Roanoke Beacon Newspaper

Washington County, N. C.

Vol. No. 1 - Issue No. 10 (last issue was listed as No. 3)

July 12, 1889 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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You ought to have it. What? The Beacon.

Mr. Dan Garrett spent a few days in Norfolk this week.

Messrs. F. M. Bunch and L. H. Hornthal came up from Nags Head yesterday.

Miss Scharlotte Wood, of Edenton, spent the week with her sister, Mrs. L. I. Fagan, near town.

Where is the Roanoke Fire company? Bring the boys out captain and let them try the engine for we do not know when you may have to do so and it is well to have them so they will know their place.

The steamer Cleopatra, Warren master, make her last trip between this place and Windsor yesterday, she leaves today for White Oke river, upon whose ripling bossom she will float in the future. The steamer Bettie has taken her place and will make her first tip today.

Our worthy Mayor, Capt. E. E. Latham, has been appointed general agent for the new railroad at this place. The company are to be congratulated upon having secured such a man to represent them. Capt. Latham is also superintendent of the work to be done at the depot.

Ask our Business Manager about the proficiency of Dr. E. E. Murray as a dentist. He is a graduate of the Baltimore College Dental Surgery, and is no doubt master of his profession. Call at his office and have your teeth cleaned and filled while you can have it done by one so competent.

The Suffolk Military Academy is one of the best institutions on record for prepairing young men for business and has every modern improvement, which makes it both pleasant and healthy. It was established in 1875 and has given Virginia as many graduates as any school in the state. See advertisement of this school in this issue.

Our Business Manager returns thanks for an invitation to attend the marriage of Mr. A. H. Ramsey to Mrs. Annie Lawrence, which took place in Edenton on Wednesday, night of the 10th inst., and regrets very much not being able to attend the grand ceremony. Mr. Ramsey has many friends in Plymouth who join the Beacon in extending congratulations to him and his lovely bride.

Mr. B. F. Owens calls the attention of the traveling public to the fact that he has on hand a fine lot of horses, and buggies for sale or hire, and invites his friends to call on him when in need of a good roadster or a fine turnout of any kind. His stables are located on the south side of Main street between Washington and Jefferson streets. Mr. Owens is a clever gentleman and deserves a share of the public patronage.

Another soul has entered the Gate that stands ajar. This time it is little Loulie, the daughter of Mrs. E. Ayers, age 4 years, who died on Sunday night the 6th inst. Greive not fond parent for it is Gods work. He says: "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." The burial services were held at the Baptist burial grounds on Tuesday by Rev. C. W. Robinson, of the M. E. Church.

Mr. C. W. Toms, of Hertford, N. C. who has been in our city for the past two or three days, with a view of securing the Academy for next sessions teaching, has we are glad to learn, perfected his arrangements and will open the Fall Session about the first Monday in Sept. prox. Mr. Toms is an honored graduate of our University, and comes to Plymouth highly recommended. He is deserving a first-class school. Plymouth is well able to support it, and we trust he will be most heartily encouraged by our entire people by a full school on his opening day.

A SOCIABLE. - A sociable was given at the residence of Mr. J. E. Vincent, on Washington street, Monday night last in honor of Miss Lelia Mathias, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Vincent. A large number of our young people were present and the evening was spent most pleasantly. We return thanks for the invitation.

HOTEL ARRIVALS. - The following named persons were among the arrivals at the Latham House during this past week: G. M. Scott, G. A. Guilford, W. D. Carstarphen, W. R. Chesson, L. L. Gibbs, A. P. Crabtree, S. D. Jones, A. R. Benton, L. P. Hornthal, C. S. Watson, R. J. Starr, W. C. Toms, J. A. Cahoon, R. S. Cohn, Capt. G. M. Coffin and wife, G. W. Britt, W. S. Dunn, T. H. Hanby, Thos. Old, P. V. Clark, C. Hoonstarch.

