj. Charles Anderson and witnessed by James Davenport, Henry Davenport and Alexander Banks.

 27 Aug 1764 (Cumb. Co. OB) upon attachment of Joseph Callard agst. estate of James Davenport JR. who is said to be so absconded that common process cannot be served upon him for 4 pounds, 11 shillings.....attached all estate in the hands of Henry Davenport and Samuel Scruggs....Henry said he had estate of the sd. James in his hands of 20 shillings and no more and Scruggs has 10 shillings. (See Julius for further on James Jr. James Jr. could be a son of Henry or a son of Julius)

24 Sept 1765 (Cumb. Co. OB) Joseph Callard vs. James Davenport Jr. attachment. Joel Davenport, Julius Davenport and Clayton Cook summoned as garnishees in this cause, failed to appear, ordered attachment agst. them. (Included here because of the question of who these Davenports belong to.)

1768 Cumberland Co. Tithables - Thomas Davenport Jr. 5, Henry Davenport 3, John Dowdie, Joseph Davenport 1, Thomas Davenport Sr. 3, David Davenport 3, William Arnold Jr., William Arnold Sr., Absolom Davent 4, (enumerated in same set with Hans Stiger) Julius Davenport 3, William Davenport 7,

26 Jan 1769 (Cumb. Co. DB4) Thomas Davenport Jr. of Cumb. Co. to Joseph Hull of Hanover 200 ac. on Little Guinea Creek per deed transferred from Daniel Terry and rec. in Goochland Co....adj. William Hambleton, William and Henry Davenport line, Joseph Davenport, Harrison Jones...witnessed by James Aiken, Thomas Davenport minor.

6 Oct 1769 (Cumb. Co. DB5) Edward Keeling to William Davenport all of Cumb. Co. sells 300 ac. part of a tract in Cumberland on the branches of Tarewallet River and Little Guinea Creek adj. John Williamson, William Kent, Meredith, Williams, and witnessed by Charles Davenport, John Austin, Claton Cook, Henry Davenport, Thomas Davenport Jr.

31 Aug 1771 (Cumb. Co. DB5) James Davenport of Halifax Co. to William Davenport of Cumb. Co. sells 200 ac. in Cumb. Co. adj. Harrison Jones, John Jones, Little Guinea Creek, Thomas Davenport, Henry Davenport, sd. 200 ac. formerly the property of Joseph Davenport dec'd. now claimed by James Davenport heir at law to sd. Joseph as sd. Joseph died without a lawful will...witnessed by Gideon Glenn, Henry Davenport, Thomas Davenport Jr., Henry Ransome.

4 Dec 1773 (Cumb. Co. DB5) Thomas Davenport of Littleton Par. to Benjamin Sims of same sell 100 ac. on branches of Waller River, Littleton Par., adj. Robert Smith, Benjamin Sims, William Davenport, Henry Davenport, Julius Davenport and witnessed by Gideon Glenn and Julius Davenport.

3 Feb 1774 (Cumb. Co. DB5) John Wilkinson Jr. of Bedford Co., Henry Davenport, and Gideon Glenn of Cumb. Co. sell to William Davenport of Cumb.Co. negroes, furniture, and household items secure loan. 26 Sept 1774 (Cumb. Co. OB) this deed proved by witnesses and Jane Wilkinson the wife of John Wilkinson rel dower in the 200 ac. conveyed by her husband to Joseph Wilkinson by deed the 24 Oct 1774.

3 Oct 1774 (Cumb.Co. Marr.) Patty Davenport mar. Richard Walden Jr., surety Henry Davenport, daughter of Henry Davenport of this county.

23 Oct 1775 (Cumb. Co. OB) motion of Thomas Davenport and Henry Davenport two of exec. named in will of Thomas Davenport dec'd. security with Robert Smith and Archelaus Nunnery.

5 Nov 1776 (Cumb. Co. DB5) Julius Davenport and John Burton sell to George Woodson of Henrico Co. land on Little Guinea Creek and Tarewallet Creek, 100 ac. adj. Robert Smith, Thomas Davenport Sr., Henry Davenport.

