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Wagoner Record
Wagoner County, Indian Territory (OK)
Vol II No 20
February 16, 1894 (Part 1)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used. All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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This is the first issue on the microfilm. It is Volume II so there is a year missing plus the month of January 1894 and the first issue for February. The Oklahoma Archives does not have any earlier copies. Since this is the first issue I'll transcribe or abstract the ads, etc.

Page 1, column 1-6

[Ad spanning all columns]

Newberry & Ballard
Located in the Building formerly occupied by Parkinson & McQuarie. Our stock consists of Dry Goods, Groceries, Notions, Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Queensare, Glassware, Woodenware and Hardware, Ladies' Straw goods, both Trimmed or Plain.
Our stock has been bought with care and we will be able to accommodate our friends and customers more fully in the future than in the past. We are the only house in the town that handles the Famous Kirkendall, Jones Shoe, manufactured expressly for the Southern and Western Trade. We also have a full line of Millinery goods and can accommodate the wants heretofore much needed. Our Dress goods have been selected with great care, and of the latest patterns and styles, for either city or country trade.
With our experience generally, and our intimate acquaintance with you, and your wants, we hope to be able to give you satisfaction, both in Quality and Price, and in the most prompt and economical manner, at least we will guarantee that neither zeal nor attention shall be wanting on our part to insure to our friends every advantage that may be afforded.
We aim to buy your produce of every description, giving you in exchange Dollar for Dollar
We return you our many thanks for the proof of confidence with which you have favored us during the past, and we hope to e able to retain a continuance of the same in the future.
We Are Yours Respectfully,
Newberry & Ballard.

Page 1, column 1-3
A Business Change
Having bought out the entire Stock of
The Parkinson Mercantile Company,
I will continue business at the same old stand and on a cash basis. I have the largest and most complete stock of
In Wagoner, bought for cash and sold on a close margin. Give us a cll.
No trouble to show our goods

Jas Parkinson. A F Parkinson, Manager
Dealers In
Lumber, Shingles, Lime, Brick, Cement
And All Kinds of Building Material.
If you are intending to build we can furnish you any kind of material you need, and at very close figures, as we buy in large lots and pay cash for all our material.
Come and see us.
Wagoner Lumber Co.

Page 1, column 1
[ad - J H Koogler, John Watkins, Attorneys At Law, Muskogee I.T.]
[ad - J B Burgess, Keeps a Firstclass, Boarding House, Near the court house, Claremore, I.T.]

Page 1, column 2
[ad - The St. Louis Republic Free Newspaper]

Page 1, column 3
[ad - A Sure Cure for Piles]

 Page 1, column 4


Webbers Falls is on a boom.

All the business houses rented, and new ones being built to accomodate the large trade.

Mr J P Seals will do business in an additional house, that is nearly completed.

Mr Waldo of Collinsville, Tex., will, in a few days occupy one of Mr R E Blackstone's business houses.

Mr Tom Neal put a new Jewelers table in his establishment, on the north side of the square, one day last week.

Mr Oscar L Hays, purchased last week, the Hayes store, at a sale ordered by the court. He will continue the business there, and no doubt, successfully.

The clerks at the R E Blackstone store; Messers Jennings, Ellington and Pollard, report large sales at that establishment.

Mr John Schaap, proprietor of the Webber Falls drug store, was up last week, looking after his interest at this place.

Mr J E Long and family will spend the summer on a farm purchased from R E Blackstone, below town - meantime his brother, Mr Dan Long and Mr Eugene Wood will look after his merchantile interest in town.

W M Gibson, who has been doing a successful credit business here for the past two years, will continue to furnish the people for the year 1894.

* * *

Charley Wooten, the noted bandit, is dying of consumption in Oklahoma. He formerly lived near Pryor Creek and his first steps at lawlessness was in stealing cattle and shipping them north. Later on it is said he was with the Star and Rogers gang. It is thought he was connected with several train and bank robberies in the territory and Kansas.

 Page 1, column 5

Many Democratic newspapers are discussing the future of the great party they represent, and some are a little dubious as to the possibility of its success at the coming election. ...

* * *

Congressional finance tinkers are slow to perceive that the country is not suffering so much for want of an "elastic currency" as it is for a moving currency that can escape from bank vaults and get out among the people. An ordinary paper dollar can do a considerable amount of stretching by passing from hand to hand.

[ad for Chamberlain's Cough Remedy]

 Page 1, column 6

[article about Judge Holman, father of the House and John Bertz of Indiana]

The President has refused to appoint a relative named Cleveland to a District Attorneyship in Ohio. As a result a Republican still holds office and draws the salary. Nepotism is bad, but a Cleveland in any office is very good.


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