Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 21

February 23, 1894 (Part 5)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Page 4, column 4-6 [I'll transcribe the ads for this issue and unless something changes I won't for the rest of the issues since the ads are usually the same from week to week]

[ads spanning 3 columns ...

Still At the Front; The Davis & Jones Mercantile Co; Dealers in; General Merchandise; We are Right in the Push; And Have Bargains For; Big Little, Old and Young; Come See Us, West Side Railroad, Wagoner.

NEW FIRM! NEW GOODS!; I have just received and opened up an immense stock of New goods in the large and commodious building lately occupied by W T Whitaker & Co., which I have marked at a very close margin for cash. My Motto Is And Always Shall be "Quick Sales and Small Profits"; My stock consists of a full line of; General Merchandise; We are here to stay and we respectfully ask the citizens of Pryor Creek and vicinity, one and all, to give us a call. Our salesmen will be pleased to show you goods and make you prices; Respectfully yours, Wm R Mills; Pryor Creek. I.T.

Page 4, column 4

[Professional Cards - ads]

Russell Wiggins, Attorney at law, Muskogee and Wagoner, I.T.

W H McBride, Attorney at law, Muskogee, I.T.

Will E Linton, Attorney at law, Muskogee, I.T.

Jas M Keys, J L Baugh, Attorneys at law, Chouteau, I.T.

J A Norman, Wagoner I.T. [cattle for sale]

Tahlequah Marble Works - R A Hosey, Tahlequah, I.T.

Easton & Gibson, Blacksmiths and Wagon Makers; All kinds of gun repairing

Page 4, column 5-6

F E Smith (Successor to Coyne & Smith) Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.

Page 4, column 5

Mrs W B Masters, Milliner and Dressmaker, Fancy Sewing a Specialy; Webber Falls, I.T.

Dr Gunn's Onion Syrup [patent medicine ad]

Thos A Hancock; General Insurance and Collecting Agent; Notary Public; Claremore, I.T.

Page 4, column 6

C H Sypert, Attorney at Law, Wagoner, I.T.

Ed Thomas Barber Shop

W J Smith; Tonsorial Artist; Wagoner, I.T.

W B Myers, DDS, Tahlequah, I.T.

J W Truelove, Watchmaker and Jeweler; Nowata, I.T.

John Moeser and Harry Daniels; Brick Work; Wagoner I.T.

Leo E Bennett, Attorney at law (late U S Indian Agent); Muskogee, I.T.

Page 5, column 1


Wagoner continues to improve.

Try the Diamond S Baking Powder.

Next Thursday is Washington's birthday.

A wedding occured at the Brown Hotel Monday.

For rough lumber, call on the Wagoner Lumber Company.

A new store building will be put up in Wagoner in a few days.

G D Sleepers shipped a lot of hogs to Missouri, last Friday.

Work on the side tracks of the K & A V R.R. is still going on.

Our neighboring towns Chouteau and Pryor Creek are prospering.

Parkinson is agent for Coats' thread Sells at 43 cents per dozen spools.

Almost a certainty that Wagoner is going to be the metropolis of the territory.

Those wanting to rent houses will enquire of C H Cypert on west side Main Street.

Davis & Jones have just added to their fine stock of celebrated Diamond S Banking powder.

Ladies, call at K Terrell & Co's and inspect their new line of Spring hats, they will delight you.

We guarantee light, healthful and nutricious food from any flour by using the Diamond S Baking Powder. Davis & Jones

Croy & Black, will repair your watches, clocks, jewelry and sewing machines, and give prompt attention to same. Give them a call.

Cattlemen, business men, farmers, mechanics, and all with one accord admit that Wagoner is the best location for a bank in the territory.

WANTED. An experienced cook for hotel, female, will pay good wages if cook proves satisfactory. Write to H M Sappington, Pryor Creek, Ind. Ter.

