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Wagoner Record
Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)
Vol II No 20
February 16, 1894 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used. All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Wagoner Record; Published Every Friday; One year in Advance - $1.00; Six months - .50; Three months - .30; If not paid in Advance - $1.50

Railroad Schedule [very small and hard to read]


Post Office Hours; Daily - From 5:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.; Sunday From 5:30 to 9:30 a.m. from 7:00-8:00 p.m. No mail will be delivered on Sunday except at the above named hours. J H McQuarie, P.M.

Church Directory: M.E. Church South - Preaching by the pastor on the second Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.; Sunday school every Sunday at 3 o'clock. Rev A M Belchar, Pastor

Cumberland Presbyterian - preaching first Sunday morning in each month at 11 o'clock a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Sunday school every Sunday at 10 to 11 a.m. Rev N J Crawford, Pastor

Baptist services at the Presbyterian church every third Sunday at 11 a.m., and 7 p.m. Business meeting Saturday night proceding. Rev J R Rowell, Pastor.


Try the Diamond S Baking power.

Next Thursday is Washington's birthday.

See how our new ads loom up this week.

For rough lumber, call on Wagoner Lumber Company.

G D Sleepers shipped a lot of hogs to Missouri last Friday.

The sever snow and sleet storm Sunday night was a deadner on stock.

Those wanting to rent houses will enquire of C H Cypert on west side Main Street.

Mrs Alston entertained a number of her friends at her home last Friday night.

Davis & Jones have just added to their fine stock the celebrated Diamond S Baking powder.

Ladies call at E Terrell & Co's and inspect their new line of Spring hats, they will delight you.

The west bound Valley train was delayed 13 hours last Friday on account of a washout near Russellville, Ark.

The Ladies aid society will hold their next meeting at Mrs. T A Parkinson's on Thursday afternoon, Feb 22nd.

Should you want your watches repaired in first class style and warranted, take them to John Johnston.

Croy & Black, will repair your watches, clocks, jewelry and sewing machines and give prompt attention to same. Give them a call.

We are in receipt of an invitation to attend a banquet at Hotel Adams, Muscogee, on the 22nd, given in honor of the Dawes commission.

We regret to note the death of Mrs. Charley Marston, which occurred at her home on the Virdigris river Thursday night. The remains were brought to the Wagoner cemetery for interment Saturday.

C V Rogers came down from Oolagah last night. Mr Rogers is one of the leading men of the Cherokee Nation and is a member of the commission on appointment to appraise the property of the intruders - News Record

It is Davis & Jones Mercantile co. now, as you will see by examination of our advertising colums. Enterprises are few in the B.I.T. that have done as extensive a business as that done as extensive a business as was done by the firm of Davis & Jones. Their trade was not only extensive, but it was substantial. Now that the firm has incorporated and increased their stock, we predict for them a most excellent trade for the future, and increased prosperity.

[ad - Dr. Prices Cream Baking Powder]

Page 3, column 2

We guarantee light, healthful and nutricious food from any flour by using the Diamond S Baking Powder. Davis & Jones.

Ladies, when you want a nice new Spring hat, call on E Terrell & Co. They have lots of them, and they are nice and cheap.

Remember Croy & Black on main street when you want your watches, jewelry and sewing machines repaired. Satisfaction guaranteed.

At all times go to A M Smith & Co for your wall paper, paints and picture frames. Everlasting cheap and good. A.M. Smith, 703 Garrison ave, Ft Smith, Ark.

E Terrell & Co., have just received a large assortment of ladies' trimmed hats latest styles. Ladies are invited to call and examine them, they are beauties.

Our paper failed to arrive on time this week, hence our failure in getting out a full sheet. This is the first time we have been bothered this way and we it wont occur again.

New watches, new clocks - I have on hand a lot of new watches and clocks, jewelry and sewing machines at reasonable prices and guarantee all work. John Johnston.

E Dwire, proprietor of Hotel Pullman, has purchased a fine new cash register at a cost of $2.00. It is silver plated and makes a fine ornament as well as being useful. At the close of the day a man using this register knows just what his sales have been.

A subscriber in sending a remittance to his local papers says: I might flog my wife, I might murder my grandmother; I suppose I might possibly smother a blind baby: I think I should steal ginger bread from a nigger baby, but I have not got so low that I can cheat a printer.

The case of Howard Morton vs the Valley railroad will be argued in the supreme court on the 26th of the present month. Mr Morton's claims were sustained in the court at Muscogee last year and he got judgement for $2,500 damages, and the company appealed it to the supreme court.

We heard a man describing his Valentine thusly: "It was a picture of a man who had a saddle on his head, had one eye punched out, had a blind bridle with great big blinds, as large as elephants ears, and was the most horrid looking thing he had ever been permitted to gaze upon."

Mrs Emily Thorne, who resides at Toledo, Washington, says she has never been able to precure any medicine for rheumatism that relieves the pain so quickly and effectually as Chamberlain's Pain Balm and that she also used it for lame back with great success. For sale by S S Cobb & Co., Druggists.

Wm. R. Mills, the new and enterprising merchant at Pryor Creek, gives The Record an ad this week, which talks for itself to the people. You will find his stock complete in every department, and his prices to suit the times. His clerks are courteous, will be glad to show you goods and make prices at all times. Go and see them.

The firm of Newberry & Ballard is a new business in Wagoner, but the men are well known to all our people, and they are known to be men of honor and fair dealings. They have opened up a nice selected stock of general merchandise, as you will see by their ad, which appears in this paper. Give them a call and you will find that they can suit you both in quality and prices.

A Kansas editor says when the merchants of his town, and other fellows want a little advertising or job work done, they go around and solicit bids for the same, and the lowest bidder gets the work. The editor is now ready to receive sealed bids for a sack of flour, a pair of pants, a hat and a cord of wood, and the pulling of an aching tooth; also for a pair of brogans for his six-months old baby. - Ex.

Trains have been delayed from every direction this week on account of snow drifts, wrecks, etc. A wreck occurred at Oolagah Monday caused from an open switch. The Katy passengers from the south were several hours late on Monday caused from snow drifts north, and the east bound Valley, due here at 9:20 p.m. Monday did not arrive until afternoon on Tuesday on account of snow north, and the north bound Katy passengers and freights were delayed from various causes.

Mr and Mrs Alston gave a very pleasant party at their home on the evening of Feb 9th and we know it was the most enjoyable event of the season in Wagoner society. Every one present was made to feel as though they were at home, and we are sure "There is no place like home." The most desirable refreshments were served, in which every one present enjoyed. Among those present were; Misses Mattie Miller, Lula Haynes, Dannie Ross, Eva Miller, Miss Alston, Mr James Terrel, Jack Merchant, G D Sleeper, Crill Miller, Will Miller and C H Sypert. Mr and Mrs Alston did their best to cause every one present to have a good time and all that were present are sure they succeeded.

ESTRAY NOTICE. Strayed from my place on Grand river, east of Parkinson's ranch, one dark brown heifer, white forehead and a large size two year old, branded III on left hip and side, mark swallow fork in each ear and under bit in left ear. I will pay $5.00 reward for delivery of said yearlin to my place. F M Roothk.


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