26 Nov 1776 (Cumb. Co. DB5) William Davenport of Littleton Par. sells to Thomas Davenport Jr. of same 17 ac. on Little Guinea Creek adj. Henry Davenport, Harrison Jones, Thomas Davenport and witnessed by Henry Davenport, John Woodson, Thomas Davenport minor, and George Woodson.

2 Mar 1777 (Cumb.Co. DB5) William Davenport of Southam to Henry Davenport of same 21 ac. adj. Henry Davenport and witnessed by Thomas Davenport minor, Martin Davenport, John Woodson, Thomas Davenport Jr., Julius Davenport.

10 May 1777 (Cumb. Co. Petitions) singed by David Davenport, Clayborn Davenport, Henry Davenport, Martin Davenport, William Davenport Sr.

28 July 1778 (Cumb. Co. OB) - Henry Davenport agst. Alex. Banks and others in chancery continued.

10 Nov 1780 (Cumb. Co. Petitions) signed by William Davenport, Thomas Davenport, Henry Davenport, David Davenport, Clayborn Davenport

27 Nov 1780 (Cumb. Co. WB2) proved will of Thomas Davenport of Cumb. Co. legacies to daughter Anne Woodson land in Halifax Co. to son Thomas land in Halifax Co. to granddaughter Lucy Woodson and grandson Joseph Woodson, wife Lucy, and witnessed by Henry and Julius Davenport. will had no date

27 Nov 1780 (Cumb. Co. OB) LW&T of Thomas Davenport proved by Henry Davenport and Julius Davenport. Deed from Thomas Davenport and Lucy his mother to Richard Crump proved

 From Mary Duncan - "Records of Buckingham Co., VA." by Whitely, p. 121 - Henry Davenport removed to Buckingham Co. (Cumberland Co. Delinquent Tax List, it being a list of insolvents and removals returned by John Lee deputy sheriff for Henry Skipwith for the year 1788) (William and Mary Qtrly 3rd Series Buckingham Co., Va. Henry Davenport appears on 1784 Tax List for Buckingham Co.)

 12 Oct 1785 (Cumb. Co. Marriages) Drucilla Davenport married Thomas Donohoe security with Thomas Donohoe and Richard Walden.

 27 Feb 1786 (Cumb. Co. DB6) Thomas & Elizabeth Davenport of Halifax Co. and John & Nancy Woodson of Cumb. Co. to Marshall Booker of Cumb. sell 288 ac. in Littleton Parish adj. Harrison Jones, William Davenport, Henry Davenport and George Woodson, being part of a tract where William Davenport now lives.

 1 Sept 1786 (Cumb. Co. OB) motion of Jesse Davenport witness for Henry Davenport at the suit of Peter Patterson, three days.

 30 Nov 1786 (Cumb.Co. OB) motion of Claborne Davenport witness for Henry Davenport at the suit of Peter Patterson, five days. Motion of Jesse Davenport same for two days.

 25 June 1787 (Cumb. Co. DB6) Henry Davenport of Cumb. Co. to Marshall Booker sells 20 ac. onLittle Guinea Creek adj. George Woodson.

 8 May 1788 (Cumb.Co. DB6) Henry and Ann Davenport of Cumb. Co. to Edmund Terry of Powhatton Co. sell 201 ac. where Henry Davenport now lives adj. William Davenport, Marshall Booker, John Bowles, David Davenport.

 6 Jan 1789 (Cumb.Co. Mar..) Susannah Davenport marr. Obadiah Kent, surety Thomas Davenport, witness Henry Davenport, daughter of Henry Davenport.

 21 Feb 1789 (Cumb. Co. DB6) Henry Davenport of Cumb. Co. to son Wilson Davenport sells slaves.

 7 Nov 1789 (Cumb. Co. Mar..) Mary Davenport (gave consent) mar. Obediah Dowdy, surety Henry Davenport and Marshall Booker.

