Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 33

May 18, 1894 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 4, column 2


Pryor Creek still in it.

Building up right along.

J W is pushing work on his dwelling.

Noah Allen is building a dwelling east of the rail road track.

J M Riley has received the lumber for his building and will commence work on it at once.

W T Whitaker's large building on Main street is completed.

Hon J M Keys, of Chouteau, was seen on our streets last Friday.

J L Baugh and family, of Chouteau, was in the city last Saturday.

Dr. Hamilton was up from Wagoner last Saturday.

Died last Monday morning at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Suggs, their beloved daughter, Miss Etta, age 16 years. Thus again grim death, whose remorseless and inexorable mandates all must obey, has invaded our midst and selected for his victim a fair and fragile flower; one whose fair and blameless life and whose nobility of character, like a ray of sunshine, cast its beams among all her host of friends. Surrounded by sorrowing ones, the burden of this life was laid aside, the golden cord was broken, and she passed peacefully across the dark river to assume spotless robes of immortality, and dwell where death and sorrow are no more. At 4 o'clock Monday evening the remains were laid to rest the Pryor Creek cemetery in the presence of a large circle of friends.

Page 4, column 3


W D Fly is a late addition to our subscription list.

Wm Alston and A C Cobb are building J A Harris' ware room.

Head, Lane, Alston and Cobb have just completed Ed Thomas house.

Walter Vanzile, the Demosthenes, of Wagoner, was in to see us awhile on Tuesday.

Wm Rush, who lives across Grand river, remembered us in a financial way Wednesday.

J L Wassum has lately invested in Wagoner lots to the extent of $600. Mr. Wassum believes in the future of Wagoner.

Wm Noble will organize the Odd Fellows lodge at this place on the 29th, and the Checotah lodge will be present to assist in the organization.

Rev. Henry Tuder will preach at St. James Episcopal church next Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Mr. Tuder has a high reputation as a speaker. He will preach at Wagoner twice a month.

Mr. and Mrs. F N McClerren, called at our office Wednesday. They are again domiciled in their cottage, where Mrs. McClerren has opened up a dress making department. See her card which appears in another column.

Small pox is in Ft. Smith and if our people are not very careful we will have it in our own midst before we know it. Mr. Wm Alston has taken time by the forelock, and had Dr. V Berry vacinate his children. Parents should have their physician vacinate their children, as the fatalities of this dread disease are very greatly reduced by so doing.

Page 4, column 4

Hunter & Gambles, of Kansas City, have secured a room over Schrimsher's store and opened a dental office. They are regular graduates in dentistry and we hope they may secure plenty of work. Give them a call.

J A Norman, our townsman and stockman spent last week down in Arkansas, on the hunt for yearlings. He says he found the spring crop of mosquitoes in a thriving condition. He also says that Arkansas is nothing to compare with "Home sweet home," the B.I.T.

On last Sunday W S Fears, proprietor of the Union Depot Hotel, gave a dinner in which twenty four different dishes were served in regular French style. He had bills of fare printed for the occasion. Mr. Fears has French cooks employed, who take particular pains in fixing things up in the best manner possible. And he is very careful in selecting his provisions, selecting the greatest variety and the best quality the market affords. His house is gaining in popularity every day, and his most excellent dinner last Sunday speaks well for his house. He has several invited guests.

[It's been a few issues since I listed the ads ...

Mrs N F McClaren, Fashionable Dress Maker.

S O Hinds, N A Gibson, Lawyers, Muskogee, I.T.

A C Cobb, Contractor and Builder, Wagoner, I.T.

The Celebrated Stallion, Tom Patchen, will serve for the season at my stable in Wagoner. Terms: $10.00 cash. J R Brown

Page 4, column 5-6

Newberry & Ballard, Spring & Summer Goods, Wagoner, I.T.

F E Smith - Drugs & Sundries

H H Turnham - Druggist

Synodical Female College, Fulton, Mo, John W Primrose, D.D., President

Page 4, column 5

Dr W A Clark, Physician and Surgeon - Pryor Creek, I.T.

C H Sypert, Attorney, Wagoner, I.T.

Ed Thomas - Barber Shop

W J Smith - Tonsorial Artist, Wagoner, I.T.

Dorsey & Hamilton, Physicians and Surgeons.

Page 4, column 6

W B Myers, D D S, Tahlequah, I.T.

