Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 21

February 23, 1894 (Part 4)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Page 3, column 3 (pre-printed)

LOWELL'S MEMORIAL. The Window Now In West Minster Abbey. The English People Loved the American Man of Letters as One of Their Own - Ambassador Hayard's Significant Words [lengthily article about James Russell Lowell and his memorial window at West Minister Abbey. Includes a sketch of the window]

MAYOR OF CHICAGO. A Sketch of a Man Now Being Much Talked About. [article is about John P Hopkins. Includes a drawing of Hopkins]

Page 3, column 4 (pre-printed)

HE GOT HIS TEETH. A Convict Who Gives Valuable Information for a Mouthful. - A firm of bankers have just made a profitable investment. Some little time ago a man who had defrauded them of a considerable sum of money was taken into custody, convicted, and sentenced to a long term of penal servitude. As may be imagined, the prison fare did not agree with a man who by means of fraud had lived on "the fat of the land." He complained particularly of the effect the food had upon his teeth. They were neither numerous nor in good condition when he was sentenced and as they rapidly became worse he applied to the authorities for a new set. He was told that the government did not supply convicts with artificial teeth, and at the first opportunity he wrote to the banking firm in question offering if they would send him a new set to give them some valuable information. Thereupon the bankers thinking the offer might be a genuine one, sent the governor of the prison a cheque for 5 [pounds] and asked him to supply the convict with a set of artificial teeth. In due course the convict kept his promise, and sent the bankers certain information by means of which they were enabled to recover no less than 1,500 [pounds] of which they had been defrauded. They naturally regarded this as the best investment they had ever made.

MINISTER TO ITALY. Wayne MacVeagh Among the Most Brilliant Americans. [article praises MacVeagh & includes a sketch of him]

Page 3, column 5 (pre-printed)

A TOPOGRAPHIC RULE. Wonderful Inventive Genius of Capt. Delcroix. Can Be Made to Measure Horizontal Angles and Lay Off Distances - Measuring Vertical Angles and Can be Used for Picturesque Sketching. - The campaign topographic rule appears to be destined to render great services. This instrument, which was devised by Capt. Delcroix, solves problems relative to the knowledge of the ground, in form and in position, to the study of nature itself, and to the construction and reading of maps. With it, it is possible to lay out a rapid itinerary or an expedite plan, or make a picturesque sketch by the aid of an elementary perspective picture. [sketch of the rule and a long article describing it and examples of how to use it]

Page 3, column 6 (pre-printed)

GALVANIZED IRON LIFEBOAT. [A VERY detailed description of the lifeboat.}

GOLD IN THE OCEAN. [two views of whether it's possible to extract gold from ocean water]

CLEARING RAILROAD TRACKS OF SNOW. - An ingenious device of special usefulness at present season is the recently invented mechanism for clearing the inner sides of track rails from snow, which lies in the path of wheel flanges and ordinarily gets impacted. This contrivance adapted to be secured directly forward of the engine trucks, comprises a transverse beam linked to hangers, the beam having at each end a peculiarly formed metallic scraper, with a snout or lip depending about half way down ... [article goes on to fully describe the device and how it can be used]

TRANSPARENT LEATHER. [article describing how to make leather transparent ... lots of work involved!]

Page 4, column 1

Bill Nye, the famous humorist, is lying at the point of death at Niagra Falls.

Congressman Wilson is in Mexico, but his bill is still keeping up his reputation in the Senate.

Gen Joe Shelby of Confederate fame, has been appointed United States Marshal for the Western District of Missouri.

Three ferocious lions are loose in Topeka, Kan., and to add to the horor of the situation Mrs. Lease is still roaming at large.

The resumption of the iron mills in Alabama, is convincing evidence that the South has nothing to fear from the passage of the Wilson bill.

Holding that the laborer is worthy of his hire, Mr Powderly has sued the Knights of Labor for salery due him and remaining unpaid.

The Democrats in the house have shown that they know what they were elected for. Now the country wants to hear from the Democratic senators.

Henry Stiles, aged 30, killed his brother Jasper, aged 20, at Oswego, Blaine county OK. They quarreled over the sale of a $15 pony, when Henry pulled a revolver and fired.

