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Tulsa Weekly Democrat
Successor to the New Era
Vol. 6 No. 3
Jan 19, 1900 - Part 1

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Dividing Line

Page 1, column 1

Artesian Water Found At Vinita.
The City's Most Pressing Need
Now Abundantly Supplied.
The Stream Found at 550 Feet.
Copious Flow of Soft Water
Which is Said to be
Sufficient for the
City's Needs.

[article reporting on the Artesian water well]

City Council Proceedings.
      Council met in regular session in the town hall January 15, 1900. Roll was called and the following were present: R. N. Bynum, mayor; T. E. Smiley, J. M. Morrow; C. A. Owens and T. W. Perryman, councilmen.
      The mayor reported that he had removed from office as night watchman, Thomas Kinney, for cause and on motion of T. E. Smiley the council approved the mayor's action, and then elected Pete Moran to fill the vacancy.
      On motion of T. E. Smiley the following bills were allowed: $7.50 to Miss Elmira Jones for waiting on Miss Dora Tallens while sick, and $4.00 to The Tulsa Democrat for printing.
      There being no further business the council adjourned to meet January 22, 1900. G C Beidieman, Acting Recorder.

The Passing Throng

Ladies shoes in all sizes - J. M. Hall & Co

Reverend Boyles was in the city Wednesday

Men's duck Coats and men's Overcoats go at a bargain at J. M. Hall Co's

Our former townsman A. A. Powe, has mounted a tripod of the South McAlester Daily Capital. Mr. Powe is not a stranger to the newspaper business and is
Page 1, column 2
regarded as one of the most brilliant writers in the Territory. Our best wishes for his success.

Men's Duck and Men's Overcoats will be sacrificed at J. M. Hall & Co.

The City Meat Market has been moved into the room on Main street formerly occupied by Calkins & Collins. We are closing out all winter goods at the best price we can get for them. Come early. J. M. Hall & Co. The Shackle Drug Company is making some changes in their store room, which will add to the attractiveness of the already handsome store. fresh line of pure and wholesome groceries always on hand. We do not handle any stale "Cheap John" lines. J. H. Hall & Co.

J. M. Hall & Co have a full line of men's Duck coats and men's Overcoats which will go regardless of values, as they must be closed out!

C. M. Vadney, of Skiatook, and Miss Grace Mae Irwin of Cleveland, Oklahoma, were married in Vinita last Thursday. The happy pair came to Tulsa on Friday and from here returned to Skiatook, where they will reside in the future. Mr. Vadney is a prominent business man of his locality and Miss Irwin is a charming lady who was reared in Missouri.

We have too many ladies' shoes in small sizes and they are going to be sold at almost any price. Ladies with small feet can step into a bargain at J M Hall & Co's.

Page 1, column 3

Steam Bath Rooms.
      For hot or cold tub baths, shower baths or steam baths try A. Arthur's Bath rooms at the Tulsa Mill. Three tubs and separate steam room. All well heated throughout. Tickets five for $1.00

Miss Edna Albert arrived in the city yesterday to visit, and will assist in the entertainment of the Methodist church, South, next Thursday evening. Niece of Vic Planter and Mrs. A. W. G. Williamson. She has been attending Drury college at Springfield, Mo., and receiving private instruction and training in vocal music at the hands of Prof. Kelley and Mrs. Teft, of that city, who rank well as professional vocal instructors. We understand she will also sing at the Epworth League service at the South Methodist church Sunday night.

Page 1, column 4

A Clear Conscience.
      We have closed our inventory and are more than pleased at the results of the year's trade. 1899 was a good year at our store. We appreciate the liberal patronage given us, and will try to show what we think of it by the extremely low prices and courteous treatment at our store in the future. We have a clear conscience at the close of the year, for we know that we have sold good goods at a small price, and have had no complaint.
      We are grateful for the favor of the public, and shall appreciate all the patronage we receive in the future. - J. M. Hall & Co.

