Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 27

April 06, 1894 (Part 4)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 7, column 4 (The Two Territories - continued)

A woman named Roff died at Purcell under peculiar and suspicious circumstances. She was buried the next day. The body was exhumed and an investigation made, which disclosed the fact that she had died from the effects of a criminal operation. Dr. J H Colby, who attended her, and at whose house she died, and Dr. R S Duffield, who brought her from Paoli to Purcell, were at once arrested. At the preliminary examination, which was concluded yesterday at Purcell, it developed that Duffield had offered a doctor at Paoli $50 to perform the operation. He was refused. He then took Mrs. Roff to Purcell, ostensibly to have a tooth extracted. The tooth was extracted and the woman taken to the residence of Dr. Colby, where it is charged the operation was performed. After hearing the testimony the commissioner held the accused in $1,000 bond each. Dr. Colby gave the bond, but Duffield, failing, was taken to Paris and lodged in jail.

Corn planting is well under way in several southeastern counties.

At Guthrie, Okla., Thursday, warrants were issued for Dr. F E Marion, president of the city school board, and Messrs. Scott and Delaney, contractors of Oklahoma City, charging them with bribery. Marion is in Mexico, where he went a few weeks ago. D M Scott was arrested and gave bond, and Delaney has not yet been found. This is a partial result of the grand jury investigation of the school board. Other startling developments are expected later.

A peculiarly horrible murder that has just come to light by the confession of the youthful perpetrators, was committed in Cheyenne county, Saturday. A Mrs. Williams, appears, had left her baby in the care of its two younger brothers, Gibson, aged 6, and a boy still younger. During the mother's absence Gibson slipped up to the bed on which the child lay and beat it to death with a club. After having killed the baby the two boys dragged it to the rear of the house and were preparing to bury it when discovered. Gibson, though seemingly aware of the enormity of his deed, refused to give his reasons for committing it, and until his brother told the story of their awful work, the details of the baby's death had not been known.

The department of the interior sustains the townsite board in refusing to give deeds to those who had settled on the land in Perry which was reserved as a public park.

In the early days of the strip most of the officers of the new towns were indicted for "falsely assuming and pretending to be officers." Among the number were Ed I Dunn, Major Simpson, Charles Roff, and Perry Glaze of this city, who had been selected as rulers of the Enids. In the district court at Enid yesterday the indictments were knocked out in every instance.

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