Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 21

February 23, 1894 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 2, column 5 (pre-printed)

WILL FIGHT FOR KANSAS. National Women Suffragists Decide to Push the Sunflower State Campaign. - Washington, Feb 17 - The National Women Suffrage association in session here has formally determined upon a Kansas campaign and members express confidence that this year will see at least one more state added to their suffrage flag, which Wyoming was the first to adorn.

As soon as the campaign in New York closes, which will be April 28, Miss Anthony and the Rev Anna Shaw will go to Kansas to open the campaign there May 4. Mrs Laura Johns has painted a glowing picture of the chances in Kansas. [remainder of article is a report of the meeting]

KILLED BY HIS OWN BOMB. An Anarchist Mangled on His Way to Commit an Outrage. - London, Feb 17 - Paul Bourdin, a French Anarchist, who is thought by the police to have been on his way to blow up Greenwich observatory was blown to death by his bomb in Greenwich park last night. It is believed that he stumbled and fell on the bomb he was carrying, for there is no reason to think that it was a premature explosion. [remainder of article is Bourdin's background]

STREET CARS IN COLLISION. Two Women Fatally Injured and Two Electric Coaches Shattered in St Louis. St Louis, Mo, Feb 17 - At 11:45 o'clock to-day in the business center of this city a west-bound electric car, carrying thirteen passengers, was struck squarely in the center by a south-bound Lindell electric car and hurled from its tracks, a mass of splintered wood. The Lindell car, which carried twenty-two passengers, was very badly damaged and derailed.

The overturned car was so badly wrecked that it was with difficulty the passengers were taken out, but fortunately all but two escaped with nothing but scratches. These two were Mrs Mary Noonan, No 1625 Clark avenue, crushed and bruised with internal injuries, and Miss Jennie O'Rourke, Sixteen street and Clark avenue, internally injured, taken out unconscious and probably dying.

BIG SHIP DISABLED. The Paris of the American Line Loses Her Rudder During a Gale. - Queenstown, Feb 17 - The steamship Adriatic of the White Star line, which left New York February 7 for Liverpool, reported this morning on her arrival that the Paris of the American line was lying disabled off Daunts Rock, south of Ireland, but was not in need of assistance. Later a report came that a boat's crew had landed from the Paris, not far from Daunts Rock and reported that the Paris, during the hurricane Tuesday, had lost her rudder while 800 miles out on her way to New York and was compelled to put about and try and make for Queenstown, where the rudder might be repaired. With a jury its officers were able to steer in a haphazard manner and succeeded in reaching Daunts Rock in safety. All were well and the vessel is in no danger.

MASSACRE BY CANNIBALS. - San Francisco, Feb 17 - Another outrage has been committed by the cannibals upon a trading vessel off the coast of Pentecost Island in the South Pacific. The natives attacked the schooner Petrel at or near the post where George Liftou was killed a few months ago, and tomahawked several members of the gang.

FRANCE SLOWLY LOSING POPULATION. - Paris, Feb 17 - M Ferdinand Brunetiere, the well-known writer, who was admitted to the academy last night, in a long address on journalism and French population said that the returns issued on January 1, 1892, showed that the deaths for 1891 aggregated 875,000 and the births 855,000.

Page 2, column 6 (pre-printed)

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Page 3, column 1 (pre-printed)

THE TWO TERRITORIES. News in General of Oklahoma and the Indian Territory Pertaining to the Pale Face and the Red Man.

The sheriffs of Oklahoma met in El Reno Monday.

Perry Democrats will nominate a ticket on March 10.

Stillwater tried selecting a postmaster by vote last week.

The cry is now for the opening of the Comanche country.

Blaine county has thirty-seven schools in session at this time.

Mayro Mitscher of Oklahoma City asks the city council to economize.

The firemen of the territory organized at Oklahoma City Feb 1.

Hennesseey will soon vote on the proposition of building water works.

J E Soule has been made statistician for Oklahoma and the Indian Territory.

An El Reno man has had to pay $10 for trying to give a battle to the Salvation army.

Mayor Moore will investigate charges of corruption against the city officers of Enid.

What is the matter with the poets of Oklahoma? Even the snow does not bring them out.

The society of Ponca is to give a hatchet party soon. It is to be hoped that they will bury it.

Hay-way-coo-lah, that is, Sugar, an Iowa Indian of prominence, died at the age of 73 last week.

Judge McAfee of Enid has been appointed associate justice of the supreme court of Oklahoma.

How many men would be arrested for peddling whiskey if the mileage of the deputy marshals should be cut off?

There have been no jail breaks in Oklahoma for the last three or four days. It has been too cold on the outside.

Mrs Charles Laflore who died recently in the Chickasaw nation was said to be the prettiest Indian woman who ever lived.

The case of the territory against John Milligan for the murder of Mr and Mrs Gibbs Clark on Nov 3 is on trial at Oklahoma City.

