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Wagoner Record
Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)
Vol II No 20
February 16, 1894 (Part 6)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used. All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Page 4, column 2

night. A good time is reported, but O, say, girls, did you mind "those cap" that Charlie Phillips wears.

If you notice that Blne < ? > House bug wears an uncomon broad smile and whispers rather loudly, don't think anything strange, for it is a girl.

Capt Benge, of Ft. Gibson, was here last week, looking as hale and hearty and as jovial as ever. The Captain has many friends here, that are always glad to see him.

Miss Carrie Gregory, of Garfield, is here visiting friends and relatives. She is to take charge of the school at the Round Mountain Church, shortly. Miss Gregory is s good teacher and if the people will give her the patronage and support she deserves we bespeak her success.

John Wells and John Rogers seems to be the leading sports of this town. The two together succeeded in killing a field lark the other day, with their target gun.

Mr Lethwick has returned from the strip and reports everything booming in that country.

Mr Frazier, of Van Buren, was here not long since looking after life insurance and wrote near $10,000 worth, in one week.

A man signing his name as C Adams, was here sometime since taking orders for papers and magazines at reduced prices, collecting money as he went, but said papers and magazines have failed to materialize. He is about 50 years old, stooped shouldered, with brown eyes, claims to be a cripple. We hope he is not a fraud, but it seems a little strange that none of the papers come.

We notice that Dr Garrison received a car load of lumber and Messrs Nix and McConnell have gone to work to build the Doctor a dwelling. If the Doctor knew how we all sympathise with him since his best girl went away, the tears of gratitude would roll down his cheeks as big as - as walnuts.

Moses the spectacle man is here fitting up people in that line. - Mork Anon.

Arch Wolf Convited. - Arch Wolf was convicted in the United States court, yesterday afternoon on assault with intent to kill. The chief interest in Wolf comes from the fact that he was a protege of the notorious Ned Christie and the crime of which he was convicted was the defense of the bandit's fort on November 3, 1893. Wolf, Charley Hare and Christie fought off the deputies for twenty-four hours, when Charley Copeland paced a stick dynamite under the fort and blew it up. Christie was killed in the attempt to escape and Charley Hare was captured, but Wolf managed to get through the lines and was not arrested until last fall.

There was another indictment against Wolf, charging him and his brother Tom with assault upon William Adair, June 4, 1891, but in this case the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

Wolf is a full blood Cherokee Indian and his crime was committed in the Cherokee Nation, twelve miles northwest of Tahlequah. - News Record.

Page 4, column 3


J C E Lindsey, Notary Public, Office with Record, Wagoner, Ind. Ter.

Joseph Hummel.; The Tailor; All Work Guaranteed; All Kinds of Goods Cleaned, Dyed and Repaired; 22 N Sixth St, Ft Smith, Ark

$35.00; Will buy a New Organ, direct from the Manufactory. No Agents; Beethoven Organ Company, Washington, Warren Co, N.J.

[this ad is printed upside down and appears to be deliberate since the merchant's name is right side up - New Home Sewing Machine [drawing of the sewing machine] - sold by M I Sullivan, Wagoner, I.T.]

[drawing of a saddle] D H Smith, Saddle and Harness Maker

Page 4, column 4


Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway [long ad with time tables, locations and shipping fees]

Kansas and the North and Northwest Pullman Sleeping Cars - Kansas & Arkansas Valley Railway

$40.00 per week for Willing Workers; H Hallett & Co, Portland, Maine

Page 4, column 5


Dr W W Bryan; Resident Dentist; Claremore, Ind. Ter.

If you want good meals, lunch and lodging; Please stop at the; Old Dominion; Restaurant; M J Clakr, Prop.; Garrison Ave, Ft. Smith, Ark.

Page 4, spanning columns 5-6


Klein & Fink; The Leaders in Low Prices on; Diamonds, Fine Watches, Clocks; Jewelry, Silverware, Spectacles, Gold Pens, etc.; 701 Garrison Ave, Ft. Smith, Ark.

Meadow & Co; Dealers in; Furniture and Carpets; Also a full line of Undertaker's Goods kept constantly; on hand. Coffins trimmed day or night at the; Blue Front. Pryor Creek, I.T.

Free! Free! Free!; St Louis Globe-Democrat. Eight Pages each Tuesday and Fridays. Sixteen pages every week; Globe Printing Company, St Louis, Mo. [Order blank is provided]

The Union Is Queen!; Combining all the desirable features of other Machines in one, it stands as the; Triumph of Mechanical skill; The only Machine that will sew Backwards or Forward without stopping. [drawing of the sewing machine] Union Manufacturing Co Little Rock, Ark. W S Holt Manager


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