OUR TRADE. - Plymouth can boast of as fine a shingle trade as any town in this section. There is not a day but one or more vessels leaves our docks with a cargo of shingles for which is obtained a good price.
     The lumber trade is one to be classed among the first. We constantly see vessels at the various mills loading with lumber for the Northern markets, besides the local trade, which is large.
     The truck trade is increasing each year, and we hope soon to see our farmers just flood the Northern markets with truck raised in this section.
     In spring the fish trade is large and profitable.
     In the fall old Plymouth, ships her share of cotton, peanuts and rice.
     Our farmers do a large local trade and as a rule pay for what they buy, but we are sorry to note that they buy things that could be raised at home.

*** Good words for the young - Dinner's ready.

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THE BOYS IN GREY The Confederate Veterans. Meeting on the 4th - Establishing A Home For the Ex-Confederates - The Ladies A Part Of The Grand Work, Etc. [Report of the meeting to establish a Confederate Association to help raise money for a Home in North Carolina for Ex-Confederate service men. No names are listed.]

A TERRIBLE EXPLOSION - On Monday, the 1st inst, one of the boilers of the Beaufort county Lumber Co's mills about 35 miles from this place, and near Yatesville, exploded and, with great force dislocating the three large boilers, demolishing the boiler house and killing one colored man, Robert Blogman, out right and scalding six others, one of which, Mr. R D Sasnett, died next day, and one other man is seriously damaged. ... Mr. Sasnett was tried for his life last year for the murder of Mr. Samuel Batchwell and acquitted. ... Mr. M. N. Overton, a former citizen of this town is the book keeper for the firm at that place. ...

A FIGHT AT EDENTON. - Mr. Jos. S. Leggett formerly of this town but now of Edenton, and Mr. Levy, of Edenton, became involved in a fight on Sunday last, and but for a cane which Mr. Leggett happened to have he would have been seriously injured. It seems that Mr. Levy's son insulted Mr. Leggett and he not caring to take the insult slapped the boy, who went to his father. Mr. Levy at once approached Mr. Leggett and without any warning began to cut him, the boy also used a knife. Mr. Leggett struck Levy with the cane and stunned him, after which Levy was arrested and gave bond. The trial was held this week, but we have not heard the result. Mr. Leggett had his coat cut all to pieces, but only two flesh wounds were inflicted. Joe is a quite boy, but he has too much Plymouth "Grit" about him to be imposed upon by any man.

     Schr. Mathias Dunnock, Coffin, Master, sailed from the Roanoke Lumber Co's., mills on Tuesday with a cargo of long lumber for Philadelphia.
     Schr. Annie Hodgers, Dalbono, Master, sailed from this port on Wednesday for Washington, D. C.
     Schr. John Curtis, cleared the docks of the R.R.R. & L. Co's mills on Wednesday with a cargo of lumber for Washington City.
     Schr. Ella Green, Ansel, Master, with a cargo of lumber and shingles from Walker mills, sailed for Roanoke Island on Monday.

MARRIAGE LICENSES - The following marriage licenses were issued by Register J. P. Hillard, during the month of June:
     White: L. D. Sawyer to Sallie Sawyer; W H Harrison to Francis Bowen; Wm. Angly to Mary E Phelps.
     Colored: A. G. Everett to Mary Cabarous; Argust Williams to Gracy Spencer

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PLYMOUTH NEEDS. - A bank, a town hall, more railroads, more merchants, men of capital who will invest, a good school, a Military company, a brass band, a base ball club, a lockup, a market, better drainage, fewer loafers, less nuisances on the streets and more people to take the home paper.
     She not only needs these things but must have them, and if our citizens will give them the support they should, she will have all these and more.

NORTH CAROLINA. Auditor's Department - Raleigh, June 28, 1889. To Pensioners and Applicants for Pensions under the Pension Act, and to Others Whom It May Concern: The following information is published for the benefit of all concerned.
     1. The new pension act does not go into effect before next year (1890) ... $30,000 ... emergency fund for the remainder of this year ...
     2. ... current pensioners ... may not be required to reapply ...
     3. ... cannot use existing blank forms after this year ...
     4. Registers of Deeds ... duties as prescribed by the new act ... responsible for forms ...
     5. ... Widows must reapply ... Inquiry will have to be made in the cases of nearly 8,000 widows who are already receiving a pension ...only such widows shall be retained or entered on the pension roll as are "indigent" ... in destitute circumstances ... they have until Jul 1, 1880 to apply ...
G. W. Sanderlin, State Auditor

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