Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 22

March 02, 1894 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Bob Dale had business in the city this week.

C C McDonald was a pleasant caller Wednesday.

J H Cartright paid us a pleasant call Wednesday.

Mrs W D Berry visited in Muscogee last Friday.

We noticed J A Dryden on our streets Tuesday.

G Graham made a flying trip to Fort Gibson Tuesday.

N B Childers was transacting business in the city Saturday.

Deputy Lamb returned Thursday morning from Ft. Smith.

Jas Parkinson is attending to business in Okmulgee this week.

Ceoie Childers and lady were over from the Virdigris Monday trading.

Deputy Lamb, has been attending to business in Ft. Smith again this week.

J E Newberry, went to Arkansas Friday and returned Monday morning.

Dow McWhirter, of the Bentonville Marble works, was in the city Wednesday.

Deputy Dryden has been doing official business over on grand river this week.

M J Smith and J H Thomas favored us with a pleasant social call Tuesday.

Capt Wm Jackson, of Tanglewood farm, was among the visitors in the city Tuesday.

W A Hancock and wife, departed for Pryor Creek Monday, after several days sojourn in our city.

Dan Sheets, a prosperous farmer and a reader of the Record was in the city Tuesday on business.

Deputy L S Turnbo, returned Monday morning from Ft. Smith, where he had been on official business.

Merchant, F M Davis, returned from Neosho, Mo., Tuesday morning, where he had been visiting his family.

Editor Car, of the Clarksville Herald-Journal, passed through the city Wednesday Morning enroute to Missouri.

Mrs Phelker, of Venton, Ia. and mother of our townsman, John Easton, has been visiting in the city for several days.

TM Stockaton, a prominent farmer and stockman called Wednesday and paid one year in advance for The Record.

Dr F L A Hamilton, who has been taking a course in surgery at the polyclinic school of New York, arrived in the city this week with his family and has located here. Dr Hamilton has been located at different points in the territory and has always enjoyed a lucrative practice with eminent success. Being located last year at Pryor Creek, his labors extended for miles around and gave satisfaction generally. He comes better equipped than he has been in the past, and we think he has decided to locate permanently. We extend a hearty welcome to him and family.


Work on Iron Mountain side track is progressing nicely.

Our new merchant, L S Strayhorn is receiving his goods.

One of Wagoner's big firms sold $2000 worth of goods in two days this week.

J C Berry, the photographer, reports a good run in the photograph business this week.

Newberry & Ballard have one of the neatest and most complete stocks of goods ever put up in Wagoner.

Remember the speaking next Friday by the Dawes commission. Let everybody turn out and hear them.

The sound of the hammer and saw is heard all day in Wagoner and frequently, until a late hour at night.

G L Wadley and lady are stopping in the city, and honored the Record with a pleasant call yesterday morning. Mr Wadley is agent for the Davis Quilter, which is a convenient attachment for all sewing machines, and should be in every house hold. Call on him at Southerland's store.

The Dawes commission will be in Wagoner next Friday, one week from to-day, and address the people.

Page 5, column 4


Fine weather once more.

C D Marcum is on our streets to day.

Quite a crowd in town Saturday, some horse racers, but no races.

L Duffner is building an addition to his dwelling.

Dr Hamilton and family have returned from New York and we are sorry say, the Doctor has decided to locate in Wagoner instead of Pryor Creek.

D I Elliott, our Notary Public has made application for two sets of marriage license since our last report.

Jack Riley was in town yesterday, looking well. Jack is one of the boys since he took the "Keely" and says that he is a changed man.

* * *

Rev W J Davis and T Wesson are missionaries of the Cherokee Nation. Rev Davis has moved to Wagoner and in charge of the First Baptist church of this city, and he wishes the patronage of every body.

Will those of our delinquent subscribers, who can, do so without robbing themselves, please come forward and pay up! It is not our desire to crowd anyone who is not able to pay, but we do insist on those who have the surplus fund on hand to pay up. A dollar here and a dollar there will help us to meet our obligations and you will never miss it.

The city is continually going up for more dwelling houses in Wagoner. This state of affairs has existed we presume, about as long as the town has existed. It is very rare that a dwelling can be found unoccupied. Many come here that do not locate because they cannot get homes. Rents are quite stiff, and those who have a right to make investments of this kind would find it a paying one. Our pretty little city is being extensively advertised, and this is bringing many people into our midst. Men who have money should erect a number of dwellings and provide a place for our new comers.

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