Page 1, column 5

Meeting of Stockholders.
To the Shareholders of the First National Bank of Tulsa, I. T.
      A meeting of the share holders of the First National Bank of Tulsa, Ind. Ter., will be held Thursday, February 8, 1900, at 1:30 p.m. in the office of the bank, for purposes of electing directors for the ensuing year. - B. F. Colley, Cashier

Elmer Wann, of Dixie, Okla., was in the city on business today.

Another Tulsa Syndicate.
      The Indianola Mining and Development Company has been organized in Tulsa. The purpose of the company is to prospect and develop mineral claims in Southwest Missouri.
      The officers and members of the company are as follows:
      P. L. Price, president; L. M. Poe, secretary; George Taaffe, treasurer; Harry Campbell, Lew Appleby, G. W. Mowbray, Sr.; J. M. Hall, T. E. Smiley, B. Boyd and Chas. McCarthy.

Page 2, column 1

The Unterrified
      The meeting of Democrats at Forsythe hall last Monday night for the purpose of permanent organization was characterized throughout by harmony and enthusiasm. There was no friction from any source whatever, and every one present was more than pleased with the meeting. Some of the best business men in the city were present and entered actively into the work of organization.
      A club of goodly proportions was organized and another meeting for next Monday night agreed upon, at which time by-laws will be adopted, and the platform reported by the committee.
      The officers of the club are as follows: President, B. F. Colley, Vice President, F. H. Mosher,
<large tear> Robert Holt.
      All the officers were elected by acclamation except the secretary, there being two nominations for that office, W. H. Mosher, being placed in nomination by F. Nelson and R. L. Lunsford by W. P. Hall. The vote was taken by ballot, with the result as announced above. L. M. Poe then nominated Mr. Mosher for vice president and he was elected by acclamation.
      All Democrats residing anywhere in the vicinity of Tulsa, getting their mail at some postoffice other than Tulsa, were by motion invited to become honorary members of the club until such time as a club shall be organized in their own postoffice. Several Democrats from Dawson took advantage of the invitation and were enrolled as members of the club.
      The thanks of the club were extended to W. J. Boone, for the gift of a record book for the secretary.
      News having reached the club that William J. Bryan would probably pass through Tulsa on his way to St. Louis from Texas some time during the latter part of February, the secretary was instructed to extend him an invitation to deliver a short address when his train arrives at this place. The City Council and Board of Trade were invited to join in this invitation.
      On motion the club was named the William Jennings Bryan Democratic Club. The meeting adjourned to meet Monday night, January 22.
      On motion the Tulsa Democrat was made the official organ of the club.
      Following are the names of the members who joined the club:
      F. B. Morris, J. M. Dunn, S. V. Abercrombie, S. R. Lewis, S. H. Kimmons, C. G. Lewis, F. Nelson, J. W. Nunnelley, A. C. Owens, T. H. Kenney, E. J. Hines, Robt. Henson, J. J. Cowen, H. C. Payne, J. A. Friend, J. R. Moody, R. E. Boardman, A. P. Clay, D. C. Shelton, E. W. Faires, W. P. Hall, J. S. Day, C. P. Cockerell, L. M. Poe, J. Forsythe, G. C. Beidleman, R. H. Hall, Geo. T. Williamson, T. E. Smiley, Robt. Holt, W. H. Mosher, E. E. Brackney,
Harry Campbell, Jas. Tyner, W. J. Boom, O. C. Boon,
Page 2, column 2
T. W. Shackle, P. F. Shankle, L. N. Mitchell, H. I. Kelly, S. A. Mangold, A. S. J. Haygood, W. L. King, R. L. Lunsford, Jno. Day, B. F. Colley, Jno. Walker, L. Price, R. T. Epperson, J. D. Hughes

The Ainti-Trust Law [article spanning columns 2 & 3]

Page 2, column 4 & 5

[boxed ad - spanning 2 columns - J. H. Boyd's City Meat Market.]

