Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 22 [No not changed]

March 09, 1894 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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T W Berry, of Sallisaw was in the city Tuesday.

Attorney Sheppard was up from Muskogee last Saturday.

G D Sleeper transacted business in Muscogee the first of the week.

Attorney C H Sypert transaction business in Muscogee this week.

Jim Childers is a new clerk at the Davis & Jones Mercantile Co.'s store.

Wm Cook was up from Wybaard Sunday last to see his best girl we guess.

Miss Rena Harry left Monday last, for Van Buren, Ark., to attend school.

A C Cowan a prominent Cherokee stockman went to Claremore last week.

Judge W T Mogran transacted business in Muscogee the first of the week.

Mr and Mrs J P Summerville, was in from the country Monday trading.

Miss Gertrude Marcum, of Muscogee, was a guest of Mrs Brown's this week.

Mrs E E Horner, of Little Rock is visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs Dwire.

We acknowledge a pleasant call from Mr and Mrs C C McDonald, Monday.

J Lawrence Beardsley is progressing nicely with his studies at the pharmaceutical school in Chicago.

Jas Parkinson, the biggest merchant in Wagoner, has returned from a business trip to the Creek capital.

Mrs Sam Mayes, a prominent cherokee lady of Pryor creek, visited with Mrs T A Parkinson Friday.

W A Myrick of Ft Smith, was in the city this week a guest of Mrs J A Norman and Col C H Sypert.

Hon H F Jones has returned from Neosho, Mo., where he had been on a protracted visit with his family.

Mrs Speikerman, a sister of Mrs Dwire, who is visiting her from Kansas City, visited in Little Rock last week.

Col W M Harrison, of Muscogee, passed through Thursday on his way to Claremore to make a Knights of Pithias speech.

Hon E B Childers was in town last Saturday and imformed us that he would start back to Washington as delegate from the Creek Nation, about the 12th.

T H Parks and family came in yesterday from Webb city, Ark. They intend to make this their future home, and will put up a nice dwelling in the near future.

J K McCleren was over from Catoosa this week. Kin, as they call him, is an industrious and deserving young man and always does his employees good service.

Mr McKinney of the firm of Ham & McKinney went to Mulberry, Ark., Saturday night, returning Tuesday morning and has resumed work on his buildings.

D W Staples, of Grand View Texas, was in the city this week looking after his interests here. He is a pleasant appearing gentleman and we were proud to meet him.

Mr and Mrs W D Clingan, accompanied by their daughter Miss Cora, were welcome visitors at our sanctum, last Friday. Miss Cora entered school at Harrell Institute, this week.

A E Sypert, of Nashville, Ark., has been visiting his brother, C H Sypert this week. We understand that Mr Sypert likes our town and we hope he may decide to come here and locate.

J M Berry, of Carthage, Ill., who has been visiting his daughter Mrs Walter Vanzile, and also with the family of our depot agent, Mr Hatfield, is favorably impressed with the people and the progress of this place and country.

F R McKibben, an extensive capitalist of Van Buren was in the city this week making arrangements for a pasture, and will bring a lot of cattle here in the spring. Mr McKibben is an enterprising man, chuck full of business, and we are glad to see him become identified with this country.

The Dawes commission will be in Wagoner next Friday, one week from to day, and address the people.

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MARRIED: - At the residence of Mr George Shambarger, on Thursday, February 22, Rev John Head officiating. Mr M Phillippe and Miss Lela Head. Mr Phillippe is one of the editors and publishers of the Wagoner (I.T.) Record, and is a gentleman of culture and refinement and in every way worthy of the prize that he secured. Miss Head is one of the sweetest and most modest, as well as one of the prettiest young ladies in Franklin county. The Democrat extends its congratulations and trusts the editor's new Head will prove to be of great advantage to him. - Ozark Democrat

EXCURSION TO CALIFORNIA. - Comencing March 1st, 1894, the Missouri Pacific railway company will sell tickets to all points in California, good to return in 60 days, at the exceeding low rate of $35.00 round trip, or $20.00 one way. For particulars apply to your local ticket agent.

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The Chicago Leather company assigned Tuesday to Jasper D Nelson. The assets and liabilities are $40,000 each.

Adolf Forles, chief cashier of the Austrian state department, has absconded. His defalcations amount to 102,000 florins.

The bill for the consolidation of New York and Brooklyn has passed the New York legislature and will be approved by Governor Flower.

Professor B'dez of Emporia, has accepted the position of musical director at Campbell university at Holton, and will enter upon his duties at once.

Z T White, of New Braska City, Neb., was Tuesday found guilty of criminally libeling J Sterling Morton. The libel consisted of hanging Morton in effigy in the city park.

The Missouri Pacific entered the California rate war Tuesday. The same rate as the other roads was made, and it route its passengers via Pueblo and Ogden.

Four hundred marines, who are stationed in Chatham, England, have been ordered to be in readiness to proceed to Bathurst, West Africa, to take part in the expeditions against slave traders.

A party of patriotic Kentuckians as taking steps to purchase the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, in La Rue, Ky., and convert it into a park. Negotiations are about completed and work will begin early in the spring.

Matthew Johnson was electrocuted at Sing Sing, N.Y., at 11:33 Monday morning for the murder of Emil Knucklehorn on Dec 9, 1892, while burglarizing a store in which Kucklehorn was employed as an engineer. Johnson confessed.

The Montreal Liberals claim to have a big sensation in store for the next session of the Dominion parliament, and intimate that charges will be brought against members of the cabinet of a similar character to those brought against the last postmaster general.

Ex-President Benjamin Harrison and his party left Indianapolis Monday for California, via the Pennsylvania, Santa Fe and Southern Pacific roads. General Harrison goes to Palo Alto to commence a course of constitutional law lectures in the <...> university.

While a lodger in the Hotel St Dennis was being ejected Monday a tin box fell from his person and exploded on the pavement. He denied being an anarchist and said that the bomb was thrown at him. As the police were unable to prove anything against him, he was released.

Judge Bretane of Chicago, who has been criticised for fixing the execution of Murders Prendergast and Higgins on Good Friday, said in an interview Monday that no disregard for church traditions was intended. It was an accident, and the day of execution might yet be changed.

Harry Murray and Ira Evans, two boys 14 years old, while out coasting with their schoolmates, near Boulder, Colo., wagered their sleds on the result of a prize fight between themselves. During the mill Murray struck Evans a powerful blow under the heart, causing death in a few minutes.

Two railroad men, Albert J Newton and J C Clark, who arrived at St Paul a week ago and stopped at the Union Park hotel, went to the city physician on Saturday for attention. Their cases were pronounced to be clear cases of smallpox. It is not known how many persons have been exposed.

Officers, Weigel and Falkenberg of Arkansas arrived at Denver Saturday, with requisition papers for "Pennyweight" Powell, the Oliphant train robber, captured at Denver on the 18th inst. The governor signed the requisition papers and the officers started back with their prisoner Monday night.

Governor Waite has nominated Mrs Emma G White of Cannon City to be a trustee of the state industrial school at Golden, and Mrs L C Dwinnell of Colorado Springs to be one of the trustees of the state institute of the deaf, mute and blind at Colorado Springs. These are the first appointments offered women under the equal suffrage law of Colorado.

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