Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 22 [No not changed]

March 09, 1894 (Part 1)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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OWNED UP. - Jack Petty ... arrested ... attempted to rob the postoffice and store of Mrs. Welch at Brazil, I.T.

ALLIANCE LEADER IN JAIL. - El Reno, OK, Mar 5 - A K Light ... bound over ... for fraudulently obtaining money from the Canadian County bank.

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A DIRECT PROPOSITION. - Daws' commission in compliance with the desires of the Choctaws and Chickasaws, made them a definite proposition for change of government. The proposition is as follows: ... allot 160 acres of land not to include coal or mineral land or townsites ... coal and mineral land subject to special agreement ... change from tribal to territorial form of government ... treat with each tribe separately as well as together ...

Robert fortune, a negro, was acquitted of introducing and selling liquor in the Indian Territory in the United States court yesterday afternoon. Fortune is the fellow, who was locked up in the court room at night about ten days ago and was taken out by the hook and ladder company. - News Record

DISSERTATION ON SHOES - [article about different types of shoes, how they are made and the best use of the different types]

The Seminoles are taking no part whatever in the discussion brought about by the coming to the territory of the Dawes commission ... they were not represented at the Checotah council ... commission will have to go to them ...

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Mrs. Lease may not be a Mason, but Gov Lewelling will hardly deny that she had the grip on him.

When Eastern Congressmen, who have been obstructing legislation in the House the past two weeks, ask for re-election this fall they should have the riot act read to them.

The movement in favor of cheap funerals among the poor of New York city has made public the fact that the actual expense to an undertaker of a $100 burial is rarely more then $30. It thus appears that it costs less to live than to die in spite of the hard times.

A LITTLE TRIP UP THE K. & A. V. - On Saturday last, one of the Record scribes took a little run up to Oolegah. This little town is nicely located in the heart of a rich farming and stock country; besides rich coal fields abound in that vicinity. The people generally there, seem to be enjoying a reasonable degree of prosperity, still there is not the spirit of push and enterprise among them, that usually characteristic of the business men in our western towns. But the merchants there, perhaps, like many others in the Cherokee Nations, traded too extensively on the strip, and there is very little work going on in the coal mines of that region at present. Thouh Oolegah has the location and surroundings for a pretty little town, and we hope it may soon make it.

Among the business men there is W C Smith, dealer in general merchandise. He is a courteous gentleman; carries a nice line of goods and is doing a prosperous business.

Our former townsman, W H McAnally, is still a resident of Oolegah, but is opening up a farm on the Virdigris. He is getting to be a granger now, and has corns in his hands.

We met Mr C V Rogers in town, the extensive farmer and stockman, and popular politician. He has so efficiently served the people of the Cherokee Nation, in various capacities of trust, that he is ever regarded by his people as an honorable and worthy citizen.

CLAREMORE - We spent Saturday after noon at Claremore, and from the character of the improvements made in this beautiful little city since our last visit there, we could readily see that she was on the road to development and prosperity. It can also be seen that the people here, take a pride in the progress of their city and they seem to fully realize that nature has blest them with a fine location, and surrounded them with all the natural resources requisite for a grand city of some future day. Her merchants and business men in every line are endowed with that indomitable perseverance, which builds up metropolis, and they are showing their faith by their works. The merchants carry good stocks, and by selling at sharp competition prices, have attracted to their town a heavy trade. They have modern ideas of business, and know how to push their town to the front. We are glad to further say for them that they are liberal advertisers, and show up a good patronage to their most excellent paper - The Progress. The business representatives of Claremore are large and varied, and we can not begin to enumerate all of them. We will, however, mention the two excellent hotels, viz: Hotel McDaniel, situated near the Frisco depot, and Hotel Gibbs, formerly Hotel Winsor, nicely located on Main street about midway, between the Frisco and the K&AV depots. At either

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of those hotels the guest can always count on a square meal; a neat room, and a clean comfortable bed. Hotel Gibbs is owned by Senator W E Sanders, and Judge J C Schrimsher two prominent and prosperous Cherokee citizen, fully alive to their country's interest, and they are each rending their constituents efficient service, in the respective position with which they have been honored by them. The hotel assumes the name of its present manager, and Mr Gibbs is a gentleman of most affiable disposition and a natural land lord. It is a fine place to stop.

Among the live and wide awake business firms is Harlow & Williams, dealers in Hardware implements, machinery etc. Their stock is large, and their trade good.

John W Coleman is also numbered among Claremore's public spirited and enterprising business men. While he does business on a moderate scale, he carries a very neat stock; and is doing a good business.

Our former townsman, R Lee Comer, has formed a partnership with W N Evans, under the firm name of Comer & Evans, and opened up a business. They have a nice and convenient place; are putting in a well selected stock of groceries, and will doubtless receive a good share of the trade.

W R Campbell, the saddler, and harness dealer, is an industrious and progressive little gentleman, gives close attention to business, has improved his stock, which is unquestioned evidence of his success.

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An exchange has the following and we commend it to our readers as it expresses our wishes: "Send us the news. If you can't fix it up as you desire we will rig it up all over and put on a new roof and a coat of paint, if you would only give us the facts with the names of persons and places written plainly, and your name signed somewhere so we may know who sent it. Tell us who died, is newly born, got married, moved, sold out, sold his hogs or got a black eye. Tell us who is building a new house, gone out in the country or moved to town., killed a wolf or an eagle, bought a farm or had a runaway. Tell us when school begins, the date of the lyceum, the sing, the sale, the alliance and quarterly meetings. Give us notes of the exhibition and report of its success, of the balls, institutes and shows. Don't forget who has sold out, engaged to each, has an extra crop, a two headed calf, can take a country paper, etc. Give us the news.

ADDITIONAL LOCAL. MARRIED. - At Hotel Pullman, on Tuesday evening, at 8:30 I.M. [sic] Rose, of Van Buren, Ark., to Miss Ida Spotts, of this city. Rev Belcher officiating. About 25 friends and acquaintances were present. The bride was attired in a brown training suit, with gloves and hat to match, the groom in the ordinary black. Many beautiful and costly presents were received, consisting of silver and China ware, linens and many other nice presents. A nice lunch was served and the happy pair departed on the 9:25 train for their future home, Van Buren.

W D Berry's livery stable was consumed by fire Thursday. It is not known how the fire originated and the smoke was rolling out in clouds before it was discovered to be on fire. About everything in the building was saved except the hay and corn. Mr Berry is a man full of energy and push and will likely build and continue the business.


Heavy rains Sunday night.

A new meat market in town.

M E Milford, of the Vinita Chieftain was around last week.

Wallace Moore paid Muscogee a visit last week.

McEuery & Fortner have disolved parnership in the drug business. McEuery is now running the business alone.

Rev Cloud, the young Cherokee minister will locate with us, and is welcome.

D I Elliott, our Notary Public made application for one set of marriage license since our report Mr John Ward and Myrtle Crane are the parties.

Our town affords three blacksmiths, and they are all kept busy.

Some work is being done on our streets and it is needed.

Mr J H Dyrge has returned from Texas.

A basket supper was given last Tuesday night, by the ladies of our town for charitable purposes.

Blake & Choat, are widening out their shelves, and preparing to receive their dry goods, which they aim to carry in connection with the grocery business.

Mrs Harris, who has been in delicate health for some times, is now very low.

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