Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 22 [No not changed]

March 09, 1894 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Time to make garden.

Something in the air.

Pay your subscription.

We do job printing cheap.

Time to plant shade trees.

Go to Lowery for your nails.

Wagoner continues to grow.

Nice spring weather all week.

Quite windy last Sunday night.

March zephyrs are very common.

The grass is beginning to grow.

Farm work is progressing nicely.

Corn planting will be next in order.

A bank is badly needed in Wagoner.

Court convenes at Ardmore next week.

The farmers are plowing and planting.

A nice spring shower Sunday night.

Try the Diamond S Baking powder.

It is time to clear up, around your premises.

Do not whip your rival over the head with your <...>

Wm Alston says the wheat on his farm looks fine.

More corn and less cotton will be planted this spring.

For rough lumber, call on the Wagoner lumber Company.

The Collier white lead is the standard. Call at Smith's for prices.

A great many apple trees will be planted in this locality this spring.

Call on D H Smith, the harness maker, for plow lines, hames and collars.

Davis & Jones - Diamond S Baking Powder

Phillippe & Wasson - Spring hats in time for Easter

Some men are hard to understand. When they wink you are at a loss to know whether it is their treat or yours.

F E Smith - for paints

Terrell & Co - for spring hats

D H Smith - harness maker

Plant more sweet potatoes this spring, then you won't have to pay such an enormous price for them next winter and spring.

Page 5, column 2

The baseball season will soon open up.

Court has adjourned at South McAlester.

Mark Greenlee now occupies his new house.

This is one of the best fruit countries on earth.

J A Norman has about got rid of a severe cold.

Go to Smith for your paints ...

Dave Marshall makes a good deputy tax collector.

Chaddrick's injunction on the Cherokee bonds didn't work.

People in Wagoner seem to be all busy. A good indication.

Newberry & Ballard's - for potatoes

Men wending their zig-zag way home is quite common now.

When you buy goods, patronize those who patronize The Record.

There is still some hopes of the strip money being paid out soon.

Lowery's for groceries ...

If you are not afraid you will be put out of the nation, plant shade trees.

Gus Deistlehorst, a traveling man, is lying seriously ill at Hotel Bernard.

Racket Store - for thread ...

Forrester Gallery - for tin pictures ...

W F Tolle, the painter and paper hanger, is going to build a residence 18x40 foot.

The Record - for printing of any kind ...

Nothing adds more to the beauty and comfort of a town than shade trees - plant shade trees.

S L Strayhorn, of the Racket Store, is now ready for business and extends a general invitation for all to call on him.

Lowery's - wants your produce ...

E Terrell - ladies spring hats ...

For fine Crayon & Pastel portrait handwork, call on Mrs D W Day, satisfaction guaranteed. No mechanical device used whatever.

Croy & Black - watch repair ...

An unusual large amount of freight has been to transfer at the depot this week. They had to put on three additional men part of the time.

Dr W W Bryan, dentist, of Claremore, will be in Wagoner on Monday March 26th, and remain four days. Dr Bryan is a first class dentist, and his work gives satisfaction.

Dr Turnham, of Muldrow, and N S Drake of McGee called Wednesday evening in company with our townsman Frank Engles. Dr Turnham has purchased the Engles property on Main street heretofore used as a boarding house, and will open up a drugstore in this building.

R Lee Comer, one of Tahlequah's bright business men, has formed a partnership with W N Evans, of our town, under the firm name of Comer & Evans, and have opened a grocery and provision store in the LaHay building opposite the Frisco depot. We welcome Mr Comer to our town and wish the firm abundant success - Claremore Progress

LADIES' HATS. - Our new spring hats will be here in a few days and we respectfully invite the ladies to call and examine them. We trim them to suit the purchases. Our prices will be low. Respectfully, Mrs M Philippe; Miss Bula Wassum


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