Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 33

May 18, 1894 (Part 1)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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In considering the late panic and hard times they should always be remembered that it came about under republican laws. Like the much worse panic of 1873 ...

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Coxey's army was offered work in a body in clearing 60 acres of land three miles from Washington with the privilege of camping and shelter on the ground and food furnished them besides good wages. The offer was refused. It is about time people who have been in sympathy with this mob of tramps would open their eyes to the fact that Coxeyites are not looking for work but expect to live from the earnings of others.

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Strawberries and ice cream at Schrimsher's hall tomorrow night - 19th.

Lowery's - for lemons, oranges and bananas ...

Mr. and Mrs. M Phillippe went fishing last Friday afternoon and caught 26 fish.

Wm Foreman has ordered his address changed from Pryor Creek to Wagoner. He is improving a place on Grand river.

Wanted: - Heirs of Charles L Marsington, formerly of Texas, by corresponding with me, they will learn something to their advantage. - R F Hendricks, Ft. Worth, Tex.

T J Way, superintendent of Scott's ranch, which is located at Lillisetta, gave us a brief but pleasant call Tuesday. He reports cattle looking well and plenty of work on the ranch.

A OLeary's little son, Harry, was bit on the foot last Saturday by some kind of poisonous reptile, supposed to have been a snake, from the effects of which, the little fellow was very sick for several days.

J A Harris, the new merchant has had such an overwhelming trade since he opened up a business in Wagoner, that he had to make more room for goods and business, so he is now building a large ware room.

A heavy petition goes from Wagoner to Washington City asking that a commissioner's court be established here. It would be a great convenience to the public if the U S Court was moved from Muscogee to Wagoner.

C W Marston was in from Choska Monday, and reported that C W Turner is going to move his saw mill from Choska to Dr. S A Bryan's place, recently bought of Mr. Winston, about four miles east of here on Grand river.

There will be a meeting of the Odd Fellows and those who are to be admitted as charter members, at Odd Fellows Hall - Friday evening, May the 18th, to select a name and make preparations for instituting our lodge, which will take place May 29th, 1894.

Mr. and Mrs. Dr. V. Berry happened to a very serious accident last Monday morning. Their little boy, Carl, was playing around the washing machine, which was full of hot water, and by some means uncorked the machine, the hot water gushing out, scalding him severely before any one knew it. His little feet and legs were burned into a blister, the skin pealing off above the ankles.

J R Skeen, one of our progressive farmers, remembered the printer Monday to the extent of $2. We had not seen any money in so long they looked as big as wagon wheels to us. If everybody remembered the printer as well as Mr. Skeen, he would not suffer. He reports that his corn crop is looking fine, and that he is going to sow 95 acres in millet.

Judge Stewart adjourned court last week and left for Washington to urge upon congress the needs of additional jurisdiction and the establisement of more courts in the territory, something that is greatly needed. Judge Stewart has been in office long to know that the present court system is entirely out of date. At the time of its establishment it did not come up to what was needed. The docket has been falling behind, and the expenses of the court have been enormous. The proposed bill or change is to give us three additional judges and a supreme judge, with several additional courts.

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W.C.T.U CONVENTION - The seventh annual convention of the Women's Christian Temperance Union of the Indian Territory convened in this city on the 16th and will be in session three days.

On the first day delegates were present from Vinita, Tahlequah, Muscogee and other points.

Among them we might mention Mrs. Stapler of Tahlequah, president, and Mrs. Fuller of the same place; Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Cook of Vinita and Mrs. Harsha, of Muscogee and Mrs. Nash, of Pryor Creek, were present and took an active part in the work. Mrs. James Parkinson, president of the Wagoner Union, took an active part in the work. These women are noted throughout the territory for their earnest work in the temperance cause. The organization was completed the first day and at night an interesting program was rendered.

... Mrs. Morris in behalf of Wagoner ... R Lindsey in behalf of the press, ... Rev Belcher on behalf of the churches .. Walter Vanzile on behalf of Wagoner ...


Our town is booming, as is the Arkansas River.

We have the finest public square in the territory.

Four new business houses built and occupied in the last two months.

H Walde, from Collinsville, Texas, has a new dry goods store at this place.

We have two good drug stores. Mr. Eugene Wood, being the last to establish business here.

The Hayes Hardware & Lumber Co., with an immense stock in the J E Long building and at the lumber yard is the latest venture.

A large two story rock building is in process of erection on the north side of the square. It will be occupied by Messrs. Coons & Ward.

R M Coleman, a new comer is selling groceries on the south side.

Miss Lilly Carns, our former music teacher has opened a ladies trimming and dress making department. She deserves success.

Mrs. P A Guarin is visiting her niece, Mrs. Vicie Hayes.

Oscar L. Haynes has bought the J E Long stock of goods.

White vs Red - At a spelling match between the national and white children's school at the Methodist church last Friday evening the "Reds" won the game.

Young Robert Fletcher has returned from school at Siloam Springs, Ark.

U L Bryant, salesman at the Gibson store, seems to be a very pleasant gentleman.

Mr Robert McDaniel will build two more business houses immediately.

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Health good.

And still it rains.

Messrs. Prince & Holmes have moved into their new shop.

Thompson & Thornton are rushing the work on their new store building.

The addition to the Rush Hotel is in progress, and the building of several more new dwellings and business houses are being talked of. A move is also on foot for the building of a school house for the benefit of white non citizen children. A good move, and the Cherokee citizens deserve thanks for their liberal contributions.

Prof McConnell was here again Sunday. The people are trying to secure his services as teacher for the new school.

Vian is destined to be the best town on the road from Wagoner to Ft. Smith. We are surrounded by a splendid farming county, and the most enterprising and the best set of business men. Men that are not afraid to go down in their pockets to make any enterprise go that is for the good of the whole people. A granite quary is being opened up on Sheriff Brown's farm near here, and there is no doubt but what the whole country is underlaiden with mineral and coal.

Preaching almost every night for the past two weeks, it is to be hoped that they will do much good while we have a good people here, there is room for reform both in and out of the church.

There was a move made here recently to raise contributions for Coxy's army. For particulars ask John Rogers. Wonder why Governor Lewelin don't ask for a commission in that army and take Mrs. Lease along for chief, cook and spokesman. It would be equal to a whole battery of artillery turned loose on congress, and then if the Governor got into trouble, he might say like Adam, it was the woman that did it not me.

The guards passed through here Sunday with Chute Starr enroute for Garfield where he is to be tried the second time for the killing of Dover Thornton at Braggs last winter.


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