Roanoke Beacon Newspaper

Washington County, N. C.

Vol. No. 1 - Issue No. 16

August 23, 1889 (Part 1)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 2, column 1

Walter T. Dough, of Manteo, and Walter Homan, of Atlantic, have been appointed by Gov. Fowle as commissioners of Wrecks[?].

The farmers will hold a big mass meeting at Raleigh during the State Fair. We commend their movement, which has for its object the improvement or the condition of agriculture.

Jake Killrain the prise-fighter was arrested in Baltimore last week and taken to Mississippi where he will be tried, and no doubt receive the same sentence as John L - one year behind bars.

Gov. Fowle, on Saturday last honored a exquisition from the Governor of South Carolina for Frank Allsbrock, who is charged with murder in that State, and who is suppose to be at large in North Carolina.

There are some curious men on the legal bench in this country. A Connecticut court finds a man $5 for lying in wait to kill his wife and stabbing her, and an Ohio court calls it assault and battery when four bullets are fired into a farmer and he is robbed of his wallet. - Ex.

John L. Sullivan, the prise-fighter, was on Saturday last sentenced to twelve months imprisonment, at Purvis, Miss. Referee, Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty and was fined $200. The friends of the prise-fighter were very much surprised as they did not expect a longer sentence than six months.

Governor Fowle has appointed Dr. Chas. Duffy, of New Berne, as one of the Board of Charities, thus completing the Board, which is composed of the following named gentlemen: Dr. E. Burke Haywood, of Wake; L. J. Haughton, of Chatham; J. P. Sawyer, of Buncombe; W. A. Bobbit of Granville; Dr. Chas. Duffy, of Cravens. ...

Page 2, column 2

     We, of the Beacon, have not the good fortune of belonging to the Farmers' Alliance, but no one feels a deeper interest in the success and accomplishment of this organization, which we understand to be laboring for the advancement of the farmer.
     We believe the Alliance may be made an agent of great good in working out the successful issue of what seems to be the agricultural problem, and we heartily commend any effort they make for their advancement.
     With a large majority of farmers there is a lack of push and energy. They do not try to make a show and improve their interests. This is not applied to the Southern farmer alone, but to all. We believe there is as much prosperity among the Southern farmers, if not more, than any other in the Union. While they do not owe so much money and make fewer mortagages on their real estate, yet there is a lack of prosperity which ought to exist.
     We take it that the alliance is endeavoring to remove the depression in agricultural pursuits. It is a work which should receive the earnest efforts of every intelligent man.
     Without a doubt the chief work of the Alliance is, not to teach the farmer how to buy cheap, but, how to improve his land and make good crops.
     It the alliance men will let politics alone and all other side issues and bend their energies to the improvement of our farming methods, by placing in the hands of the farmers such information as will lend to better cultivation of their crops and increased thrift they will do a work which will merit the gratitude not only of the present, but of the coming generation.

Page 2, column 3


Raleigh has a local board of health.

An exchange says there are men who never foot a bill without kicking.

Ensign A. H. Scales of this State, has been ordered to the U. S. war ship Pensacola.

Mr. D. H. Lowder, of Stanley county, made this year, an average of 41 1/2 bushels of wheat to one bushel sowed.

The corn crops in Wayne county are said to be better than for years, and the cotton crop is better than last year.

Steve Jones, a desperate criminal, and two other prisoners broke jail at Lumberton on the 8th inst., and made their escape.

The Duke Cigarrette Company, of Durham, says the rumor is not true that they have sold their business for five million dollars.

A live panther has been seen by several persons, and chased by dogs in the neighborhood of Stevens' mill, five miles from Asheville.

An invitation has been given Governor Fowle to open the fair at Burlington on October 8th. He will accept the invitation, if possible.

The next session of the Western North Carolina Baptist Convention will meet in the First Baptist church in Ashville, October 23rd - Call.

Winston is rapidly assuming some city-like proportions. Fines in the Mayor's court for all the various offenses foot up $419.00 for the month of July.