The Government official account of the Civil war in book form, now nearly complete, will not be classed as light literature. It has cost $2,500,000 and comprises 120 volumes.

The total circulation of the United States is $1,700,000,000, of which amount the banks of New York now hold $750,000,000, nearly one-half of the entire circulation therefor is held by one city alone.

The Hartshorne Headlight, published by John W Edgell, has reached our exchange table. It presents a neat appearance and seems to be well patronized by the business men of that town.

Wild Jack, a traveling Indian doctor, who was arrested and locked up at Perkins, OK., several weeks ago for selling medicines on the streets without a license, has begun suit against the town for $2000 damages for false imprisonment.

Did you ever think of it, the Cherokee nation lies between Kansas and Arkansas - between hell and high water, as it were. With Leweiling and Lease on one side and Fishback and Rackausack on the other, it is no wonder our money is tied up. - Vinita Globe

Some of your citizens who are more avaricious have under their control, great bodies of land that should belong to a dozen who are poor and have nothing, having enjoyed the fruits of it for years, it seems but just that they should divide with those who own it, in common with them. - Com'r Kidd

Great revivals of religion are reported from almost every point of the world. A religious expansion nearly always accompanies a financial contraction. This was noticed as long ago as the "crash of '57." It seems that when men are left without much "show" in this world, they are more ready to consider the beauties and advantages of another.

An old adage says that a "man who has no enemies is a negative character," In this busy, pushing world, where little is accomplished without aggressiveness, devotion to duty and a given line of actions, a man is sure to make enemies. Even his success brings them to him, without intending to do so. But such enemies may be considered to his advantage.

Page 4, column 2

Major Moses Neal, allotting agent for the Kickapoos, states that the Indians are now taking their allotments so rapidly that his work will all be done and his report forwarded to Washington by March 15, and there is no reason why the reservation cannot be thrown open to settlement by the middle of April.

It is said that Moody is surprised at the large crowds attending his meeting at the national capital. Washington seems to have been a neglected part of the Lord's vineyard, but the sower of tares has been put in full time, and the distinguished evangelist will have to do the same if he expects to gain on this diligent agriculturist.

Commissioner McKennon in his address to the Chickasaws said: "I know gentlemen, that this is a sad message for us to bear to you, and we feel it keenly, it is therefore no pleasant duty for us to make this announcement to you, that you must now abandon your forms of government and the institutions of your forefathers, and while we say it kindly, it is certainly a fact that a change must take place."

 John W Noble, while he was Secretary of the Interior, committed a grievous sin in compelling the Arapahoes and Cheyenne Indians to sell their reservations and take 160 acres of land per capita. They are dying on account of it and the government should move them all down into the Commanche reservation. Secretary Noble wanted to have the name of having thrown open a greater area of public lands than any other secretary. - Commission Kidd

United States Marsha, Wm Ellis, made another important arrest last week. George Polk and Walter Cribbs, two negroes wanted in Alabama, for the murder of Alexander Lanier, in Birmingham, last October, were discovered to be working in the mines here under assumed names. Sheriff G M Morrow, of Jefferson county, Ala., came after them with requisition papers and they were surrendered to that officer by Mr. Ellis. Hartshorn Headlight

MARCH FORECASTS. - We begin with a repetition of our warnings of a hard and stormy March. [article goes on to give a detailed weekly weather forecast]

Page 4, column 3

MARCH FORECASTS. [article continues]


No strip money here. Have you any?

Pryor Creek is doing the business, and don't you forget it.

The majority of the people in this vicinity are opposed to allotment.

There is talk of a saddle and harness shop in this place soon.

A little tangle foot in the city Saturday night, with a little pugilistic work. [tangle foot is a cheap whisky]

Wm Hancock was in town Wednesday.

The firm of Harris & Crawford, has made a change. Mr Harris bought Mr Crawford's interest in the business and is running it alone.

Mr M Phillippee, one of the editors of the Wagoner Record, was in our town Monday and made your correspondent a pleasant call.

There was 72 votes poled here Wednesday for councilor. D W Vann got 48, Wm Drew 24.

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