 Feb 1792 (Cumb. Co. OB) Wilson Davenport is appointed guardian to Mary, Nancy, Pamelia, Assenath, Sally, Biggars, and Gray Davenport, orphans of Henry Davenport dec'd. security with Walter Keeble.

 1794 (Buck. Co. PP Tax) - Thomas Davenport, Wilson Davenport exempt

 1795 (Buck. Co. PP Tax) - Thomas Davenport, Henry Davenport estate

 9 Feb 1801 (Campbell Co. DB6, p. 283) Wilson Davenport and Elizabeth R. his wife of Lynchburg to John Lynch town lot 1/2 ac.

20 Feb 1802 (Bedford Co. WB2) Wilson Davenport witnessed the will of Thomas Johnson.

 28 Sept 1803 (Campbell Co. DB6,p. 279) John & Mary Lynch to Wilson Davenport all of Campbell Co. 1/2 ac. lot in Lynchburg.

 22 Jan 1807/9 Feb 1807 (Campbell Co. WB1) Wilson Davenport of Campbell Co. to wife my house and lot in Lynchburg and residue after debts are paid to wife except property I will be entitled to after the death of my mother under a deed of gift of my father...equally divided between wife and sisters.

 1810 (Buckingham Co. Census) Henry Davenport 00010-12110

 1820 (Buckingham Co. Census) Ann Davenport 000000-00001

 18 June 1840 - Henry Davenport 18 June 1840 Buckingham Co., VA., appeared Anne Davenport age 90...widow of Henry late of Buckingham Co., dec'd. married 12 Dec 1770 in K. Wm. Co., he died 9 Dec 1791, children are Wilson 26 Oct 1772, Mary 9 May 1773, Nancy 8 June 1777, Parmelia 5 June 1779, Ascanath 20 Jan 1782, Sally 23 Aug 1784, and Grace Terry 23 Oct 1788.

Children and possible children of Henry Davenport:

 James Davenport Jr. - probably born by 1744 and gone by 1764.

 Patty Davenport - named in marriage bond as daughter, born c. 1754-1758, she married Richard Walden Jr. who gave a deposition in 1774 (at age 20) about David Davenport's slaves, They migrated to Pittsylvania Co., Va.

 Drucilla Davenport - married 1785 to Thomas Donohoe and Richard Walden (had married Patty Davenport a daughter of Henry) gave security.

 Susanna Davenport - names in marriage bond as daughter, married 1789 Obediah Kent

 Mary Davenport - married 1789 Obediah Dowdy, gave own consent ( had to be 21 and so born by 1768), Henry gave surety

 The following are children of Henry and Ann (married 12 Dec 1770) as named in various records.

 Wilson Davenport - 26 Oct 1771, married Elizabeth R. Claybourne by 1801 left estate to wife and his sisters

 Mary - 9 May 1773, married Osborne Davenport (see Julius), to Washington Co., Va. and Wayne Co. Ky. Children were Nancy, Susanna, James T., Julius F., William, Mary, Matilda, Osborn Jr., Sarah Jane, John N., Thomas B., and Lewis Walden.

 Nancy- 8 June 1777, married Elijah Perkins, died in Buckingham Co. Children were Mary and Thomas

 Pamelia - 5 June 1779, married Thomas Davenport 28 April 1799 (see Julius), died 1848 Washngton Co., Va,. Children were Wilson, Daniel, Peter Johnston, Eliza Clayborne, Thomas J., Rachel Hendricks, Julius Terry, Lilburn Hendricks, HenryH., and Nancy Pemberton.

 Assenath - 20 June 1782, died 7 Oct 1853 in Buckingham Co., Va., married Gabriel Duncan c. 1812. Children were Henry Davenport, John Jackson, Joseph, Mary, and Nancy Ann

Sally - 23 Aug 1784

 Biggars  Gray (Grace Terry) - 23 Oct 1788, married Robert Fuqua. Children were Martha Ann, Robert, William, and Stephen.


Dividing Line

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