Secretary Bain, of the grand lodge of Masons, reports a membership of the order in the State of thirteen thousand, and the increase is more rapid than ever before.

Rev. J. D. Shirer, an able Lutheran preacher, has been elected President of the North Carolina College, which is the leading college of the Lutherans in the south.

While painting a house on Queen street, Edenton, one day last week, Mr. E. B. F. Jones was thrown from a ladder a distance of twenty feet, breaking both arms and receiving other injuries.

The President has appointed Hon. S. F. Phillips, of North Carolina, Commissioner on the part of the United States, under the Venezuelian and United States treaty concerning the adjustment of claims.

Blondin has accepted a wager of $20,000 to walk on a cable from the top of the Eiffel tower to the summit of the central dome of the main building of the Paris Exposition in less than five minutes. - Ex.

Will Minter, who was convicted at Chatham Superior court and sent to the penitentiary and escaped after two weeks, was captured in South Carolina last week and returned to the penitentiary. - Argonaut.

In accordance with instructions from the Treasury Department at Washington, the new Collector will soon inaugurate a regular raiding force for the purpose of ferreting out moonshiners. The most aggressive measures will be adopted.

Boss Mott runs the republican machine in North Carolina for all it is worth. He has, by the way, accumulated a large fortune and has never done anything except work politics. He gets the milk out of the cocoanut. - Wilson Advance.

A Wake county man says he does not need gun or ammunition to bring down squirrels. He has a dog and a cat that do the work. He goes out hunting with them; the dog trees the squirrel and the cat goes up the tree and brings them down.

An Insurance company has been organized in Wilmington to do a fire insurance business. A good, strong, well-managed fire insurance company is needed in the State. We are now almost entirely dependent upon outside companies. - Ex.

Great damage was done to the C. F. & Y. V. Railroad by the recent heavy rains. On this side of Mt. Airy a great many bridges and trestles were carried away and fills washed down. Mt. Airy was without Southern mails for two weeks. - Nashville (N. C.) Argonaut.

The "American Pine Fiber Company" has been organized in Wilmington, with an authorized capital of $1,000,000. Wm. Latimer of Wilmington is president. The new company has been organized to develop the industry on a large scale, and it is their intention eventually to establish factories throughout the long leaf pine regions of the South. - Argonaut.

Prof. J. F. Crowell, President of Trinity College, has inspected the plans for the new Trinity College building at Raleigh, as drawn by Architect S. L. Leary, of Charlotte, and endorsed them. Mr. Leary's plans have been adopted, and the new building will be the handsomest of the kind in the State. Its estimated cost is $50,000. - Charlotte News.

The Dick Blacknall Hose Company, of Durham, have challenged the Capital Hose Company, of Raleigh, for a reel race to be run in Durham in the near future, for a purse of $150. It is understood that the Capital Company have virtually accepted the challenge and will soon go to Durham for the contest. The fun and excitement will be great indeed when these two crack companies tackle each other.

     Our readers will remember that in our issue of August 9, we referred to the unpleasantness heretofore existing between this town and Edenton, which article was headed "Let us work together." The Fisherman and Farmer of that town copies the article and comments upon it as follows:
     "The sentiment above expressed meets with a most hearty response in the heart of every Edenton man, native or otherwise, now resident in our midst. We apprehend that most, if not all, the unpleasantness which has hitherto existed has been entirely due to the youth of both towns and to indiscretions of old people made purile, perhaps, by mean whiskey (we don't mean Plymouth whiskey especially) profusely indulged in.
     It is manly to forgive and forget and, with a unanimity almost singular, we believe our people are prepaired to say to the good people of Plymouth - 'If your hearts are with our hearts as our hearts are with your hearts, give us your hand.'"
     The people of Edenton are now willing to bury the past and grasp our hand in friendship, so let every citizen of Plymouth use every effort to make peace, and after thirty years of ill-will, caused by the youth and mean whiskey, as is no doubt the case. Let us be friends.
     Marshalls have been appointed from this town to attend the fair at Edenton and we trust that our entire people will take an interest in that town and its future prosperity.

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