Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 21

February 23, 1894 (Part 6)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Wm Hereford paid us a pleasant call Tuesday.

J W Gibson, the cattleman is back from Texas.

H F Jones is at his home at Neosho, Mo., visiting his family.

M Phillippe started Tuesday afternoon for a few days sojourn in Arkansas.

Deputy Lamb transacted official business in Ft Smith again this week.

T A Harvinson went to Checotah Monday to attend the International convention.

John G Terrell, went to Ft Smith Saturday night, returning Monday morning.

P E Lee, of Cherokee junction is relieving F M Anderson, day operator, while Mr Anderson is taking a lay off.

H A Hills, Frank Miller, Sam Cobb, E Weldon and J H McQuarle, left last night for Ft Smith to attend court.

Wm Cook came in last Saturday and renewed his subscription and had his paper changed to Wybark, where he will farm this season.

Mr and Mrs J M Berry, of Carthage, Ill., are here visiting with their daughter, Mrs Walter Vanzile, and family. They are getting up in years and are very pleasant people.

L S Strayhorn, of Dardenelle, Ark., arrived in the city the first of the week and is getting ready to open up a stock of general merchandise in the two story building on east side of Main street.

Hon E B Childers went to Checotah Monday as a delegate to the international convention of the five civilized tribes. He is a delegate from this nation and will make an able representative.

If you wish a pair of boots or shoes made to suite you, go to C W Schreath, or if you wish any repairing done, give him a call. His work is all first class, and his charges reasonable.

S S Carethers returned Wednesday morning from Ft Smith, where he had been as a witness against Will King, the man who stoled Will Carethers' horse some time ago. King plead guilty to the charge.

Mr McKinney, of the firm of Mckinney & Ham, of Mulberry, Ark., arrived in the city Tuesday morning. He has lumber here for the store building, which this firm is going to erect on the east side of Main street. Mr McKinney also has the lumber here for a residents. We are always glad for men of enterprise to locate in Wagoner.

Mrs. Matherson has lately bought out the drug and grocery store of Dr McBride at Ft Gibson and has added to the stock, and now has a full line of groceries and drugs which she offers at bargains. Her son, Alex. is managing the business for her and their trade is rapidly increasing. They have moved into the new building just below the old stand and respectfully invite you to call.

Page 5, column 4

[ad - John Johnson - Jeweler]

MARRIED: At the residence of the bride's father, in Coffeyville, Kansas, on Sunday Feb. 18th, 1894, by Rev A S Freed, Mr. Allen Stevenson of Pinewood, Colorado, and Miss Lula M Robb, of Coffeyville. This wedding came to the community as a genuine surprise. The ceremony was witnessed only by relatives and immediate friends of the bride and groom. Mr Stevenson is engaged in the stock business in Colorado and is a very pleasant and intelligent young gentleman. The bride was reared in Coffeyville and has a host of friends who will join us in wishing her and her husband an abundant share of the joys of wedded bliss. May their pathway through life be always lighted with sunshine and adorned with the flowers of contentment and peace. - Coffeyville (Kan) Dallay Journal

Learning that our pastor of the M E Church was in need of funds to sustain himself and family, Mrs J R Brown was called up to go out among the good people of Wagoner, and see those that were willing to pay so much per month. The following are those that gave so liberally: Mr and Mrs J R Brown, [?] J Bettes, J H McQuarie, C H Sypert, F E Smith, D H Palmer, John Johnston, J G Terrell, Mr Camp, John Morrow, W W Hubbard, F M Davis and James and Willie Terrell.

THE INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION. - T A Harvison was in attendance one day at the International Convention which met at Checotah last Monday, and we learn from him that the convention was largely attended and that each of the five civilized tribes, had a full corps of delegates present except the Chickasaws, which were not represented up to Monday night. The Osages and Poncas had their Chiefs and delegates there making known their grievances, which were as follows: They are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. court at Guthrie, Ok., a distance of 450 miles, and that some of them were being drug to and from this court at all times, and that they want to come under the jurisdiction of the Muscogee court, which was much more convenient for them, and they want the five tribes and commissions to aid them in bring about this change. They also want to be attached to the five civilized tribes instead of Oklahoma. If the tribal relations are broken and this country opened up to statehood. The convention was organized. Hooley Belt of Vinita was elected permanent chairman, and a Choctaw citizen, secretary, after which commissioner Dawes addressed them. The commission thought it best for them to take allotment in severalty, draw out their public money and divide it equally, and improve their lands. By allotment, he said the full bloods, would be brought out from seclusion become more closely allied with civilization ad intelligence and if they were not capable of taking care of themselves, the Government would guard and protect their interests for years to come, etc.

We will perhaps have more to say of the meeting in the future, as Mr Havison did not remain but one day, we cannot give full details at present.

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FARM AND HOUSEHOLD. Cultivating Turnips As a Second Crop. Valuable Feed for Cattle and Sheep - Facts for Drivers - Growing and Cooking Sweet Potatoes - Horticultural Hints and Household Help. [each section has instructions, tips and useful information]

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ON BOTH SEA AND LAND. Rejoicing Changed to Sorrow in Sixty-Five. How the News of the Assassination of President Lincoln Was Carried to the Naval Officer Commanding the East Gulf Blockading Squadron. [article explains how the news of Lincoln's assassination was passed from ship to ship]

ALWAYS COOL IN A CRISIS. Census Agent Stone's Request for Advice When His Team Ran Away. [humorous story about a census taker who's team ran away with him]

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RUSSIAN MISSION ON THE STEPPES. [Christian missionaries give up - the steppe tribes converted to the Mohammedan faith]


One of the first things the engaged girl rushes for is lessons in cookery.

Woman is like the reed that bends in every breeze, but breaks not in the tempest.

A little red pepper sprinkled in the bottom of the shoes will keep the feet warm, according to a street car conductor.

The oldest son of Sir Robert Peel got into a bankrupt court lately and among his liabilities was found a bill for $4,000 worth of shirts.

James O'Connor, a burglar, with a decided penchant for the number 38, was arrested in New York recently while burglarizing the store, 138 W 38th street. O'Connor was 38 years old.

Just before he shot himself at Rockbridge, Alum Springs, Va, Charles Warwick shaved himself carefully, attired himself in his dress suit, and otherwise composed his "remains" for burial.

An observant old gentleman says he has noticed that, when he tells a lady that her daughter is just the image of her when she was that age, the mother looks pleased the daughter looks scared.

Before creaming butter pour some hot water into the creaming bowl. Then turn it out, dry and in a minute or two put in the butter. Add the sugar a little at a time, stirring either with the hand or a wooden spoon.

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THE INSOLVENT DEBTOR. Treated More Humanely Than Formerly. Stories Which Seem to Indicate That Some Creditors Carry Hearts in Their Pockets - The Debtors of Ancient Rome Were Cut to Pieces.


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