Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 29

April 20, 1894 (Part 1)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Judge Parker not long ago decided that the shipping of beer into the Indian Territory, was in violation of the Federal statute prohibiting the introduction of "spirituous liquors or wines" in the Territory. Judge Shiras, of the Supreme Court of the United States, has reversed this decision declaring that beer is neither spirituous or liquor or wine. Fort Smith is a great city but there seems to be something wrong about its judicial opinions of late.

Page 1, column 6

The petrified man found near Hennessey, O.T., recently turned out to be a manufactured one, made of cement and sand, and the parties who got up the job have taken their petrified man are probably searching for the great petrified lake with petrified fish swimming in the petrified water; where the petrified man is standing on the petrified bank listening to the songs sung by the petrified birds sitting on the petrified branches of the petrified trees while he angles for the petrified fish with petrified hook and line. - Chickasaw Enterprise.

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Page 4, column 1

A SCHOOL BUILDING FOR WAGONER. The Money Nearly All Provided For. A Long Felt Want to be Filled. - The people of Wagoner, ever awake to their interests and the public welfare, met Tuesday night and made arrangements by which we are to have a school building, which will be a credit to our town and a benefactor to our people.

Following are the arrangements made at the meeting for the building: A F Cowan was elected chairman of the meeting and A C Cobb Secretary, after which Wm Alston introduced the following resolutions which were unanimously adopted:

1. Resolved; That the Arkansas Synod of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, with the aid of the citizens of Wagoner and vicinity, erect a building 10x60 feet, two stories high, to be used as a school building. First floor to have three rooms suitable for school purposes and second floor to consist of rooms necessary for secret orders.

2. That what funds may be needed to erect said building, and not provided for by said Synod and town, be provided for by a loan endorsed by said Synod.

3. That the money derived from the rent of said hall be used to remove said debt and when said debt is removed, full title be vested in said Synod, and all funds deriving from the rent of said hall, or from whatever source, be subject to the order of the board of directors of the school.

4. That a board of directors consisting of nine members - patrons of the school - be appointed by said Synod. Said board to have control of the local affairs of said school.

A committee consisting of Mrs. Jas. Parkinson, Mrs. A F Parkinson, A C Cobb and Walter VanZile was appointed to canvass the town and vicinity to solicit subscriptions for said school.

Meeting adjourned to meet again Monday night, April 23rd, at 7:30 p.m. at the C P Church. - A F Cowan, Chairman; A C Cobb, Secretary.

* * *

The Pullman Palace Car Co refuses to pay the taxes levied upon it by Oklahoma Territory.

The M.K.&T. and C.C.&R.C. are building a neat union depot at South McAlester.

Brother Dunham, of the Van Buren Press is getting blackgard in his old age.

Etta Mikologik of Oklahoma City, is suing her hubby for a divorce. The name ought to be cause enough

The Muldrow Register says the Creek Indians have decided against allotment of their lands. They never have favored it yet.

The Cherokee Advocate says the Cherokee Nation is an independent government over which the United States has no jurisdiction. Who'd 'a thunk it.

Page 4, column 2


Some sickness but no serious cases.

Spring seems to be here at last.

Everyone is waiting patiently for the payment.

The carpenters are at work on Scagg's store house.

Taylor Prime will erect a blacksmith shop soon.

And Mrs. Rumor says we are to have another large store in the Waters building.

Master Thomas McConnell and sister have returned from Mt. Ida, Ark., where they have been attending school for the past ten months.

Mr. Morgan, the picture man, has added a panarama to the attractions of his gallery.

Judge Young passed through here en route for Tahlequah to attend the council, being a member of the senate.

An effort is being made to have the payment for the Illinois District made at this place, and we would say in advance that this is the most pleasant place, well watered and good grazing and plenty of good hotels and boarding houses every one can be comfortable, while it is easy to access, therefore we hope to see their efforts crowned with success.

Dr. Fowler of Logan county, Ark., will locate here shortly for the practice of medicine. The doctor, though quite young, seems to be a man of ability.

John Kiddy has been taking the Keeley cure for the morphine habit and pronounces it a success. We would say to all that are effected in a similar manner to do likewise.

Our new blacksmith at the Mayfield shop seems to be building up a good trade. Wish him success.

We are still for free silver, good government and pure men in office, if there is any. - Peter Schnopps.

Page 4, column 3


A bank.

A new depot.

A coal chute.

A round house.

A Masonic hall.

Another railroad.

A new school building.

An Odd Fellows lodge.

A wholesale grocery house.

A local freight division for Wagoner.

Ah there:

Ice cream on tap.

New onions on the market.

For amunition, go to Lowery.

Mrs. H R Dryden is very ill.

Garden sass is sure growing now.

Wagoner has two broom factories.

Gen Brown went to Inola Tuesday.

H D Hamilton of Van Buren was in the City Thursday prosecting.

Newberry & Ballard want 500 dozen eggs.

Dr. Hamilton and Col. Sypert went to Pryor Creek yesterday.

For Rent - My house in the north east part of town. - Gid Graham.

Senator Peffer defends Coxey and his common weal army in a speech in the senate.

Rev. Henry Tuder, of St. Louis, Mo., will be the regular minister in charge of the Episcopal church here, and will preach first on Trinity Sunday.

The readers attention is directed to the professional card of Hinds & Gibson, which appears in this paper. We feel that much might be said in behalf these gentlemen, but considering comment unnecessary, we commend them as one of the best and most reliable law firms at the Muscogee bar.

Mrs. S A Williams, gave several temperance lectures in the Methodist church this week which were very interesting and we hope beneficial to our people. She is quite an interesting talker, and has letters from the grand lodges of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and other states, besides numerous newspaper clippings.

NOTICE ODD FELLOWS. - All Odd Fellows are requested to meet at Terrel's store on next Tuesday night for the purpose of permanently organizing an Odd Fellows lodge.

F E Smith, the druggist is having work pushed right along for his new residence on the hill. He has one of the prettiest locations in town.

Quite a number of Cherokees passed through the first of the week on their way to Tahlequah where the council is in session.

The railroad eating house is being repaired and re-arranged. The partition has been taken out and all the rooms thrown into one, thereby making a nice large and convenient dining room and lunch stand. It is gaining in popularity every day under its new management.

Light fingered gentries of prowling proclivities are feeling around honest peoples back doors and windows at night. A well directed pistol shot will sooner or later strike home when least expected.

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