Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 26

March 30, 1894 (Part 4)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Base ball has become epidemic, in Chandler.

Norman will celebrate Oklahoma day next April.

Perry celebrated St Patrick's day with a big parade.

There is a Menmonite colony near Pond Creek.

The Chilocco school now has over 300 pupils.

This is the dark of the moon. Plant your potatoes.

Stormy Jim was rounded up in Perry the other night.

Sidney Clark is reported to be very ill at Washington.

Judge McAfee has made R L Collins clerk of his court.

At Alva homesteaders are coming in at the rate of 200 a day.

Cash corn brings more in Oklahoma City than it does in Chicago.

A Greek college fraternity is on the eve of breaking out in Perry.

George T Parry has been appointed county attorney for M county.

Last Sunday Perry heard the music of a church bell for the first time.

There will be room for 500 homesteaders in the Kickapoo country.

Junction City, a new town near Pond Creek is said to be on the boom.

The old fashioned harness thief has been getting in his work in Kildare.

Bill Grimes of Kingfisher is going to get well, which will please everybody.

Some day Oklahoma's delegate will be known as Little but-oh-my Flynn.

The McRae bill passed through the efforts of Flynn and no one else.

The mail at the Kildare postoffice has doubled since the first of the year.

The change of venue is used more in Oklahoma than anywhere else on earth.

A horse with the name of Oklahoma won a race in San Francisco last Saturday.

That story of a dugout caving in near Enid has a strong flavor of fish about it.

A Rock Island conductor has been held by a jury for throwing a tramp off a train.

Ponca City has organized a base ball club and is ready to try any team in the territory.

Rev Jamison of Guthrie has declared grim-visage war against the church social.

The experiment station recommends Bermuda grass as the best tame grass for Oklahoma.

Beave is to organize a brass band. It may be after all that the "Lost Chord" can be found in No Man's Land.

Sidney Clark is convalescent. He is working hard for Oklahoma in Washington.

An Oklahoma City man is out against dancing. He says as alcohol is the spirit of whisky, so sex is the spirit of dancing.

Occasionally Puck and Judge crack a joke about Oklahoma. Usually the joke fits Oklahoma, about as well as a kid glove does a rose bush.

Dennis Flynn, if the signs do not fail, will go back to congress from Oklahoma with a majority so big he will have to pay excess charges on it.

The large planing mill and cabinet works of Alexander Johnson, of Guthrie, were destroyed by fire Wednesday morning. Loss $70,000; partially insured.

There has been so very much talk about McMasters ferocity in Oklahoma papers that the children are afraid to open their eyes at night for fear they will see him.

Lady philanthropists of New York have given $1,000 towards a Baptist church in Perry.

Stir up your deputies, Marshal Nix. They can do a great deal more and not fall from exhaustion.

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