Wagoner Record

Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)

Vol II No 21

February 23, 1894 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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PECKHAM TURNED DOWN. Rejected By The Senate By A Vote Of 40 To 31. ANOTHER VICTORY FOR SENATOR HILL. Martin of Kansas Votes for Confirmation and Peffar, Vest and Cockrell Against - The Rejection Due in Large Part to Adverse Republican Votes - Deadlock In The House - Washington - Feb 17 - By a vote of 40 to 31, the senate this afternoon rejected the nomination of Wheeler H Peckham of New York as a member of the United States supreme court. This was an increase of three votes over the majority against Mr Hornblower, the first of President Cleveland's nominations for the position. [article lists the names of the voters and they way they voted]

THE HOUSE IN DEADLOCK. An Hawaiian Resolution Offered to Bland's Bill - No Quorum. - Washington, Feb 17 - At the opening of the session of the house this morning, Mr Cummings, chairman of the committee on naval affairs, presented as a question of privilege, the report of his committee on Mr Boutelle's resolution calling upon the secretary of the navy to inform the house by what authority his instructions were issued placing the armed naval forces of the United States and the use of its ensign under the control of Special Envoy James H Blount and also to furnish the house with copies of all orders, directions, instructions or official suggestions issued by him since March 5, 1893, concerning the movements of the naval forces at Hawaii. [article continues with the argument for and against making public these orders]

MORTGAGES OF TWO STATES. Facts About Kansas and Missouri Gleaned From The Census Reports. - Washington, Feb 17 - Kansas had in 1890, according to the census returns, a per capita mortgage debt of $170, while that of Missouri is $80. The ratio between the debt and the true value of all taxed real estate is 15.32 per cent in Missouri as against 26.83 in Kansas. Out of the thirty-three enumerated states and territories only two carry a higher per centage in this relation - New York and the District of Columbia.

Page 2, column 3 (pre-printed)

[remainder of article continues to compare the two states mortgage rates and lists the total indebtedness of both states]

PLEASING TO NEITHER SIDE. The Senate's Oklahoma Town Site Bill Not Satisfactory - How Can It Be Saved? - Washington, Feb 17 - The bill to compel the Rock Island railroad company to erect and maintain stations at Enid and Pond Creek in the Cherokee strip, as it passed the senate, does not please any of the participants in the fight. On the one hand the railway people do not want to put up and maintain the stations because they are desirous of building up their own adjacent towns. One the other hand the settlers on the government townsites are opposed to the amendment requiring the election to locate the county seats. They say that they have invested their money on the faith that the towns designated as county seats by the government at the opening should remain the county seats for five years. ... made the vote a tie ... the vice president settled the fight for the time being in favor of the territorial towns.

A MUNIFICENT GIFT ... [G F Watts offers painting "Love and Life" to the White House. All kinds of approval by house & senate is required]

MORE HAWAIIAN DOCUMENTS CALLED FOR - [demand for all documents of Mr Willis president of Hawaii ...] especially that communicating a letter from President Dole specifying certain charges against the conduct of Willis.

THE NATIONAL LABOR HOLIDAY. - Washington, Feb 17 - The subcommittee of the house labor committee reported in favor of setting aside the first Monday in September as a national holiday, it having been found that this day is observed in nearly all states that have a labor day. The report was approved by the committee and a bill to carry it into effect will be reported to the house.

 PRENDERCAST MAKES A SCENE. The Chicago Assassin Attempts to Attack Attorney Trade in Court. - Chicago, Feb 17 - In Judge Brentano's court room to-day during the hearing of the arguments for a new trial for Assassin Prendercast, when A S Trade, who had conducted the prosecution, entered the court room Prendergast grew wild with rage, and springing from his chair yelled at Mr Trade and attempted to rush where he stood. Several bailiffs surrounded him and forcibly took him to his seat where he sat glaring at Trade, but creating no further disturbance as the hearing proceeded. [article reports Prendercast later spoke with attorney Trade in confidence and that Judge Brentano had received a letter threatening his life if he "didn't go easy on Prendercast"]

MORTON HANGED IN EFFIGY - Omaha, Neb, Feb 17 - Secretary of Agriculture J Sterling Morton was hanged in effigy at his home in Nebraska City, his home town, last night. The perpetrators are not known.

