Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 22

March 02, 1894 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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LETTER LIST. - List of letters remaining in the Wagoner post office, Wagoner, I.T. If not called for will be sent to the dead letter office March 31st, 1894 - J H McQuarie P.M.

[the page under this page bled through on the microfilm, the type is very small and smudged in many places - the names in this list are very, very hard to read]

Baker, S P

Bradley, A V

Berson, Chas

Barber, Carter

Brown, D H

Burton E S

Robe, US Marshall

Cockran, Thos

Clayehorn, D H

Carter, Entis (2)

Cox, D S

Dailing, M C

Davis, Adeline

Denton, W B

Dotson, Eil B

Davis, J M

Evans, Chas H

Fryman, W (?)

Frodilia, Jim S

Griffith, Morg

Marchill, Boskin

Moss, Allie

McDowell, Mr.

Narcisa, Miss

Noren, M C

Proctor, Washington

Portwood, W B

Quinn, Dithey

Roberts, Lindsay (2)

Richard, S C

Smith, W C

Tucker, C C

Wilson, Louisa

West, Ellen

Gibson, J A

Henry, Wm

Harvison, G H

Hayes, Emma

Harden, Frank

Jefferson, R

Korn, S C

Knight, Tom (2)

King, M F & Co

Lane, Dan

Dumipin, Wafe

Dodson, R S

Davis, Tmos

Davis, R H (K H)

Earles, H F

Fisher, Wm

Faber, G W

McCoy D H

Morgan, Lee

Molen, John

Miller, Sarah

Nare, Lycy

Olichwanger, Z (2)

Primmer, L C (G)

Parks, L D (B)

Roberts, Ned

Rogers, J W

Sawnie, Mr

Smith, Lige

White, J F

Wells, James

Williams, Thos



Page 4, column 6


Page 5, column 1


Go to Lowery for your nails.

Lots of people in town Monday.

Curmerchants, report a good trade.

J W Lowery, has built a new barn.

Try the Diamond S Baking powder.

For rough lumber, call on the Wagoner Lumber Company.

Parkinson is agent for Coats' threads.

The Collier white lead is the standard. Call at Smith's for prices.

For Rent - My house in the north east part of the city - Gid Graham

J W Terry has been doing some improvements on his building this week.

Davis & Jones - for Diamond S Baking Powder ..

F E Smith ... for house painting ...

E Terrell & Co ... spring ladies hats ...

N B Childers is building a dwelling house west of Easton's blacksmith shop, which will be occupied by W N Greenlee.

Davis & Jones - for Diamond S Baking Powder ..

Cory & Black - for watch repair ...

Wanted: Experience female cook .. H M Sappington, Pryor Creek

A guest who was stopping at an inferior hostlery, on being asked in the morning by the landlord how he had slept, replied "oh not very well, better than the poor bed-bugs did, they didn't sleep a wink."

E Weldon, S S Cobb, J H McQuarie, H A Hills and Frank Miller returned from Ft. Smith Saturday morning. Messrs. Hills and Miller, who had a case pending in the U S court stood trial Friday and we are glad to state, came clear.

Page 5, column 2

Smith for paints & oils ...

Mrs. Forrester is able to be at the gallery again.

Jno. Moeser has just recovered from an attack of La Grippe.

When you buy goods, patronize those who patronize The Record.

Lowery's for groceries ...

Mr McKinney is going right ahead with his store, and resident buildings.

Forrester gallery - tin pictures ...

Deputy Turnbo went to Chouteau and vicinty, Tuesday to summons witnesses for the Ft Smith court.

The Record ... for printing ...

A fine girl put in her appearance at the house of Deputy H A Dryden's Monday night. All parties are doing well.

Parkinson's for Bain wagons ...

Lowery's for produce ...

E Terrell & Co for Spring Hats ...

Parkinson's for dry goods ...

A dance was given Monday night at W P Mauck's saw mill. Some of our city people attended and report a very pleasant time.

W U Hall, who has been running the Arkansas boarding house on Main street, moved this week out on a farm, about a mile from town.

Rev Gibbs, of Sherman Tex., preached an interesting sermon at the Episcopalian church in this city Monday night to a large and an attentive audience.

When a man subscribes for a paper on credit, and receives it for about 15 months, he shows very little honor and manly principle, by refusing to take it out of the post office, and never pays for it.

J C Berry, the photographer, made a negative of the Brown Hotel, Tuesday morning. Mr Brown will have an engraving made from one of the photographs to be used in decorating this stationary.

On Thursday, Feb. 22d at 12 o'clock, Mr Phillippe and Miss Lela Head were married at Manitou Springs 5 miles west of Ozark, AR., Rev J W Head, a brother of the bride, performing the ceremony.

Evaporated fruit, green fruits, and all kinds of caned fruits at Lowery's

There is no doubt but what Wagoner is doing a business than any other town of its size in the territory. Of course, we call business a little quiet here now, but it is much better than most other places.

Potatoes - Lowery's ...

FOR SALE: I have on my place three and one half miles south east of Wagoner a bunch of Nebraska ponies, ranging in prices from $15 to $60, which I will sell for cash or on six months time with good security. - C C McDonald

Bill Grapes, who is charged with being interested with Alf Chaney in robbing the hack line between Fort Gibson and Tahlequah last Sept., has been arrested. He was serving a jail sentence at South McAlester, which lacked 83 days being out, when deputy marshal Smith went on to him.

Mrs. Riley Dobbs, living on Grand river, was recently taken ill, from having eaten a lot of raw meat. We learn that Miss Dr Isabelle Cobb and Dr V Berry, cut open the abdomen and removed the meat which had lodged in the intestine and would have caused death in a few hours. The operation was performed Sunday last, and our informant tells us that the patient is rapidly recovering.


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