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Wagoner Record
Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)
Vol II No 20
February 16, 1894 (Part 5)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 3, column 5-6

[ad] - S S Cobb & Co - Are The Leading; Druggists; They Are Headquarters for; Wall Paper, Paints & Oils, School Books, Stationery, Fine Candies; Elegant Life of Jewelry; Fine Perfumeries, Toilet Articles; A Regular Pharmacist Employed; to Give Careful Attention to; Physician's Prescriptions; Wagoner, I.T.

[ad] - W D Berry; Livery, Feed and Sale Stable; First-Class Rigs at Reasonable Prices; Stable West of M.K.&T R.R. track. Give him a call; Wagoner, I.T.

[ad] - If you want something good to eat go to; Hills' Meat Market; He keeps nothing but the very best the market affords and sells at reasonable prices.; Home Made Sausage a Specialty.; Give us a call and be convinced. H A Hills, Prop; N.B. - We have the only steam sausage outfit in the Territory in operation.

[ad] - D C Parker; Headquarters for; Pure Drugs and Druggists' Sundries; Fine Lubricating oils, Paints, Oils, Toilet Articles, Fancy Candies; Tobacco and Cigars. Have just received a New Prescription; Outfit and am prepared to fill all Prescriptions.; Give Me A Call.; D C Parker, Pryor Creek, Ind. Ter.

Page 3, column 5

[ad - Begg's Cherry Cough Syrup]

J C Berry, the new photographer who is working with Mrs Forrester, is well pleased with Wagoner. He is a first class artist and would be pleased to have you call.

[ad - Nonparell Hair Curler]

Wm Gibson, one of the biggest merchants of the thriving little city of Webber Fall, patronizes The Record office when he wants job printing done and says he gets it done just to suit him.

The Cherokee Academy at Tahlequah has secured the services of Miss J Howell of Chicago, as teacher of music and art.

Harper Bros. - 500 Garrison Ave., Ft. Smith, Ark. Handle all the fine grades of Whiskey, Brandy, etc., and give special attention to the jug and bottle trade. Their place of business is kept up in elegant style, and is a nice quite place, and you will find that they will treat your right. When in Ft. Smith don't fail to call on them at 500 Garrison ave.

[ad - Nonparell Hair Curler]

Page 3, column 6

[ad; Drawing of two cupids-one handing the other a pill; Dr Gunn's - Liver Pills]

[ad - Electric Bitters]

Material is arriving at the railroad station for the construction of an immense coal shed and chutes, for the Missouri Pacific, also material for a transfer track for same road. We trust the material for a new depot will follow soon.

Page 4, column 1

Harry Starr's Money. - In the United States court this morning Judge Parker rendered his decision in the case of People's Bank vs. Henry Starr. At the time of the arrest of Starr and Wilson in Colorado City, last July, Starr had in his possession $1,990 in new bank bills and gold. This money was expressed here to Marshal Cramp to await the order of the court. The bills answered the description of those stolen by Starr and his band from the bank on the afternoon of June 5, 1893. As soon as the money arrived here it was attached by the Peoples Bank of Bentonville, Jo Johnson appearing as attorney for the bank. The bills corresponded in number to those stolen from the bank and the case was so plain on behalf of the plaintiff that Starr never made any defense. Several intervenors, petitions were filed and to pass upon these was the question that required Judge Parker's closest attention. Judge Parker rendered his decision in favor of the bank for the money less the expenses of the trial to recover the money. These items were $5.60 to Col. Crump for express charges on the money from Colorado City; $41 to Gen Wheeler, clerk's fees; $15 to G E Rider for his services as stenographer; $103 to the People's Bank for expenses of gathering testimony, and $150 to Jo Johnson for services as attorney in bring the proceedings.

This left $1,570.40 for the bank. L C Dana and the policemen, who made the arrest and William Feneratine who gave the officers information upon which the arrest was made also filed interventions. By the terms of the reward offer by the bank, the officers arresting the robbers were to receive one half the money recovered and Judge Parker ordered the $1570.40 divided equally between the bank and Dana, and ordered that $100 of the share given to Dana, should be paid to the executors of William Feneratine.

As the bank had agreed to pay Henry Starr $450, if his attorneys would not contest the case, the bank will recover little less than $350. The bank's attorney contended that this sum should be deducted as expenses, but judge Parker thought it was a private agreement and that he had no right to pass upon it as Starr's attorney did not file their claim.

This settles the last of the Starr cases, except Starr's appeal to the supreme court of the United States on his conviction for murder, the argument of which is set for March 5.

The case, which was decided this morning grew out of the robbery of the People's Bank of Bentonville by the Starr gang. The robbers secured for than $11,000, but the found upon Starr was all that the bank has been able to trace. - News Record

Campbell Notes.

Gents; find a few notes from Campbell. I intended to send them yesterday, but it rained so I was afraid to get out for fear that I would get the only white shirt I had, wet.

Since my last, we have had a change in business; the Hayes & Co. stock was sold Thursday, to the highest bidder, and was bought by W I Branan, at 80 cents on the dollar.

Some of our farmers were getting ready to plant corn the incoming week but since the snow yesterday, they have come to the conclusion that the early bird wont catch the worm this season.

Vian Vespers.

Some sickness; principally pneumonia.

Mrs Brown, the wife of Sheriff Brown, is very sick, also is Mrs Sifter.

Dr Campbell, of Illinois station, was here last Saturday.

Notwithstanding the bond news is gloomy, a man was here last Saturday, that sold out a small drove of mules, horses and jacks, to be paid for when the Strip money is paid in.

Some our towns-people took in the box supper at McKay, Thursday


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