Page 2, column 4 (pre-printed)

WRECKED BY DYNAMITE. California Bandits Wreck A Southern Pacific Train. THEY BLOW UP THE EXPRESS CAR. The Fireman and a Tramp Killed and Great Damage Done - The Express Messenger Wounded and the Outlaws Carry off a Large Amount of Money - Evans and Morrell Suspected. - Los Angeles, Cal, Feb 17 - Three train robbers, two of them believed to have been Evans and Morrell, the notorious desperadoes, partly wrecked a Southern Pacific express train at Roscoe station at 1 o'clock this morning, injured the engineer and fireman, blew open the express car and wounded the messenger and then carried off a large amount of money.

As the train, which carried many passengers and an unusually heavy Wells Fargo express shipment, neared the Roscoe switch, Engineer Thomas saw too late that the switch was misplaced and vainly tried to stop the train, but he could not do it and the engine and two fruit cars of oranges went into the ditch, the engine turning over and burying the engineer and fireman. The two fruit cars were a total wreck.

Three masked men sprang up out of the bushes and began a fusilade. A few moments later a couple of dymanite bombs were placed under the express car, the messenger refusing to open the door and the whole side was blown off. Brakeman Foster as soon as he heard the shots ran to a neighboring ranch house, where he saw a light, got a team and drove back to Burbank and gave the alarm. He cannot tell how much the robbers got but it is probably that they cleaned out the express car as they had their own way when he left. [remainder of article is eye witness accounts of the wreck and a discussion of the probable amount of money taken]

A FARO DEN BOLDLY HELD UP. - San Francisco, Feb 17 - The dealers in the faro den at Carroll & Webber were about to close this morning when two robbers entered, covered the employes with revolvers and bundling up all the money in sight made their escape. One of the men was captured and identified as the son of ex-Harbor Master Paulsen. The other robber escaped but will probably be captured.

GUARDED AGAINST REDS. Precautions at the French President's Ball - Rothschilds Bank Threatened. - Paris, Feb 17 - The palace of the Elysee was well guarded last night, and the guests who attended the president's ball had to show their tickets twice before they could gain admittance.

The Rothschilds bank in this city is guarded by an extra force of police as a result of Anarchist placards posted upon the door announcing that a meeting of the society would be held inside the building and requesting the brethren who were skilled in the locksmith trade to bring with them skeleton keys and crowbars.

A PROMINENT POLITICIAN ARRESTED. - Salt Lake, Utah, Feb 17 - Alma Hague, member of the council of the legislative assembly for the Fifth district and for eight years cashier of the First National bank at Nephi, was arrested last evening in the legislative hall on complaint of Bank Examiner Zeph T Hill, who charges him with embezzling and misappropriating $24,470 of the bank's funds. Hague is a prominent Republican politician and has held numerous offices.

A COLLEGE DAMAGED BY FIRE. - Knoxville, Tenn, Feb 17 - The boys' domitory, chapel and main building of the Knoxville college for colored youths, were destroyed by fire this morning for a loss of $50,000. The alarm was given before the flames gained headway and all of the 250 or 300 pupils escaped without injury. Nothing of the contents were saved.

STEEL MACKAYE DYING. - Chicago, Feb 17 - Steele Mackaye, the dramatist, who is seriously ill at the Rechelien hotel, was somewhat improved to-day. His friends, however, have no hope for his recovery. His illness is the result of heavy work and business reverses he has experienced in the last two years.

EX-CONGRESSMAN KERR SMITH DEAD. - Lancaster, Pa, Feb 17 - Ex-Congressman A Kerr Smith died to-day from a complication of diseases, aged 70 years. He served in the Forty-third, Forty-fourth, Forty-fifth and Forty-seventh congresses.


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