Our typo made a little typographical error last week in setting the local about E Dwire's cash register. The register cost $200 instead of $2.00 and is a daisy. Our proof reader is not to blame as we were too busy to read proof last week.

Our school under the management of Prof. Gibbs is moveing along nicely. New scholars are being added to the rolls dailey, and the interest among the scholars, is increasing. All are well pleased with the success of the school, and are satisfied that Prof. Gibbs is the right man for the right place. Encourage him in the good work.

Page 5, column 2

We got the blizzard again.

Winter holds on pretty well.

Standard prints at 5 cents at Parkinsons.

Remember, Lowery will sell you groceries right, and deliver them.

Improve your time for Spring is coming and the early bird catches the worm.

The cold weather does not stop emmigration. They keep coming just the same.

A barrel of whiskey exploded at Ennis, Texas, a few days ago, and killed two young ladies.

Wm R Milis [very blurred may be Mills or Mitis], one of Pryor Creek's most popular merchants, sends us more work this week.

Send your job work to this office. We do all kinds, plain and fancy, at "live and let live" prices.

Parkinson has a car load of Bain wagons, best ever offered to the territorial trade, at the price of second class wagons.

The building which will be used by S L Strayhorn for general merchandise is being shelved and fitted up for the business.

Lowery wants your products and will pay you the highest market price for same, and he will sell you groceries at bed rock.

You can get less sweet talk, and more goods for your money at Parkinson's than any other store in the Creek nation

Ladies, when you want a nice new Spring hat, call on E Terrell & Co. They have lots of them, and they are nice and cheap.

Everything in dry goods, hardware, furniture, hats, shoes, queensware, groceries, stoves, at bottom prices at Parkinsons.

There are five Sams who have attracted a great deal of attention in the country: Uncle Sam, Sam Jones, Sam Small, Sam Hill and Sambo.

The best way to let people know that you are in business and want a share of their trade, is to have your business represented in the columns of your local paper.

An Oklahoma editor recently bought a bicycle to run down delinquents; the sheriff levied on the bicycle and is now running down the editor.

Remember Croy & Black on main street when you want your watches, jewelry, or sewing machines repaired. Satisfaction guaranteed.

At all times go to A M Smith & Co, for your wall paper, paints and picture frames. Everlasting cheap and good. A M Smith, Ft Smith, Ark.

Joe Morris of Grand River, charged with exporting walnut timber out of the Cherokee nation, has stood his trial in the Ft Smith court and come clear.

E Terrell & Co., have just received a large assortment of ladie's trimmed hats latest styles. Ladies are invited to call and examine them, they are beauties.

The sheriff of a county in Arkansas in ordering the lawyers inside the court bar to keep quite, excitedly said: Gentlemen you must keep better order in the bar room.

Bob Delozier, the negro who stoled Dr Blakemore's horses last fall, plead guilty to the crime in the Ft Smith court, but has not yet received his sentence.

Read the ad of Harper Bros., of Ft Smith, Ark., and give them a trial, when any thing in their line is desired. They will be glad to serve you and will treat you right.

J C Berry, the photographer, has been rendering valuable services to The Record force this week, which has been reduced by the absence of M Phillippe the senior editor, and master Walter Head, our all around office boy.

Parkinson is agent for Ligget & Meyers tobaccos. Star 16 oz plug 40 cents; Sledge 16 oz plug 35 cents; Crow 12 oz plug 25 cents; Natural leaf 12 oz plug 20 cents

When a man subscribes for a paper on a credit, and receives it for about 15 months, he shows very little honor and manly principle, by refusing to take it out of the post office, and never pay for it.

New Watches, New Clocks - I have on hand a lot of new watches and clocks, which I will sell at low prices. Will repair your watches, clocks, jewelry and sewing machines at reasonable prices, and guarantee all work. John Johnston.

ESTRAY NOTICE. - F M Roothe - Grand River [same notice as last issue]


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