John Moeser, Stone Mason, Wagoner, I.T.

Leo E Bennett, Law, Muskogee, I.T.

W H McBride, Attorney, Muskogee, I.T.

Will E Linton, Attorney, Muskogee, I.T.

Russell Wiggins, Attorney, Muskogee & Wagoner, I.T.

Page 5, column 1 [skipping the one line ads]


Court at Muskogee has adjourned.

The gay circus is abroad in the land.

Joe Casaver is building an addition to his house.

Berry & Lacey have a sign painted on their new livery stable.

Both the Virdigris and Grand rivers have been on the jump during the past week.

The recent rains have sent forth grass in abundance, and cattle never looked better at this time of year.

Ben Hamer was over from the tie ferry last Saturday and had his name added to our subscription list.

Page 5, column 2 [skipping the one line ads]

Mr. Stiles and family now occupy the Chambliss property.

J W Carey, tie contractor, was in the city Tuesday.

An Odd Fellow lodge will be organized at Tulsa soon by Mr. Noble.

A strawberry and ice cream supper at Schrim's hall Saturday night, May 19th. All are invited.

T C Harvinson has purchased the Charley Marston property on the corner of Church and Cherokee Streets.

Van Buren, Ark., shipped 12 car loads of strawberries in one day last week. This is as good a berry country as Arkansas.

Gold medal contest to-night (18th) at the Methodist church. Special program, both amusing and inspiring. Come one, come all.

Seventeen prisoners were transfered here Monday night, who had been sentenced, by the Muscogee court to the penitentiary at Columbus, Ohio.

Henry Taylor, one of our energatic farmers and stockmen, came in on time, and renewed his subscription, paying for it until June 1st, 1895.

William Dobson, a prominent merchant of Center Point, Ark., was in the city last Friday, and called at our office in company with our townsman, C H Sypert. Mr. Dobson was highly pleased with Wagoner and surroundings and talked strongly of locating here.

Page 5, column 3


T C Harvinson went to Muscogee Wednesday.

Rev J B Edwards of Afton was in the city this week.

J E Newberry visited in Arkansas the first of the week.

Ross Shackleford was up from Muscogee the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Tubbs were pleasant callers at our sanctum Monday morning.

Hon. W C Jackson, U S commissioner at Muscogee, was in the city last Sunday.

Fred Parkinson was over from Okmulgee last Saturday, visiting relatives in this city.

Wilson C Arterberry was down from Chouteau Monday and renewed his subscription.

Mrs. McCombs was up from Muscogee, last Sunday visiting with her husband, J G McCombs.

W H McAnally, of Oolegah, passed through town Saturday on his return from the Cherokee capital.

Rev Jos Ross, of Choteau, was in the city Wednesday and had his name added to our subscription list.

Judge Fears, of Muscogee, was up last Sunday visiting with his son, W S Fears, of the Union Depot Hotel.

Miss Millie Fears, the accomplished daughter of Judge Fears, was up from Muscogee, last Sunday visiting with her brother W F Fears.

Col. C H Sypert went to Muscogee Friday, and enjoyed the society and festivities of that berg until Sunday morning when he returned to the hub.

Hon E B Childers was in the city Saturday. He left the following day for Washington City, where he goes as a delegate in the interest of his people.

Willie Williams, an ex type slinger in the Record office, and a general favorite with Wagoner boys came in from Nowata, last Monday morning to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson.

Mrs. James Parkinson, and Mrs. Laura E Marsh, the well known temperance worker of Muscogee, called at our office Wednesday; also on Thursday in company with Mrs. Miller of Vinita.

Mrs. Mary H S Fitch, of Morris, Ind., is here visiting her cousin, W VanZile. Mrs. Fitch has been making a tour of the south and likes the territory much better than any part of the country she has visited.

Dr. V Berry went to Muscogee Wednesday to attend the meeting of the medical board. Dr. Callahan of Muscogee is president of the board, under its new organization and Dr. Berry is secretary.

E W McIlhany, the noted stockman, of Sedalia, Mo., was in the city last Friday. He was on his return from the General Conference of the M E Church South, which was recently held at Memphis, Tenn.

Mrs. J S Boatright left on Wednesday evening's train for Ft. Smith and Van Buren, to Weatherford, Texas, to visit relatives and old time friends, and for health and pleasure. She will remain about a month.

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