Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 29

April 20, 1894 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 4, column 4


Nice April showers.

More buildings going up in Pryor Creek.

W T Whitaker has the foundation completed for an other dwelling house.

Work on Whitaker's two story building on Maining street progressing nicely.

Old buildings are being removed and changed around and new ones erected in Pryor Creek.

Nick Sanders has started the foundation for a residence.

J M Riley will build a business house 28 by 60 feet and two stories high on his lot south of Main street and east of J C Hogan's drug store. The lumber was bought in Chetopa, Ks., yesterday by C H Ball who has contract for building the same.

Mr. Storms is building an addition of 16 by 32 feet to his large hotel.

Blake & Choate are talking of building a business house.

The prospects are favorable for a good flouring mill here this summer.

C D Markham received another car of mules and horses last Wednesday.

T A Hancock returned last evening from a visit to the northern part of the territory.

D C Rome, of Saline District, is in town at this writing.

Dr. W T Adair and Jeff Storms were over from the Orphan Assylum to day.

J C Hogan and W R Mills have just received a big stock of goods.

C D Markham is having his livery stable and office treated to a coat of paint.

Judge J M Keys was a visitor at our town to day from Chouteau.

Blake & Choate have just received a large lot of goods.

Mr. Beard, of Chelsea, is in the city looking up the mill business. He says we are sure to get the mill this season.

Page 5, column 1


Farmers are plowing corn.

Ice for sale at Hill's butcher shop.

R A Dale lost his fine stallion Monday.

It takes all kinds of people to make a world.

Afton has a new paper, called the Herald.

It do beat the Jews how Wagoner do grow.

Wagoner Lumber Co - for screen doors ...

H A Hills the meat man, received a car load of ice Tuesday.

Hamm & McKinney are treating their store house to a coat of paint.

J A Harris' store will always be closed on the Sabbath day.

A nice spring shower Monday night put new life into all vegetation.

Dr. S A Bryan is having some improvements added to his residence.

Afton seems to be on the boom. It is located in a very rich farming country.

James Childers and W D Fly both on the west side, have their new houses completed.

There was a man in town last week trying to get a building for a bakery but failed. Why don't some enterprising Creek citizen put him up a building?

Page 5, column 2

J A Harris will cash all R.R. checks brought to him.

C F Crawford of Pryor Creek arrived in the city Saturday last, and made an exhibit of the enormous turtle of which mention was made in these columns last week.

The Cherokee council has done little yet. It always takes them a week or two to get down to business. If any of you want to know why J H McQuarie and H R Dryden can tell you.

Page 5, column 3


J R Brown visited Tulsa this week.

W D Berry is in Tahlequah this week.

Mrs. Dr. Lowery returned Tuesday from a protracted visit in Arkansas.

G Allen, of Muldrow, spent a few days in the city the first of the week.

J F Wassum returned last Friday from a business trip down in Arkansas.

Miss Bula Wassum returned Tuesday from a week's sojourn at Van Buren, Ark.

J E Newberry, the popular merchant on the corner, returned Monday from Van Buren.

Fred Parkinson, of Okmulgee, was in the city visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Parkinson, last week.

Pierce Hays has been assisting Newberry & Ballard in their store. Pierce is a steady young man, and gives close attention to business.

Mrs. W W Miller and two daughters of Hillsborough, Tex., are visiting Mrs. Miller's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J R Brown, at Brown's Hotel.

Walter Head, our office boy is a champion at catching fish, as well as type slinging. He captured sixty of the finney tribe while on an expedition last Monday.

The Cherokee council met Monday.

Claremore is to have a 100 barrel flour mill at last.

The new spring styles of dress goods are attractive.

J F Wassum is going to build an addition to his house.

Who said Wagoner wasn't a fast town. Wagoner's all right too.

D H Smith has built a side room and a porch to his new house.

J C Corgan now occupies his new house in the east part of town.

Twenty nine years ago the 14th of this month President Lincoln was assassinated.

An itinerent sign writer was in town last week and "done up" several front windows.

Afton has a debating society and their last question of debate was, "Resolved that a liar is more detrimental to society than a thief."

Joe Head's house was struck by lightening last Friday morning but no serious damage was done only a few shingles being knocked off and the cornice at the gable knocked loose.

On the night of the 12th inst., the post office at this place, and the drug of S S Cobb & Co., was burglarized. A hobo painter who had been doing a little work here disappeared the same night leaving numerous unpaid bills. His partner only a short time ago is still here. Parties having work to do will certainly be working to their own interest by giving their painting and papering to Tolie, the boss painter and decorator ... W F Tolie

Page 5, column 4

On last Thursday night S S Cobb & Co's drugstore was broken into by petty thieves and robbed of about $3 in cash which had been left in the drawer, some jewelry and a few articles of minor importance. The post office was also rifled but only a few dollars in small change was taken.

H E Richardson has gone to Wagoner I.T. to engage in business. We regret to lose him as he was a good citizen. We commend him to the people of Wagoner as a man in every way worthy of their respect and [rest of this is covered by tape and can't be read]

A very destructive storm passed over the north part of the Cherokee nation last week doing considerable damage in the vicinity of Bartlesville, Jasper Exendine, an extensive farmer and stockman, and merchant of Mound City, near Bartlesville, was damaged something near $1600, but Jasper is energetic and persevering, and he will prosper regardless of small losses.

Hills has commenced to run his ice wagon and will deliver ice to you without extra charge.

Al Dryden and his brother, who lately moved from Braggs were callers at our office Monday. They say that farming in their locality is progressing nicely.

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