[boxed ad - spanning 2 columns - White's Barber Shop, J. B. White, Prop. Truittman Building]

[boxed ad - spanning 2 columns - Tulsa Meat Market. W. R. Wallace & Co., Prop'rs. Game, Fish and Produce in Season. Fancy Groceries]

Page 2, column 4 & 5

Will The Indians Move to Mexico.
Ex-Chief L. C. Perryman
Interviewed by a Democrat Reporter.
Utterance by Prominent Indian.
The First Interview That
Has Been Published on
An Important
By our Dawson Correspondent.
[report of the interview]

 A Dawson Man Gets $50,000.
      A dispatch from Dawson says: Dr. A. D. Barnett, living ten miles south of here in the Creek Nation has left for Toronto, Canada, to take possession of a fortune of $50,000 bequeathed to him at the death of his grandmother. The doctor has lived here for the past five years in reduced circumstances. He will return to Indian Territory and engage in the cattle business.

 Page 3

[boxed ad - spanning all columns - Gamble's Cash Store]

Page 3, columns 1-3

[articles - Indian news on the national level]

Page 3, column 4

Creek, Cherokee, Osage Nations.
Column of Interesting Items
Gathered From the
Three Nations.
Important To All Our Readers.
Scissors, Pen, Ink and Paste
Pot Brought Into Use
For Readers of The

      Sapulpa Light:
- The advance guard of the railroaders arrived in Sapulpa last Thursday afternoon. Mr. Dana, who was prominently connected with the work from here to Oklahoma City has put in his appearance. The railroad men will occupy the building belonging to H. C. Hall & Co., on north side of railroad track, and the old commissary building belonging to Thos. Wills on south side of track. The surveyors are here to begin work laying out the route that will be followed by the Frisco into Denison, Texas. The contract for the entire extension has been let, and the head contractors are now letting out sub-contracts. Mr. Dana says no further delay will be experienced. The present Harvey eating house will be converted into a depot, while the railroad will build another larger house for hotel purposes.

      The following persons are those favored by the Cherokee school board with positions in the Cherokee high schools: Male Seminary, L. M. Logan, principal; W. A. Thompson, first assistant; R. L. Mitchell, second assistant; E. C. Alberty, third assistant; Wm. P. Thorne, fourth assistant. Female Seminary - Miss A. F. Wilson, principal; Mrs. H. W. C. Shelton, first assistant; Miss Lillian Alexander, second assistant; Miss Patsy Mayes, third assistant; Miss L. Morgan, fourth assistant; Bessie Cunningham, fifth assistant. Colored High School - Mrs. Fannie Lowery.
      Vinita Republican: - Both of the banks held their annual elections
Page 3, column 5
yesterday. The Vinita National elected its old officers, but the First National dropped the name of M. E. Milford, and A. L. Churchill was put in his place. The balance of the officers stand as they were.
      Vinita Chieftain: - The prospects are excellent for an abundant supply of water at the artesian well being drilled in this city. This morning the water stood within six feet of the surface and the well was then about 425 feet deep. The supply seems to be inexhaustible, but the company purpose going on down in the hope of striking a flow that will rise above the surface.
      Vinita Leader: - The authenticated Cherokee rolls have been turned over to the Dawes Commission by Chief Buffington, The Dawes people will being the work of allotment in the spring and will need them, besides there has been talk that the Cherokee capitol building would be burned. There are no vaults for the safe keeping of these important records, and they are safer by far in the fire proof vaults at Muskogee.
      Phoenix: - It seems certain that smallpox has now also been well established in the Cherokee Nation. The mildness of the type of the disease and the mildness of the weather give great hope that there will no serious results, but nevertheless it is a good idea to go about fixing one's house for the unwelcome visitor. Prepare the system as much as possible, get rid of the dirt and filth, and adopt the modern hygenic methods. The best information obtainable is that more than two-thirds of this town have been vaccinated either this year or the last, and those who will take no precaution need not complain if they suffer by their own negligence.

      Perry Enterprise-Times:
- Pawnee county has had a world of trouble lately and it all seems to come from the fact that the Osage country is attached to that county for judicial purposes. The Ponca, Otoe and Missouri countries are attached to Nobel county for political purposes, but so far not a breath of scandal has been caused thereby.


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