Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 26

March 30, 1894 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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District court has opened at Newkirk.

Like time and space the sooner question has no limit.

The first strawberries have been marketed in Guthrie.

Geo W Pursell is running for city clerk in Perry.

The museum matter is being agitated in Guthrie again.

Thee are four papers headed "Official paper for K county."

Several lawyers have tried, through advertising, to make Oklahoma a divorce center, but so far they have met with small success.

Purcell Register: Dessicated particles of terra firma have made the atmosphere of mush-like consistency this week.

There is a legend at Hennessey that in an early day a cyclone pulled up a cistern and dropped it in a creek six miles away.

About half the papers in Oklahoma spend a great deal of time fighting Governor Renfrow. Why doesn't he fight back?

Watonga has raised $200 for a rail road survey. Better save its money a little while. Capital isn't building rail roads just now.

No dates will be set for making final proofs at the Guthrie land office until a register is appointed to fill the place of Judge Lindsay, deceased.

Frank Crawford was arrested in Oklahoma City Friday. He had only two quarts of jewelry on his person, but it was not worn conspicuously.

At a recent convention in Perry, a man said: "I don't give a darn for the chairman. The seargeant-at-arms is the man I want to stand in with."

The Pacific express company has recovered $17,000 worth of diamonds stolen in the Duval train robbery some time ago. They were obtained from the mistress of Tom Deaton, one of the robbers, who is now in the penitentiary.

Four Delaware Indians, who had ungovernable appetites for whisky, have been cured at the Keeley Institute at Kansas City, Kan. They were dumbfounded at their loss of appetite for stimulants after being under treatment for two days.

Justice Southerland, of Brooklyn, convicted of complicity in the McKane matter, and who disappeared last week, forfeiting his bail, is known to be in Montreal, Canada. Detectives are aware of his whereabouts, but as yet have to no orders to arrest him.

The house committee on Indian affairs reported favorably Tuesday, the bill instructing the secretary of the interior, to pay the Iowa Indians $25,000 in cash instead of purchasing agricultural implements. This is a favorable report on a bill introduced by Delegate Flynn.

There is much excitement in the city of Orizaga Mex., over a fatal shooting affray between Louis Torega and Jose Maria Bringas, two of the most prominent merchants of the place. They had always been warm friends until a few days ago, when some trivial trouble arose between them. They met on the street Thursday. After a few words both drew revolvers and fired. Bringas fell at the first shot, and his antagonist fired five more bullets into his body.

Page 7, column 2

The Rock Island is to build a pressed brick depot at El Reno.

The great snow store which has been raging in Dakota ceased Friday. The loss on cattle between, Edgemont and Sheridan will exceed 80 per cent. The storm was terrific in all directions.

It is rumored now that Col Breckenridge, after his suit of breach of promise by Miss Pollard, is settled, will be sued by his wife for divorce. It is known now that the Colonel was married secretly to Miss Wing, on April 29, in New York, as shown by a certificate a few days ago and after which he promised the chief of police to marry Miss Pollard.

Page 7, column 3

THE TWO TERRITORIES. News in General of Oklahoma and the Indian Territory Pertaining to the Pale Face and the Red Man.

The trains running into Oklahoma are loaded down.

Government patent for the townsite of Alva has been received.

Old settlers pronounce the word "coyote" in three sylables.

James B Diggs has been appointed probate judge of P county.

The Kansas City Times is still running news about the war in Enid.

That town of Ingalls is an iridescent as the man for whom it is named.

Two Cheyenne Indians took out a marriage license at El Reno Thursday.

Robert Martin is reported to be ahead in the race for mayor at Guthrie.

And now the undertakes at Enid can think about what might have been.

John Dossett, in the Guthrie jail, is a regular correspondent of the Guthrie Leader.

Overstreet has resigned as vice president of the territorial board of health.

What has become of the man who used to call Oklahoma the "land of the fair God?"

The Guthrie Leader says it looks very much as if the whole school board was in for it.

The Olsmith gunsmith gun club won over the Jones team in Guthrie Tuesday.

A Boston dude, it is said has presented Bill Dalton with a fine Winchester rifle.

In some localities in Oklahoma it has been urged against a man that he had no enemies.

Nice young men of Norman organized a club and are knocking dimples in a base ball daily.

One of the Perry papers is staggered with the charge of being the "silk stocking organ."

Ex-Mayor Spengal of Guthrie, it is reported, will leave that city on account of his wife's health.

The Wells-Fargo company has not offered a reward for the capture of the Woodward robbers.

According to the El Reno Globe the Cheyenne Indians are in the habit of filling up on "whoa haw."

Do you know what K.O.C.&S. R.R. means? Kansas, Oklahoma, Central and Southern railroad.

The county jail at El Reno contains eight prisoners. They have all accumulated since the last delivery.

The Oklahoma City man who abuses Dennis Flynn after what he has done for that town is in mighty small business.

The streets of Alva are crowded all day long. So are the streets of every town in Oklahoma. The boom has begun.

Jim Admire has been feeling the pulse of Kingfisher this last week, and he is sure he detects symptoms of a boom.

Oh no! The deputy marshals do not deserve anything but praise. Where are the robbers of the Woodward office?

There was a head-end collsion four miles north of Oklahoma City the other day. Collisions are very rare in Oklahoma.

The sheriffs of Oklahoma held a meeting at El Reno Thursday, but would give out nothing of their deliberations.

The statement that Oklahoma society is keeping Lent will clash on the far drums of a listless world with terrific force.

Governor Renfrow says he has never seen anything superior to the Washita valley in the Fort Sill country in his life.

The town which was nearest the wreck of a hog train on the Santa Fe, the other night, is already claiming to be a packing center.

In all the Oklahoma papers the personal columns are getting fatter every day, which is an unfailing sign that times are getting better.

The bandits may get away but the deputy marshals are hot mustard when it comes to roping in a half witted Indian for selling whisky.

The Perry depot seems to be a sort of a juggernaut. Every few days somebody gets off on the wrong side and breaks a leg or dislocates a shoulder.

Fritz Glukinger, a bartender for H Vogelman of St Joe, Mo., shot himself Sunday afternoon. The marriage of a girl named Anna Wyss, an employee at Glukinger's boarding place, Saturday night, is supposed to be the cause of his death, as he was in love with her.

This is the exact time in the calender, that the Oklahoma editor acknowledges that some female hand has deposited a dainty bunch of violets on his table. It is also the exact time when the same editor goes home and is awaited by his wife, who has read the acknowledgement.

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