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 The Indian Republican
Tulsa, Indian Territory
Volume 6. Number 13. Whole Number 274
June 17, 1898 (Part 6)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used. All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Page 7, column 1

<Beginning on Page 6 is the pre-printed section of the paper. This section normally includes stories of interest, jokes, ads and sections for Men, Women & Young People. I'll cover these pages here in the 1st issue and then will not do them again>

GREAT NAVAL SPECTACLE. Great Fleet of Fifty Transports Ready to Sail from Key West for Cuba. THE GOVERNMENT WILL TAKE NO RISKS. Official Confirmation of the Engagement at Guantanamo Bay - The Real Object of the Charleston's Voyage to Secure a Coaling Station in the Pacific by the Seizure of the Ladrones. WASHINGTON, June 11 <long article>

Page 7, column 2

EDIBLES FROM REFUSE. Scarcely Anything Is Wasted In France. All visitors To Paris rave about the delicacy of the food and the daintiness of the service. They do not know some of the ways followed by restaurants and chefs. At the lower class of Paris restaurants a very ingenious fraud has been in practice for half a century. They make beef tea without beef - warm water colored and flavored with burned onions and caramel as bouillon. To supply the little grease bubbles which connoisseurs demand was the only trouble. Finally a cook hit upon the ingenious device of blowing a spoonful of fresh oil over the soup. The oil immediately forms in tiny beads on the surface and there is your soup. Nowadays every cafe of this sort has its employe aux yeux de bouillon, whose sole duty is to make the little eyes or bubbles of grease on the soup.

Parisians of a certain class are immensely fond of ham, so much so that the number of hams eaten in Paris could not be furnished by all the pigs killed in France, even allowing for the shoulder as well as the leg being cured - this being the French practice. The demand is supplied by buying up old ham bones and ingeniously inserting them into pieces of pickled port, which are trimmed into shape, covered with grated bread crusts and then sold for ham. In this way a bone does duty for hundreds of times. Still, the supply of bones was limited, and it was not inconvenient to be put out if one's neighbor did not return the ham bone which the dealer relied upon securing the day before to recover for you. So a man conceived the idea of manufacturing ham bones wholesale, and made a fortune from the sale of these artificial foundations. Nowadays, therefore, ham is plentiful in Paris. - Boston Herald.

A FROG HUNTING DOG. The Queer Work Performed by an Irish Setter. <story about an Irish Setter trained to hunt frogs>

Looks Are Deceitful. She - I think a girl looks awful cheap when she first becomes engaged. He - She may look cheap, but you bet she's not. - Yonkers Statesman

The Markets <Stock Market Quotes for Jun 13, 1898>

Page 7, column 3

HOUSEHOLD PATRIOTISM. Ma Made a Good Bluff at Bravery Until Pa Called Her and Came Out Ahead. <funny story>

In A Havana Restaurant. Hungry Man - "I asked you for a ham sandwich, didn't I?" Waiter - "Yes senor". Man - "Well this isn't pork". Waiter - "But mules have hams as well as pigs senor." - Cleveland Leader

<ad in the form of an article - WOMEN IN BUSINESS. From the Free Press, Detroit Mich. A prominent business man recently expressed he opinion that there is one thing that will prevent women from completely filling man's place in the business world - they are sick to often. ... Dr Williams Pink Pills for Pale People>

Doubtful Meaning. George - And will you miss me while I am away, Ehtel? Ethel - Indeed I will George. "That's come consolation to me." "And to me also, dear." "Why to you?" "It will be consolation to have the pleasure of missing you." - Chicago Evening News

<ad in the form of an article - AN OPERATION AVOIDED. Mrs. Rosa Gaum Writes to Mrs. Pinkham About it. She Says:>

Page 7, column 4 & 5

<Ads spanning two columns .....

Ad (long) for Dr Ayer's hair Vigor ...

Ad Elastic Starch - advertising Game Plaques ... These Plaques are 40 inches in circumference, are free of any suggestion of advertising whatever, and will ornament the most elegant apartment...

Ad - Map of railroad route & advertising Elegant Dining Cars ... Cincinnati and Chicago, St Louis, Toledo and Detroit ...

Ad - Sapolio ...

Ad - University Education Free (for selling newspapers) ...

Ad - Agents Wanted to sell Gladstone's Ridpath's History of the World ...

Ad - Piso's Cure For Consumption - 25 cents>

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Full page ad by Tate Bradley ... Grandest 16 -- Harvest Special Sale

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