Johnson grass has been found growing at large in Oklahoma. It is a terrible weed, and if it once gets started it is next to impossible to get rid of it.

Johnston, the mind reader, is giving a show in Oklahoma. There is not a greater hypnotist on the road than he. His strong points are delicate tests.

Alva claims that the name of the river on which Alva is situated is named Alva or Alba, and was named by Cortez in honor of a Spanish nobleman.

Some of the people in Enid think that $55,000 is too much for water works and are kicking on the call of the mayor for an election to vote that sum.

After the experience of Sunday the deputy marshal who arrests a poor settler in the strip for picking up faggots on government land ought to be attended to, and attended to very speedily.

By a premature explosion of a blast in Donnelly's stone quarry near Guthrie Saturday, Fred Whitlock lost the sight of both eyes, and had his face and head mutilated beyond all recognition.

A number of times during the past few months specials have appeared in the Chicago and St. Louis papers from LaFayette, Ind., containing accounts of the exploits of Eugene Brady, who claimed to be a United States deputy marshal from Oklahoma, and was there recovering from wounds received in a battle with the Dalton gang. It was related how the governor of Oklahoma had sent for him and put him in charge of an expedition against the Daltons, that a battle had ensued in which twenty-three outlaws and thirteen marshals were killed, he being the only survivor, and numerous other Muchausen stories in the same line. As it was evident from the first that Brady was an impostor, an effort was made to ascertain who he was, and it has just been developed that he formerly worked for the Santa Fe at Newton, and afterwards came to Oklahoma for a short time with his wife and then deserted her. She is now suing him for a divorce for desertion and cruelty. He never was a marshal, never saw the Daltons, never was wounded and no such battles as the one he described ever occurred.

In the case of Sprout vs Durland, the Oklahoma supreme court has rendered a decision of great importance to settlers upon government land everywhere. Heretofore when several parties were claiming the same piece of land, contesting each other, both would live upon the land, keeping up a continual warfare for years, or one would drive the other off by main force and hold possession while the contest case dragged along through the land office and interior department. In this decision the supreme court holds that the courts of the section where the land is located may take action in the matter, inquire into the respective rights of the parties and award possession of the land to the proper person, rendering suit in the interior department. One important clause reads. "It is the duty of the courts in dealing with such matters to exercise its equity powers and see to it that possession is given to the person who, under the laws of congress is entitled thereto."

As much as the strip may suffer from the cold weather it is a sure thing that you will not see some fellow bobbing up in New York or Pennsylvania asking for aid.

Nellie Borne, the 17-year-old daughter of Williame G Borne of Findlay, O., eloped with B P Foster, manager of the Findlay electric light works, and came to Kingfisher last summer, and who left Foster and returned home after 10 days, and Foster's wife was soon granted a divorce and $8,000 alimony. Mr Borne then commenced action for damages against Foster, and the jury has returned a verdict of $15,000.

Page 3, column 2 (pre-printed)

Decision in the Oklahoma City Bond Issue Case. The court rendered its decision Saturday in the case brought against the board of education to enjoin the issuing of the $70,000 worth of school bonds. School warrants will appreciate at once and will bring a good price. Below is given the decision, as it is of interest to the whole territory. [remainder of the article quotes the case and discusses the pros & cons of the issue]

[continuation of The Two Territories column]

Minco has become a great lumber point.

It is a fact that electrocution is legal in Oklahoma.

Edwin Pickins, who was sentenced to die at Wichita, will probably secure a pardon.

Public school teachers in Oklahoma must furnish evidence of good moral character.

Owing to a slight change in the ozone the Oklahoma boy is not flying kites this week.

What do the Indians do during a cold snap? They always seem to come through all right.

At Enid the business of the dancing halls is falling off and the Salvation Army is increasing.

The average Oklahoma man can tell you all about the politics of Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma.

Senhor Guanabara, is to return to Rio de Janeiro. President Peixeto has appointed Baron Santa Anna to succeed Senhor Guanabara as special Barzillian delegate to France.

The first of the Mansfield region riot trials was called at Pittsburg, Pa., before Judge Ewing. The prisoner was Joseph Balecheek. The charge was assault and battery on William Franey, a miner at Roseville. The jury found him not guilty, but ordered him to pay half the costs.

Abraham Gottlieb, a civil engineer well known in the west, was taken suddenly ill Sunday afternoon in his office at Chicago, and died before medical aid could reach him. He has held many positions in his profession. He has served as chief engineer of the American Bridge company and was at one time president of the Keystone Bridge company.

David Wallace, a blacksmith at Hennessey, has been arrested on the charge of counterfeiting. He has been seen in the company of a gang of counterfeiters who escaped from the officers last week. Sheriff Washburn found moulds and spurious coin in his possession and locked him up.

The Presbyterian house and mission schools at Anadarko in the Cheyenne reservation were destroyed by fire Saturday. The teachers and Indian scholars barely escaped with their lives, and all clothing, furniture, books, etc., were destroyed. Cause of fire unknown.


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